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  • anonymous_forever21 7w

    Ironies of life #2


    Why is the world, such a hard place to live in ,
    and people, so difficult to deal with.

    when I can see almost everyone,
    write posts about love.. feelings.. life.. and humanity.


  • anonymous_forever21 8w




  • anonymous_forever21 10w

    This could be my last breath


    What if I keep reminding myself everytime from now on...

    That I can die any moment !
    That life and everything thats related to me,
    will all end in a blip..!

    Will I live a better life..?
    since I'll know everytime, that nothing matters
    and one should never worry..

    Or Will I live a worse life..?
    since I'll never care about anything, cause I know
    everything might vanish, by the time I blink my eyes.


  • anonymous_forever21 10w

    Ye samay guzar jayga


    A great line, which many of you would
    already know..

    "Ye samay guzar jayga"
    // "This time will go away"

    The thing which can make a sad person, happy
    and a happy person, sad.

    What are we even supposed to be then ?

    Are we just supposed to oscillate between these two emotions, throughout our lives..?


  • anonymous_forever21 11w



    मासूमियत तो बचपन में होती थी..|

    अब तो सिर्फ पत्थर-दिल बनना सीख रहे हैं.. |


  • anonymous_forever21 11w

    Heart ♥️ Heavy yet empty


    I'm just confused.. .

    if I have got too much in my heart,

    Or is it just.. the weight of the air,

    That feels so heavy ‍♂️‍♀️


  • anonymous_forever21 11w

    Dear diary #5


    Dear diary

    I am.. "the forgotten one"

    It seems as if I have become
    that part of her life.. .

    Which she doesn't even want to
    bring to her mind anymore.. .


  • anonymous_forever21 13w

    Be Cynic? To not be Cynic


    The only reason I do non-cynic acts,
    Is because I believe that some part of me,
    deep inside, is cynic.. .

    Same goes for the good deeds.. .


  • anonymous_forever21 13w

    Am I dead inside?


    My "all time low" life has pushed me,
    To a corner of my heart.. .

    And I can no longer feel regular emotions,
    But only shocks.. .


  • anonymous_forever21 13w

    Dear diary #4


    Dear diary

    I remember..

    I'm 21.. And if this was my last day alive, and somebody
    asked me what was the best time of my life..
    I would go back to my past and remember that
    time of my childhood, when the day went like.. . .


    Wake up at 6..
    Bathe in the kitchen (cause it was winter time :p)..
    Go to school in Maruti Suzuki Omni vans (used for kidnapping in bollywood movies)..
    While the van played songs like "sunn zara" and "ajnabee"..

    Reach school..
    Look out for your bench partner, your best friend, your friends, your crush, your teachers, recess time..
    Play leg cricket, high catches, "maaram pitti" with foils wrapped, from our lunch boxes..
    Take strolls in the school lobby..
    Distribute sweets on your bday, after the whole class sang "Happy birthday" to you, while you stood besides the teacher, feeling shy..

    Go back home in the same Omni van..
    Feeling extra tired in front of your mom, who helped us take out our sweaty clothes, fed us with her own hands, while we laid down on her lap, hugged her & fell asleep to the most peaceful sleep we ever experienced..

    Woke up in the evening..
    Did all the homework sincerely..
    Then went to play with out gully friends.. cricket, "staepu", "tv tower", "chupan chupaai", "oonch nich ka papda", "pithu gram", "tippy tippy tap", "posham pa bhai posham pa", "aao milo shilo shalo" and what not..!!!

    Watched dragon ball z, pokemon, shinchan, dexter, powerpuff girls etc (Not gonna name more, cause the list is endless :P)

    Then when we finally got tired at the end of the day, we would ask our dad to let us climb his back ("attabori")..

    At last, the day would end with us sleeping on the arms of our mom, the safest and the most comfortable place, we can EVER find on earth.

    This was the time of my life I'll cherish till the end..


    We never realize how gradually yet quickly we grow up..
    And turn from our cheerful and lovable lives,
    into the sad and lonely ones..
    Looking for love in this "difficult" world..
    Always searching for a motive to live,
    a reason to be happy, a way to love & be loved,
    a back like our dad's to do "attabori" and
    comfortable arms like our mother's,
    to feel safe and fall asleep on...