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  • annienasha 1w


    If I tell you that you have charms, I know you'd refuse it,
    Deep down my heart I know you got a charm,
    Its so strong that is leading me your way,

    We've shared laughter, memories, cool words,
    You've been a human who can't be replaced,
    I have had you back after a long while,
    And I don't wonna lose you,

    You, you, you, may not be perfect,
    But you have a great heart,
    A warm smile,
    A deep voice that makes my heart run

    You such a soul that I don't wonna leave behind,
    I just need your presence in my life
    The presence is just enough
    Coz you have a spot of greatness...

    I know you tell me you are not a good person
    But that doesn't matter to me,
    I am okay with how you are

    I promise to be a stupid human as av always been....



  • annienasha 1w

    Daddy Newton

    I chose you as my daddy on our bday,
    It is now a blessing to have you,
    You always there to listen to my shit,
    Help me be a fighter,
    Help me be myself,
    You make me feel human again,
    You just are awesome
    You are the best

    I always have you in my prayers for more life
    For more of you
    More years of friendship,
    And more so, you to be for keeps...

    My Daddy my pride
    You are just charming

    Ilysfm dzaddy ❤


  • annienasha 1w


    A beautiful splendid lady. Has a heart full of love.
    She may be silent but her eyes are just full of joy.
    An icon.
    A kind heart she has.
    Calling you bestie is not even enough, coz you deserve more,
    You are always ready to help even those that ain't that close to you
    You never listen to anyone's shit about yourself...
    I love your personality, your warm beautiful smile makes you even more and more pretty..
    Time we spent as classmates is worth to me coz you are the best.
    I love you gyal...
    Be the pretty face that never gives up on something as usual...



  • annienasha 2w

    Fidel Castro

    Whenever I feel like things are becoming hard and heavy to handle, whenever am down and feel Like I wonna give up, I draw my smile from you.
    You just came to my life in the most expected time of my life.
    You always make me feel like am the best person in this world. You are the reason why I am a strong lady now
    You and I share so much. You know me too well, you just have your way of breaking my fears
    You know my fears and show me how to overcome them.
    Without you, I'd be very sad and depressed.
    I promise never to leave your Side.
    I'll listen to you and make you proud. I'll be a strong one and funny one as you want it..
    Sorry my mistakes... I'll rectify them

  • annienasha 2w

    You never know

    How many nights I cried myself to sleep,

    How much I cared for you,

    How I loved you,

    How much I sacrificed for us..

    But it was all in vain, coz you never loved me as I did

  • annienasha 3w

    It hurts when you vent all your anger out on me,
    I really thought you to always understand me,
    You understand how I always feel,
    I hurts when you tell me to my face that am a failure,
    It hurts when you start to act as if am not part of you,
    You are the only family I have,
    The rest left us and we got just each other,
    You should have tried talking your mind in another perception,
    Now you left me here with wounds in my heart,
    I just wish to die and leave this world,
    Its unfair,
    Its just unfair how things turn out in my life,
    Why me? Why me?
    Can't I ever have peace?

  • annienasha 3w


    You were my inspiration, my happiness,
    You brought smiles to my face,
    Made me feel so special,
    You were a source of joy which I thanked God for,
    But the minute you started acting wierd,
    You started making me feel like I wronged you,
    I became an unhappy soul,
    A total big lonely girl,

    I miss the times we were together,
    I miss the fun we always had,
    You just threw away these memories away,
    Was I trash to you?

    Tell me love,
    Why take my love for granted,
    Why break my heart that easily,
    And never apologize for it


  • annienasha 4w

    In life, we must know how to survive with all kinds of people
    When you notice that you are forcing yourself to someone, don't hurt yourself, just withdraw from them.
    We at times ignore those who really care about us and end up with those whom want us just to use us. This really hurts but its the naked truth
    Leaving people you love so much because you find it necessary is the best decision you can ever make.
    We all want to be loved and to have others attention. But you can't get that when you fall in the hands of wrong people.
    Choose people wisely. Be cool.

  • annienasha 5w


    Knowing you was never intentional, but it has been a great journey. You have been the best friend av ever wanted to have iny life. Made my tears turn to laughter. Made me feel loved and not lonely. When I was alone you made me feel cool. When I was about to give up, you encouraged me to be strong and move on.
    You are one of the person who take care of my smile coz you always say its precious. That its beautiful. I really feel great having you as a friend.
    Whenever I need a person to talk to, you are always there for me and always have my back. I am really happy to have you.
    Your jokes, your udaku, my udaku, our crazy moments and friends just make my days bright.
    Having you in my life is a blessing. A real blessing, and am not letting you go.
    I love youso much patner in crime❤❤

  • annienasha 5w

    Never escape challenges, run through them