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  • ankhe_08 74w


    My journey and soul is incomplete without your soul.where r you ???

  • ankhe_08 75w

    career sambhale ya phir anxiety ??

  • ankhe_08 75w


    Life is about lots of khana-pina-Sona and last but not the least money.

    Isn’t it guys ???

  • ankhe_08 75w

    What is right & wrong ???

    The two opposite side.which required for the universe.They were different at the thought levels but when it is come at the love and the war level it has no differences.

    so choose wisely because at the human level we have habit to notice the differences and get affaird of this.wheather we always attract with the different ones.

    And here is all the Pain,sadness are start to occur.please guys first to know each other and then decide it is really worth living for u ????

    because at the end,Life is all about happy and worth living.

    Don’t take it as a advice.i sharing this post so we can still love this universe.

    Spread lots of love .....

  • ankhe_08 75w


    Enemies are those who want to be like us but thay can’t.poor enemies.

  • ankhe_08 75w


  • ankhe_08 75w


  • ankhe_08 75w


  • ankhe_08 75w

    Original never ends......

  • ankhe_08 75w