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  • ann_07 2d

    Again I am mentioning that this is a rewritten story,I just feel that I am not giving the real author any credit that's why ��

    Do tell if there's any mistake ��
    So if you haven't read the other chapters check out this hashtag #ann_thethreeidiots
    Hope you enjoy the read<( ̄︶ ̄)>

    “Hey you!! Has anyone ever told that you shouldn't be a rude jerk to a person you just met" .
    The whole hallway gasped and went silent.
    The three boys turned around one of them stifling a laugh while the other two were giving me murderous glares.Two murderous looking jerks were the one who I just bumbed into and the one who I spilled cookie batter on.Seems like he got a clean shirt.what was his name? Ethan, ya that's right.They walked towards with those horrifying faces.“What the hell did you just say?"
    I raised an eyebrow.“I said Mr.Dumbass,you should try to be more nice and considerate once in a while.It might get you somewhere in life.Let me take a wild guess, you guys are branded as the players of this school who thinks they can get any girl they want, resulting in this cocky attitude .Get pissed over things easily and never respected anyone else than yourselves.Now let's get this straight",I said everything at once not allowing anyone else to interrupt.“You walked into me. Ofcourse your jerky soul stops you from apologising and I'll be the bigger person and just walk away".

    To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement , their jaws we hanging open ,not believing what I just said.The boys were no longer laughing.Two of them wore amused looks exept Ethan who looked even more murderous.

    “Shit,she's right",one of the amused ones said.I gave them one of my fake smiles.

    “Enjoy trying to process all those things I just said,it might get your brain working again".I said as I turned around and walked away.I walked to my locker, grabbing out an apple and munching on it.By now people had begun to disperse,my whole speech being the talk of the school.They chatted, whispered and gossiped throughout the day.I couldn't do gym because well....I just can't do it.My mom explained my condition to the school but it was kept a secret from the students. Thank god,I just can't deal with this now.

    All day I didn't see any of the boys.

    I guess I was little too harsh but they had it coming,I had guessed that they had probably broken many hearts before, hurting girls deeply.Not only were they rude to me but that was for every girl who was innocent and had been really hurt by those jerks..

    Ahh I seem to be using the word ‘jerk' a lot today..

    The final bell rang. After eating lunch in the bathroom since all the cafeteria seats were taken,I was glad to leave. Students in the hallway looked at me with scared expressions.I wore a confused look.
    Until...“HEY!!",I heard Ethan yell out from behind me,followed by footsteps.“Oh NO!!",I yelled.“Gotta go". People stared as I started sprinting out of the building,the boys running right behind me...

    “Piss off will ya!,I know I look irresistible but c'mon",I tried to joke but it only made them even more furious. I ran through the hallways and bolted out of the exit. My legs started to burn and breathing was ragged. I couldn't run for much longer. I might pass out. Unfortunately ,they followed me and being the strong guys that they are caught up to me pretty quick.They grabbed me by my legs and arms ,then hoisted me.

    “Put me down you jerks",my insults are always great but with my luck it doesn't work sometimes.They either didn't notice how unnaturally light I was or didn't care.They took me back inside the building.The people just stared and gossiped,for the millionth time today.
    “Soo no one is gonna help me? Woah nice school",I said out loud enough for everyone to hear.Ethan yanked hard on my leg, it wouldn't hurt me if I had been healthy some months ago.I am still weaker though, making it hurt.
    “Shut up"

    I groaned and struggled, kicking my legs.
    “The hell stop or I would throw you off a cliff",one of them muttered.
    I sighed
    Then I started to panic when they headed to the the door that said ‘swimming pool'.

    No no no!!


    Again why do you think Ava is unnaturally light?
    What will happen next between Ava and the three jerks?
    Why did Ava panic when they headed to the door that said swimming pool?

    Wait and see my blissful readers ����

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  • ann_07 4d

    I wanted to make it longer but didn't get time��.Do tell me if there's any mistakes,
    If you haven't read the previous chapters check out this hashtag #ann_thethreeidiots
    Hope you enjoy the read(☆▽☆)

    The teacher walked in and explained what we are going to be doing,after introducing me ofcourse.Everyone went to grab their ingredients.
    I mixed everything together,adding all the chocolate chips since today we would be making cookies,I rolled them into little balls, purposely leaving a little batter in the bowl so that I could snack on it while waiting for my cookies to be baked.
    I was walking towards the oven when someone crashed into me, making me drop my cookie batter on the floor, sadly I couldn't save it from falling,they had already touched the dirty floor.I looked at that ‘someone' who just crashed into me with a glare on my face.
    “watch where you are going idiot",the guy said.
    Don't ask me,yes he was a guy alright.

    He was holding a bowl of freshly mixed batter,it not have been rolled up yet.
    I gave him another fake smile.“I don't know why you did this dumbass but here is something that will make you feel better".I said while grabbing his bowl of batter and pouring it all over his head with a smirk on my face the whole time.

    The cooking room went silent and all of the students stared at me as if I was crazy.The guy looked like he was ready to kill me.
    Thankfully the teacher spoke first, “Mr.Collins you had that coming, go get cleaned up".
    He stormed out of the room and I gave the teacher a grateful look.The guy was so furious and angry and I am really thankful that she sent him out before he turned me into a cookie dough.

