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  • anjisnudas 5w

    Take me!

    Take me to that land where lies the barren coffin of my bride.

    Take me to that land where she held my hand, stood steadily before my eyes.

    Take me to that land where she turned a small, yet hollow house into home.

    Take me to that land where she lies buried, deep into the earth.

    Take me to that land where she sleeps well, making me sleepless.

    --Anjisnu Das(M)❤

  • anjisnudas 8w


    It could be us
    But It had to work.

    It could be true,
    But it's lacking without you.

    --Anjisnu Das (M)

  • anjisnudas 9w


    I've fallen in love, I will be.
    I've stalked her album, I will be.
    Many a times I've stopped my courageous heart, often killed it inside,
    I've walked along this pine forest many a time.

    I've hired many birds, I've hired my men as well,
    Birds didn't reply, their ankles were empty,
    Men, thou dissatisfied souls, destroyed mine as well.
    Indeed, I walked along this pine forest many a time.

    I've been depressed since long, I've been searching since then.
    Someone here plays the monotonous music of my life,
    I will be walking here again and again, to see the miscreant who has stalked my life's album since then!

    This night, diana does look brighter than any other day.
    Her light helped me to follow the musical path,
    It took me to a wet land where the trees seemed depressed,
    I wander, I walked into this pine forest for the first time ever since.

  • anjisnudas 12w


    Ah, pretty sky like a barren field,
    They've took away all it's modesty?
    Could you remember where have you been till date?
    You left me behind with all your essence,
    You gave me devil's pain.
    My loneliness became my strength
    And my shadow had portrayed your picture till date.
    It had meant to be yours forever but you amended the fate
    Love didn't hurt my silly heart it was that urge of merging our fates.
    See there is no stars beneath us, can you hear my blue voice?
    Are you there behind this gate? Tell not me, you aren't.
    Decades passed I've been waiting here for you
    Fate didn't let me die, I've chosen death
    Love didn't let me lie, it's me who chose to be a liar.
    See now this gate won't let me in to see my lost beauty again.
    Give me a bit of yourself through this tiny hole
    So that I can peacefully burn myself on hell's deathly fire.
    --Anjisnu Das(M)

  • anjisnudas 12w


    It's true, sun dies everyday to make his moon alive.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)

  • anjisnudas 15w


    People around us, never have tried to understand the reason behind the mistakes you did.
    You embraced your pessimism as your destiny, you've cursed yourself enough.
    Innocence is a virtue, not a curse.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)

  • anjisnudas 15w


    'She didn't hurt me,
    She just touched my unhealed wounds'.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)

  • anjisnudas 15w

    Xavi met auxi

    Lights, they often come,
    Curses often reward you with some filthy brats,
    Friends die, love often says goodbye,
    Rhythm will stick to its stinking notes.
    Lights, they've never been bright,
    Because the dawn of the life is somewhere hiding beyond the eyes.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)

  • anjisnudas 15w


    The twinkling eyes are dead but their contrast is still shining behind the darkened void.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)

  • anjisnudas 15w


    'A good friend is indeed a worst nightmare'.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)