I make poems. Read them if you'd like. (o¬o)

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  • anngeli 3w

    Lemons and Limes

    I don't favour lemons over limes
    Both give me a sour aftertaste
    Even if I'd rather drink lemonade
    Both taste similar either way
    One is green, one is yellow
    Yet appear exactly the same
    But standing away from the crowd
    I find another, just preferring one over the other
    Miraculously, we agree that they're not exactly like eachother
    We're friends of different taste
    Like lemons and limes

  • anngeli 6w

    "What 'Just is' isn't always Justice."

    -Amanda Gorman, January 20th, 2021

  • anngeli 6w

    Brownies and Bacon

    Bacon and Brownies
    Chocolate and grease
    Savory and sweet
    Favory and-


    The way today the brownies were sliced
    The way today the bacon was cooked
    I taste salty and bitter from the tips of fingers
    For whoever created this tradegy
    Had drained a program of strict strategy
    And let their worries, concerns, malacies
    Trickle into beloved sugar and spice

    Ensuring the atmosphere has lost
    Anything nice

  • anngeli 10w

    Stay, and sit

    Someday our past will blend indistinguishably
    With the present months of 'quarantine'
    There'll be no way to leave this rough path
    In which a glacier has carved our future
    We can't stop growing and waiting
    for normal to come back
    It's gone, it's dead
    The bus wont ever arrive to your bench
    It's out of order, my friend...

  • anngeli 11w


    In this world, money bends rules
    Money makes people blind
    But it does not change morality
    They know what shouldve been done
    They know that they did wrong
    Which makes money finally mortal
    Sitting below our greed
    Is a volcano waiting to errupt
    Humanity waiting to object
    Our morality untouched by green
    It only works so long against
    The calus of a beating heart

  • anngeli 11w

    My art teacher told me this once, and I dont know where it came from.

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    "There are no mistakes in art.
    Just oppurtunities for creativity.
    There's more beauty in the improvised amd unexcpected."


  • anngeli 11w

    If a trees falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear, does it still make noise?

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    No where

    Strike of lightning
    In an abandoned field
    Setting it on fire
    On paper, fate sealed
    But running amongst it's flames
    The rain from this storm
    Your feet get muddy
    And you're suddenly warm
    Where you even came from
    Wouldnt matter for all the stars
    Just water and fire
    Stretching near and far
    Consuming the sky
    Breaking all lies
    A bundle of chaos
    Where no soul might spy

  • anngeli 12w

    I think I'll be alone forever, and no children can change my mind. Those are for stability, and happiness, but not to fill a hole where a heart should be. I am a fool to watch normal people and think and hope to be them. As pathetic as I am, my little opinions and masks dont remain in the dark. I cannot lie to myself. Someday I'll stand somewhere, look out to the sky, and realize how lonely I am. That won't change.
    If i got married or had children, I'm still alone with my heart. Alone no matter the place.
    Time, scenario. Point is, I will not lie. I wont try to fit a square into a circle, and be a picture that strangers admire to try amd make up for it.
    I'm smaller, not missing parts. Lopsided and strange. I'll find content in myself.

  • anngeli 12w

    I dont mind who you are
    I mind if you're kind

  • anngeli 13w

    The humans no greater than us
    Only hold the power we give them
    Unless we can control that
    We fall under a false sense of security
    Just enough space to move around
    And think we can choose, that we DO
    Meanwhile we had thought it ended
    But how can the biggest battle
    Of your existence
    Be as simple as asking for it?
    When we are eating out of their hands
    You'll know when the roof has fallen
    That being, if the walls crumble with it
    Reducing all to rumble and ash
    Back to dust to start again