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  • andyamyamei 5d

    You never learned to hurt and I didn't try to fix
    Back to beginning, now it swallows my mind

  • andyamyamei 1w

    I need to hide my tear
    I can find no one near
    Only I can find is fear
    Can anyone please hear?

    Episode of friends of lust
    But I see carnival of rust
    I remember a speck of dust
    Can someone see if I bust?

    @souless mate

  • andyamyamei 1w

    Why am I addicted to drama?
    Attracted only to bring trauma
    Remember the things we wanted?
    But the memories all haunted

    I thought I found a road to somewhere
    It seems the road leads to nowhere
    But it was the lonely road I know
    In the end it doesn't matter now

    @khäm Ãmëï

  • andyamyamei 2w

    Oh hey girl, I have kept u in the secret of secrets , that it won't be lost
    But if it is lost , others won't find it
    You are forever mine


  • andyamyamei 2w

    Oh heart!! It's night
    Wake up to light
    Oh earth!! It's not right
    Come back to fight

    Oh hey!! You r not wrong
    But hey!! You better be strong
    We got rhyme and reason
    For there is time and seasons


  • andyamyamei 2w

    Why do we close our eyes
    When we pray , when we cry
    When we kiss,when we dream
    Because beautiful things are not seen
    But only felt in our hearts


  • andyamyamei 2w

    It's not ur job to fix me
    But it's ur job to hold me
    When I fix myself

    @unknown ##

  • andyamyamei 2w

    I would rather adjust myself to your absence than to adjust my boundaries to accommodate ur disrespect


  • andyamyamei 2w

    The yoke was easy,
    and the burden was light
    As I defined false suspicion
    I was a clouds without rain
    Carried away by winds
    A tree without it's fruit
    Twice dead,dried and uprooted one
    A wandering star
    Over the darkest and blackest night
    A raging wave
    Foaming it's own shame waging
    A dream without vision
    Nightmares has begun it's mission
    Over the dark shadow
    Death and Hades holding the key
    Golden tears roll in Vain
    As I define false suspicion


  • andyamyamei 3w

    With the sweetest smile
    You went away, thousand mile
    Unto the unknown places
    Like a speck in the spaces

    Full of tears in agony
    Emptiness hovering over
    Soaring for second start
    Lost boy I was in star