    I had nothing to do since my cookies were ruined because of that so called jerk..Oh god why am I seeing all the bad guys on my first day itself.. Where did the good people go to?
    I just sat in the bench checking my phone and eating the remaining batter that I left in the bowl.(atleast I have this)

    When the bell rang I cleaned up and went out of the class.“You must have a death wish,did you just pour cookie dough all over Ethan's head?" Some girl asked .I briefly recognised her from the food technology class ,she must have seen the whole thing.
    “Ya so what,he deserved it,he was being a total jerk".I replied shrugging
    “Watch your back". That's all she said before walking off.I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion but kept walking to my locker.I was walking peacefully however some idiot walked right into me , causing me to fall.Again!!
    Can't I just catch a freaking break already..I glared at the figure standing infront of me ,who was quite a good looking guy but he was glaring too.“Jesus are you blind, check out next time idiot". He said making me glare even more, really, how many times did people call me idiot on my first day itself.I noticed that everyone had cleared a path for them as they walked down the hallway,well everyone except me.

    I saw two others behind this moron , first guy was the one who threw paper balls at me in English and the other one was the jerk who ruined my precious cookie batter.Telling that they are good looking can be an understatement,they could all be great models.I realised everyone is watching curiously to see what will happen next.

    When the guys started walking away I turned around.
    “Hey you! Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't act like a rude jerk to the person you just met?"
    The whole hallway gasped and went silent.

    Soo what do think will happen next?
    Will the boys take revenge?
    Or Will they become Ava's friends?
    Why is everyone scared of them?
    Wait and see��

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  • ann_07 1w

    Words used:-
    Moira:destiny, fate
    Fernweh: an urge to travel even stronger than
    the wanderlust.
    Coddiwomple:travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

    Empyrean:ultimate heavenly paradise.

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  • ann_07 1w

    So before I start,I am once again mentioning that this is a rewrite of a written story,so there might be similar sentences or anything else but I will try my best to change it into my way ��
    If you haven't read the first chapter check out the hashtag #ann_thethreeidiots
    and do tell if there's any mistakes ☺️
    Hope you enjoy the read ��✨

    “I'm Ava Anderson..The new student, I just needed my schedule".I replied
    She typed on her computer for a second and then a piece of paper slipped out of the small printer that was kept near her.No saying anything else she handed it to me.
    So rude..
    I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. Thank god there was map on the back.I had English first,then food technology.Atleast that will be fun.After a short break I had gym and then after lunch Physics.(god save me).Once I saw my locker number at the bottom of the sheet which was 1134,I headed to find it. Thankfully I was in the right place since I found my new locker just down the hall.I opened it, dumbing my things and bag in there.I grabbed my books, getting ready for English.I took my schedule and map along with me too.
    Students were staring and whispering in background, entranced by the idea of a new girl.I ignored them, closing my locker.

    About twenty seconds later the bell rang, signalling the start of my first class.I analysed my map and made my way to the English classroom.I wasn't too late,people were still walking in when I arrived.

    The teacher was sitting at his desk,he was quite young and was reading some files that he had kept on his desk.
    “umm,hi I'm Ava,I am new in your class".I said to him.“Ahh! yes they told me about you,take a seat anywhere you like".He replied
    Oh thank god you didn't tell me to introduce myself..Well,I didn't say that out loud.Just in my head.
    I nodded and headed to the back right corner of the class, sitting their alone,no one bothered as the class continued.I heard whispers again but that's normal I suppose.I listened to half of the classes,then zoned out.My tutor taught me all of this before.

    Suddenly I felt something light hit my head,I looked down and saw a small ball of paper,I looked up to see a guy smirking at me at far end of the class.I itched to yell at him that minute but instead I have him a faker_than_faker smile and turned around.

    Throughout the class all that the jerk did was throw paper balls at me,I clenched my fist getting annoyed.
    You are supposed to be resting,cool down Ava..I took a deep breath and didn't even look at the jerk for rest of the lesson..

    When the bell rang,acknowledging everyone that the session is over I was quite relieved.
    I took my books and bolted away from the class,more precisely, away from ‘him'.He is just the first one,I am sure there's more similar to him.I internally groaned.
    I had food technology next and I don't need any books for that.
    When I walked in to the food room,the aroma was amazing.The previous class might have done something yummy because I noticed flour,sugar and eggs had been put out on the bench..I barely had breakfast so I am really excited,I guess we are going to bake today.
    Always thinking about food..
    Hell yaa..

    So who do you think the Jerk no1 will become?��
    How will Ava's food technology class end up,will she meet the jerk no2?
    Will she be able to eat anything?��

    Wait and see������

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  • ann_07 1w

    So this is my first try of writing a story,since it's my first time I thought I could rewrite a written story and this story is quite similar to the book called TROUBLE IN PARADISE, it's a book I read from inkitt,I turned it into my way and there might be similar sentences but I am changing it in the next chapters..
    Sry for making it this long,I will try making it short in the next part of the story.If there is any mistakes do tell��

    Hope you enjoy the read����

    Alarm clocks are always a pain in the gut.
    I mean they suck
    Why?because they wake you up from the paradise of your sleep.

