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  • anmolarora 2w

    Never doubt your own energy
    Even if world makes you feel
    low about yourselves.

  • anmolarora 12w


    Listen to the one
    Who makes you sit
    And wonder upon
    The dusking sky
    A tinch of love
    He waits for,
    all your
    Failed efforts

    Listen to him
    For you and I,
    Nurture those
    things inside
    which grow
    the reason of
    Our existence

  • anmolarora 15w


    Breathe a story in.
    Breathe an art out.

    For every sad word,
    There's a room
    Where love is served
    on the dining
    of heavy heart.

    And for every
    Happy one,

    I will wait for you
    to hang a masterpiece
    In the living area
    Of your eyes.

  • anmolarora 17w


    Look at them
    The golden ones
    Letting go of the burden
    With last dance
    along the breeze
    Fallen on earth

    reminds me of
    sunsets and
    new beginnings.


  • anmolarora 17w


    This human skin
    Had dreams
    Hibernated inside

    Now it has declared war with its warmth

    Alarm has rung within
    It's time to wake up.

  • anmolarora 18w


    But you know
    Whole universe breathes in you
    Yet you keep looking
    for the answers around

    Look within you
    Calmly sit inside your soul
    And wait
    Until meteor strikes
    in your heart

  • anmolarora 18w


    Dare yourself
    with a spell
    You are both
    (Miracle and Magic)

    As you are
    your own bundle of love
    A sorcery,
    To let your heart
    At peace
    But never in pieces

  • anmolarora 18w

    A tale of free verse

    I put my silence
    in between my words
    it wakes me up
    From sub consciousness

    And the commas,
    They also lie in between,
    Which jump directly
    from my heart
    To bring my stillness alive

    But fullstops never
    Understood my feeling

    A wish
    of floating in the verses
    With no endings
    yet having an end..

  • anmolarora 19w

    Self love

    Until your own heartbeat
    strengthens your aura,
    embrace the kindness of self love.
    Take a rest in your deep breaths

    Because letting go of caged fireflies
    Will lighten up
    Your gloomy sky
    with the spirit of shooting stars


  • anmolarora 57w

    I must say heart
    shouldn't only be held responsible
    For your love
    Its that your eyes smile upon his reflection in pupil
    Its that your lungs gasp for breath in his absence
    Its that your soul feels like dancing upon his one hello

    I must say you wear a whole different warm poetry
    On your skin
    When winters of love arrive!