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  • anisayolanda 2w

    'Cosmos SideKicks

    I see you moving huskily ahead of me
    And often I wanna catch up (cause their is a bunch of you and you seem to be having fun )
    I don't wanna journey alone
    But even from afar I can see we are not moving one path..
    So patiently I walk my lines, alone, aware


  • anisayolanda 6w

    A City Taken

    Undress my mind from these chains of smoke
    Earth in my lungs my mind woke.

    Patiently moving towards my grave
    An heavenly angel seemingly brave.

    On a flight, with a dime and singing doves,
    Random sex, random cake, random roses
    Wasting life wasting time, dying pieces of me he loves
    Caress my physical caress my soul,
    No need for pretence, your mind I know it all

    ©Birdy A Fern

  • anisayolanda 7w

    I Told Me So

    And so at night fall
    I drown in the poison I made myself
    And my pure tears chock me out,
    With the moon asleep there is no one to call
    I have waited for this
    But the pain is alarming, am at it again
    With regret in my Smile.


  • anisayolanda 9w


    I lay here lonely
    I feel the silence darken my soul.
    I feel our Love run out.
    I fell in love with the way you fall asleep,slowly,then all at once.
    Like a waterfall you carried me away with just a look into your eyes.
    My eyes are filled with fear ,tears fall as I close them.
    It's a lonely scary world without you here.
    The smell of your perfume is the only thing that gives me hope for tomorrow.
    And without you I've learnt to love you more.!!!!


  • anisayolanda 14w

    Tears Are Just There When A Life Experience Becomes Intense... You've Only Had Negative Intense Events, So When You See These Tears In My Eyes You Assume I'm Sad

    Only If Could Feel,
    The Peace,
    The Love,
    The Bliss,
    The Clarity And
    The Wholeness
    That Bring Me To Tears Everyday..

    The Only Time I'm Sad Is When I Think Of How You Don't Feel All These Things I Do..

    ©Anisa Bambi

  • anisayolanda 14w

    Too Many Lip Servers Everywhere...
    Shooting Arrows From There Hearts Whilst They're Minds Put On A Show Of Patriotism
    Codes Even A Child Can Decipher
    But They Are Way Too Many Billions Of Them
    And Only A Thousand To Witness...
    I Feel Overwhelmed So I Walk Back Into The Box They Created For Me, Hypocritical Right? Cause I Been Preaching About Getting Outta These Boxes, Breaking These Chains...
    Yet I Ain't Practicing What I Preach...
    Hold On I'm Trynna Get A Hold Of Myself So I Can Pull A Few Billions To See Themselves Through The Mirror Of The Sun....
    Boy Do I Have Work, Ama Die Trying.

    ©Anisa Mutale

  • anisayolanda 15w


    When Your Evolvement In Life Becomes So Absolute That You Don't Matter Anymore....
    A Light From Inside You Shines So Bright
    That You See More.

    ©Anisa Bambi

  • anisayolanda 15w

    Destiny Is Not A Fixed Destination

    Unlock Your Jaw,
    Unclench your teeth
    You Are Loved..
    You Already Are Everything You
    Want To Be..
    Unpack Yourself.
    The Whole Cosmos Is Here For That.

    @Birdy Bambi

  • anisayolanda 15w

    The Break Down..


    Trying To Empathize
    Whilst Holding Myself To My Fullest Form..
    Cause I Need To Hand Out That Hug As A Whole ... ..


  • anisayolanda 16w

    Alone Deep In My Thoughts, Lost
    Oh Wait This Is Home..
    This House Has Been Lonely A Couple Of Days
    This House Been Full In Different Ways
    This Heart Longing For What She Can't See,
    This Heart Been Lost At Sea.
    So Dark A Mind, So Light A Heart ,Skin Too
    So Blunt A Pen, So Sharp A Pain...
    But Tonight I Just Sleep Again.