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    একা থাকা!!
    খুব কষ্টকর তাই না!
    কখনো নিজের সাথে সময় কাটানোর কথা ভেবেছেন?
    একা !


  • anindita1289 12w

    Many years passed.They found their life partners.A perfect life was led by them but they tries to find the imperfect life in their dream..

    Years passed but some emotions never change
    The colour of the few past years covered the white snow like a rainbow bt still there are many colours left to fill the space

    After a long time they met suddenly.The question were still their mind
    He : Hii...I know you are fine.
    She : you know everything still now..
    He : (just smiled in a way to be happy once again)
    She : (a drop of tears fell down on her cheeks once again )

    The roads were clear to them.The love was clear to them but the memories are not blur for them..
    The rainbow was not perfect for them but they had stopped to find the perfect colour for them...

    The End....


  • anindita1289 14w

    The ending was not sad but the situation was.they were not happy with each other but after that they were sad.A deep silence was made suddenly.The ground was alone with some happy memories & holding the questions in them....

    He-"Are you happy?"
    She-"No.& you?"

    The saddness never went but the memories are blur.The behaviour was not same but they are...

    They are apart but memories still circulates.a particle was still there to destroy them..

    There was not a love triangle but here love became a triangle to be complexed...


  • anindita1289 15w

    They are not together but their memories still collects the saddness on the path of our heart.

    They are not as before but they still act like nothing happened

    They have lost the cleanliness in they eyes but blur pictures still plays through our mind.

    They set out for a new begining but the chapter was not closed

    They try to understand everything but it goes wrong again & again

    They have not lost their roads but they left to walk on it

    Heart creates a problem & mind tries to solve it.
    But they never thought again which was right
    The clouds started to cover it once again...


  • anindita1289 16w

    He doesn't notice her tears behind her smile
    She doesn't see the pain in his heart
    He doesn't say anything to stop her
    She doesn't look behind with full of tears
    He doesn't call her to hear her voice once again
    She doesn't text her as she did before

    They were busy to find one another's fault & ignored the fault of themselves...

    Heart doesn't win here but ego wins
    Feelings doesn't win there but love wins
    distance grew more & more...


  • anindita1289 16w


    It's a word which can destroy a person completely
    Its a love which can kill someone day by day
    its a cloud in eyes which can destroy anyone in one second
    Its a peace for heart to live within it
    its a knife to cut everything in a second

    Love doesn't kill someone but feelings can.
    The pain continues for lifetime...


  • anindita1289 17w

    She left the town.the shower of tears in heart grew day by day.They attached more as they are apart from each other & the silence tought them the pain of loosing someone...

    sometimes a phone call gives you a great amount of happiness which no one can give...

    She-"How are you?"
    He-"as before & you?."(just feeling broken)
    She-"you know everything"
    He-"why have you left the town?"
    She-"For some personal said that we should not meet i have solved a big i right?"(just say i need it)
    He-"you are just like before"(ignoring her qstn)
    She-"so? Have you anything to say me?"(just say once)
    He-"No.take care of yourself & come again here.Bye"(again i have done a blunder but what should i do now?we have nothing to say)
    She-"ok as you wish.bye"(still we have nothing to say.)

    They hoped once again
    They failed once again
    Still their brain is controling their heart.

  • anindita1289 17w

    Memories comes back again in their mind.Heart breaks once again.They decides to not think about this & the flasback repeats again in their heart.Heart still wants to go back & the ego still wants block the path...Love is a very easy can be said easily can be expressed easily but to hold in heart is not easy.

    its easy but not easy anymore....

    He-"we were happy together.a blank space still remains.I think it is only because we met there suddenly.I should go then but i wanted to talk to her that time.I desire to meet her again.but should i do this?we can never understand each other..."
    She-"Is he fine? he changed a lot.Hearing his name from anyone smile comes till now. everything has ended in one's raining but i can feel the sadness inside me.I should left the town & go to an another place.Am i right?He will be always with me in my thoughts not in real.Its destiny"

    Love is still there
    they are still there in thoughts of themselves
    the pain is still in their eyes
    the tears find various ways to fall again & again...

  • anindita1289 17w

    They met after a long time.some hezitation was there..some pain was there but love doesn't fade in their eyes...

    He-( "she is happy.nothing affected her. But why she was trying to smile? we have broken up.still i feel too good when she was near me.She is still like before who agree with me in every situation.Still i can't go & tell her.The tears behind her smile was prominent which i couldn't neglect.The distance is better for us.yes we have broken up" )
    She-( "He is still like before but the happy man is vanished.he can stand there for a minute but nothing happened.i went there to see his smile which was transformed into a fake smile.his hezitation was prominent but i could not do anything.a peace was still there but i have lost it.why?was it my fault?" )

    Day by day their distance was growing
    but the heart was still there
    who says that out of sight means out of mind?
    Nothing happened
    The love still wants to tie up
    The brain still says "The distance is better for us"