Here to Express, not to be liked. the least I can do is share.

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  • anngeli 6w

    Its holidays like this one
    Where you truly feel alone
    Cupid would rather stab you directly
    And let your heart bleed
    A color of passion
    And scabs picked
    Because anything's better
    Than hearing others being admired
    Family's by your side
    Until they're off on their own dates
    Leaving you to rott in the gutter
    Tear stained cheeks
    And that hole I thought was gone
    Returns for a fantastic
    Valentines day

  • anngeli 7w

    Yellow tulip hill
    Basking in summer sun
    Pick them while they last
    Parade around to have some fun
    Petals of pure gold
    A shade so bold
    The rarity astounds
    On Yellow tulip hill

  • anngeli 7w


    'Sadness' and 'heartbreaks'
    Are all I see
    Where Is the true poetry?
    Life lessons well learnt
    And tears wiped away
    The rebuttal to those arguments
    Shoved into our face
    Writing shouldn't be a tissue
    To blow our snot into
    But a way to share our findings
    And grow beyond the picket fence

  • anngeli 8w

    So many thoughts
    In my young mind
    Fogging my vision
    And cannot find
    That lighthouse
    A Rail
    To grasp
    Want to show
    That this time wasn't wasted
    But I've messed up,
    I'm wrong
    Falling apart
    Fit a tornado in a bottle
    Or my mind in three words
    I sure cannot
    Thoughts will reck me
    Tear on by
    Before I even grow old
    Creative may stick
    Or an idea or two
    But crazy remains forever
    And so may my soul

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  • anngeli 9w

    Kindess isnt biased

    Though neither is death...


  • anngeli 9w

    It's when we look to entertainment

    With real people on the other side

    Peers will whisper in your ears

    Until you dont know what's true

    Learn to trust what you see,

    Love what you hear

    And only then should you let

    Those rumors in

    Theres a million opinions

    No reason not to have your own

    Let none blind you

    Of the passion that may shine through

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  • anngeli 11w

    Poor. Little thing...

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    Go away
    Faster than this day
    Littered with rage
    Torture my sense of mind
    Like the chirping in my wall
    Won't believe even if I find
    A bird corpse rotting inside
    Make me go insane
    Drip drop it's all the same
    Emotions emotions
    Knock me down
    Fix me with a permanent frown
    Trapped and crying
    Like the bird
    In. My. Wall.

  • anngeli 11w

    Why is my heart based on fantasy?
    A fictional aroma flickering through song
    Is it to protect myself from this wasteland?
    As I stand in that birch forest,
    Inside the spring cottage
    Along the green meadow
    And willow tree college

    I wonder
    Will I ever see this
    In reality?

    It would make life worth living...

  • anngeli 11w

    Kindness is a rarity
    Many forget the feeling
    Of generosity and care
    Our society's become so negative
    We cant recall pure feelings
    Its but a fable in which they mock
    But kindness, my dear,
    Is what we all need
    We're just afraid of what it can do

  • anngeli 12w

    You cant get anywhere with good actions
    If your motivations arent right