    I whimpered while blindly trying to find the alarm clock kept on my night stand.I finally turned off that enraging thing, getting out of my bed I let out a unattractive groan,I really feel sry for all those people who wake up by hearing this.I stretched and head to the bathroom to have quick shower..

    I took in my appearance in the mirror and realised that I gained weight since last year..
    If u ask me if that's a good or bad thing,yes it's a good thing as I was awfully underweight and lean because of my.... condition..

    I showered and decided on wearing a white sweater and shorts since it is a really warm weather here.I convened all of my books and stuffed it into my bag, slinging it to my shoulder while going downstairs. Wondering where my parents are? Yes they are out working as always,they work as Chartered accountants in A&B associates.They earned a lot of money which helped them to buy this beautiful house without any debts but I wish I could spend more time with them though.The only time they were with me was when I was in the hospital.

    I grabbed some fruits,blended it with some milk
    and made a smoothie.I poured it into turquoise bottle and took my phone and left the house..
    Arrgh I need to walk to my bus stop.It took me ten minutes to reach there but I was still early.. Other kids sitting there was staring at me but ignored them as I waited for the bus.

    When the bus pulled up,I was the last to het in the bus.I sat down in an empty seat in the front because I was tok tired to fight with the people who were eyeballing me as if warning me.The bus drive took 30mins,I was listening to Shawn mendes songs the whole time..When the bus came to a halt I was somewhat relieved to get out of the bus first.People where staying near their cars or sitting on grass chattering with their buddies..I walked past them, earning me stares.

    I went into the school building somehow finding the my way to the office.There was a lady sitting near the desk.“I am..Excuse me".I asked
    “Yes".She replied with spark of boredom.
    “I'm Ava Anderson,the new student.I just needed my schedule"I replied

    What do you think will happen in Ava's first day of school??
    What is Ava's condition and why was she in a hospital??
    Stay tuned for the next chapters ����

    To read the next chapters check out this hashtag #ann_thethreeidiots

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  • ann_07 1w

    Night thoughts����
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • ann_07 1w

    This is the submission for naani and daadi's FUN TASK 8#
    Sry for making it so short��
    What can I say ONE LINERS kissed me with a loving spell��
    My zodiac sign is Leo so the word is QUIETUS ��.Hope u like it<( ̄︶ ̄)>
    #daadisbae #daadigotyourback @mirakee_ki_daadima,@mirakee_ki_naanima,#pod,@mirakee,@writersnetwork

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  • ann_07 1w

    Words used;
    Vehemence:great forcefulness or intensity of
    feeling or expression.
    Eschewing:deliberately avoid using; abstain
    Sciamachy:fight between your own shadow.
    Lacuna:blank space.
    #pod #daadigotyourback @mirakee,@writersnetwork
    Hope you like it(☆▽☆)

    The fathom of her feelings was aeonian,the vehemence of her anguish masking her
    facade,she couldn't resist her bewildered mind anymore.What is there in life that I could
    She questioned her mind but it gave her no answer but only made her agony enhance..
    She had the epiphany that only her soul can anodyne her.She craved to relish the ecstasy of a new life,she is exhausted of eschewing herself in the sciamachy ...

    Her soul will not remain as a lacuna anymore,she wanted it to coruscate the darkness that consumed her...She brought
    life to her ceased soul through the words that came out of her spilled ink which was once the poetries embedded by her soul...

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  • ann_07 1w

    Words used:-
    Peregrinate: to travel or wander around from
    place to place.
    Voorpret:joy or pleasure ahead and in
    anticipation of the actual fun event.
    Inmarcesible: everlasting.
    Enwreathed: surround (something/someone)

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  • ann_07 2w

    It turned into different way than what I thought about write so hope u like it(☆▽☆)
    Words used;
    Cerulean:- deep blue in colour like the clear sky
    Laconic:- expressing much in few words
    Eudaimonia:-human flourishing or prosperity
    Coruscating:-flashing; sparkling
    Eucatastrophe:-a happy ending


    The dawn struck,sun beaming in the cerulean sky, it's rays smacking our facades with a wake up call,we might have grown grey hairs or wrinkles on our faces or might be weak to even stand up but as long as our hearts are young it doesn't matter.

    We wandered at whist, lacing our hands , manoeuvring our way into the unknown full of adventures awaiting us.We might be too old for this even so, we want to rejoice each seconds of us together because we can see our days ahead fading.The feelings that we felt being side by side can't be expressed laconically.We
    concealed our fears wanting to feel the eudaimonia.

    Soon the night took over,stars scintillating, coruscating the darkness,we gazed at the sidereal elegance of the sky unleashing infinity of colours. A celestrial comet passing by twinkling our eyes,our names written in the constellations that will be embedded there forever, giving us the epiphany that ‘old is gold'.
    Our eyes urged to close and we drifted into sleep yet the eucatastrophe of our life does not end here...


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    Old is gold

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