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  • anikke 4w

    Rivers of tears

    Still have the flowers that you sent
    and the note you wrote to say that we were meant to be forever
    I keep them all as evidence
    in the drawer under the mirror filled with empty promises
    I don't why i keep letting you lie to me
    the hardest i try it seems i can't break away
    I thought that you would be the hero
    that would save the day
    but you are a villian
    your sins are unforgivable
    I'm going down and you have watched me drawn
    In the Rivers of tears
    lost beneath the stream
    under the waves i found the strenght to say
    The river of tears has washed me clean
    go ahead and wish me well
    I'll cry a wishing well
    I'll fly before i fail
    I'll set sail and drift away
    so i won't need you here
    Love sinks and hope floats in the rivers of tears
    sometimes love brings you flowers and it builds you coffins
    and far too often
    i end up falling to my demise


  • anikke 7w

    Dark night terror

    Walking alone in the dark street
    hummming my favorite lullaby
    thinking of how beautiful nature is
    smiling like a new born baby
    the scary footsteps of an unknown approaching
    there..... that instance
    the race of life begins

    Running alone in the dark street
    the scary footsteps became even faster
    that moment...........
    a hand landed on my shoulder
    my heart skipped a beat
    the fear of turning back to see who my
    kidnapper was gripped me
    the courage of turning back vanished
    I can't do it.... I'm really scared

    Reciting the Lord is my shepherd
    I tried to run again
    but the hand is a strong one
    I couldn't move....fresh tears roll down my soft cheek
    I summon the courage
    within a seconds it was done
    there i was looking at my kidnapper
    with a smile on my face
    It's boyfriend
    words can't express my gratitude
    I can't go through the pains over and over again
    I hugged him like my life depends on him
    and planted a kiss on his lips
    He held my hand with a smile on his face
    and that moment we disappeared into the night fog


  • anikke 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Ungrateful

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    Ungrateful soul dies

  • anikke 7w


    If sadness was a person
    then we wouldn't have to feel sadness
    because all sadness will be with sadness
    then we will all gather around sadness just to make sadness happy
    If sadness was a person
    wouldn't it be fun being friends with sadness
    because even sadness needs somebody to make her smile all the time to avoid being sad
    If sadness had been a person
    It would have been really fun
    because we'll be free from pains,sorrow, depression,bitter tears and all that are enveloped in sadness
    because they will be with just one person



  • anikke 7w


    Sometimes i feel like i can't die


    I was never alive in the first place


  • anikke 8w

    Your pain is not your fault


    Your healing is your responsibility

  • anikke 8w


    What did your dad tell you?
    Did he ever tell you that you are the light of the world?
    Did he ever tell you that you are his whole world?
    Did he ever tell you that you all he could ever wished for?
    Did he ever tell you that you are his all in one?

    No....he didn't
    Because he was too busy to notice that you are all he ever needed