An Unwitting Extrovert ��to an Introvert��

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  • angelpaul 4h

    Dear sleep,

    I wish you were there on time-
    as soon as I'm in bed;
    Why do you make me wait for long hours?
    I wish you had healing properties;
    Why do you make me think endlessly?
    I wish you were switch to put on;
    Why is that you make me stumble every night?
    I wish I were deep into your cognitive heart;
    Why you never understand me?
    I wish you gave me hopeful vigors;
    Why do you bring me anxiety as I squint on the strings!?
    I wish I called you to pause the loner musics!
    Why can't you be adaptible to all situations?
    I wish you made me rest from the rarities of consciousness;
    Why can't you sign a good deal with me!?
    I wish I were in good terms with you as in old days;
    Why do you torment my brain obstructing the license to serenity?
    I wish I loved you to caress you in my senses;
    Why is that you strut to obey my words!?
    I wish you were my pillar of rescue amidst temporal sabotages
    My dear, I'm compromising with the evens never to let you go!
    © Angel Paul

    Posted @angelpaul

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    Dear sleep,

  • angelpaul 16h

    T҉o҉ ҉s҉p҉r҉e҉a҉d҉ ҉i҉t҉ ҉a҉r҉o҉u҉n҉d҉ ҉t҉h҉e҉ ҉a҉i҉r҉!҉

    somewhere in the ocean,
    I hear knocks of door
    to enter the gateway of deep

    somewhere in the clouds
    I sense the aroma of flaunting desires
    to smell in the fragrances of fantasies

    somewhere in the lush pastureland
    I touch the penetrating hunger
    to be fed in the lofty mountains

    somewhere in the dense forests
    I see the tall trees come alive
    to witness the life in its root

    somewhere in the cropfields
    I grab the richness in prosperity
    to be a blessing

    somewhere in the home
    I live to harness comforts and love
    to spread it around the air!
    Posted @angelpaul

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    T҉o҉ ҉s҉p҉r҉e҉a҉d҉ ҉i҉t҉ ҉a҉r҉o҉u҉n҉d҉ ҉t҉h҉e҉ ҉a҉i҉r҉!҉

  • angelpaul 1w

    I've ceased to run
    Ending in piles of blazing tires

    I've noticed you moving faster
    Being still in my place

    I've knocked off to slumber
    Strolling in barricades of dormitory

    I've watched you rouse
    Steeping in the wilderness

    I've decided to wake up
    Struggling to wipe off sleepless nights

    I've missed you
    Longing to use you again

    I've tried to call you
    Dreaming of splendid takes

    I've heard your voice
    Tic-tac "tic - tack "
    Keeping myself awake

    I've applied you unconditionally
    Seeing clingers go aside

    I've started the time line
    Making the benchmarks of lifetime

    I've to intricate you
    Blending in the music's of dine

    I've asked you
    Where were you?
    To impinge you inside

    I've experienced you
    Crawling deep breaths

    Will you stop it ?
    Will you cease it ?


    It's you who have to be ready
    To speed up the rapid flights

    Are you living ?
    Are you looking?
    Are you life full ?

    Take up the toss
    And win around

    Be of good cheer
    To mold in my book

    Happy time keepers

    Posted @angelpaul

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  • angelpaul 2w

    Into the whimsical vibes
    I see magical portions

    Into the meadows of melancholy
    I see an Invisible solitary

    Into the lampposts of larvae
    I see tints of tinker bells

    Into the timber
    I see the tantalizing trestle

    Into the dark woods
    I see mesmerizing hypnotism

    Into the mush "rooms "
    I see flourishing Flores

    Into the fluorescent sky
    I see paragon bubbles

    Into the scintillating elf's
    I see the phantasmic chimera

    Into the leaflet
    I lie down to see hardcore leeway

    Step by step
    Mystery unlocked
    As I stepped on the books

    A hallway of light
    Emits sparks as the hunter's lure
    Whispers of flares
    Hither and thither
    Steer into the endless wisdom!

    Posted @angelpaul

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    աɦɨʍֆɨƈǟʟ ʋɨɮɛֆ!


  • angelpaul 2w

    How do you lure when the magnets have lost its affinity?
    How do you seek when you're hiding ?
    -- Magnify the resolution glasses --

    Aren't you eager to show you out ?
    Aren't you enthused to unbolt ?
    --Smile from your mystic cases --

    Why can't you look through the liberty ?
    Why can't you expel from the lungs ?
    --Bubble up your alveoli--

    Why do you lie dormant ?
    Why do you bury the neurons?
    --Stir up the synapses --

    Why do you sail in a winged boat ?
    Why do you cross the lake of shudders?
    -- Dock the anchors in--

    Why do you play hide and seek ?
    Why do you peek out 'peekaboo'?
    -- Inhibit your amber codons--

    How do you close doors when the key is me ?
    How do you run when the grip is me ?
    How do you answer when the question is me ?
    --Smokes come when carbons are vanished--
    -- Strangeness enter when you're in --

    Posted @angelpaul

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    ¿ ᖘꍟꍟꀘꍏꌃꂦꂦ❐


  • angelpaul 2w

    What can I say?!
    What can I say!?
    ©angel paul

    Nature unblinds the sight & unleashes synapses,
    By exhilarating every senses one has!
    Birds sing in the orchestra where nightingale leads the stage;
    Clouds dance as the winds blews the trumpet,
    While, sky plays hide and seek to the muses of the light;
    Until, the dominant star rules in slow motion;
    However, the painters await to make a show in delight;
    Whereas, the rudimentary darkness covers up the biggest sackcloth;
    Whilst the circumstances, the tranquil atmosphere plays lullabies to soothe the brokenhearted;
    Thereby, one, two...'n', blinked besides the night lamp,
    Inorder to decorate the expanse worldwide;
    In deep slumber, I awoke to see you arise from your firm hideouts,
    As with, while I walk in dribs and drabs, you hold me to your roots by the gravity_hugs and shower me with the blossoms of high.
    I was called to host the show,'NATURE', but I became one among the crew.
    My, my, my,
    I can see you even when the eyes are closed because you are inside my senses.

    As together, we sing praises to our Creator above!
    Posted @angelpaul

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    What can I say?!


  • angelpaul 4w

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  • angelpaul 4w

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  • angelpaul 4w

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  • angelpaul 5w

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