You are mistaken if you take me easy!��

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  • ansh_ita 5d

    फिर यूहीं!����

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    मेरी ख़ामोशी पढ़ लो।
    इतनी काबिलियत तुम में नहीं।

  • ansh_ita 5d


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    मुझे अंजान ही रहने दो।
    जो जान गए तो समझ ना सकोगे।

  • ansh_ita 7w

    I have been living......
    //to feel the bliss while capturing the sunsets and sunrises ,

    // to feel the peace while staring at clouds amidst the sky ,

    //to feel the gentle breeze that come passing through waving trees and touch me ,

    //to feel the overwhelming desire to have more of you with me ,

    // to feel the tranquility when with you that soothes my heart and soul ,

    //to feel the heartily happiness that I get while sitting and observing the greens, the charming evening sky with wandering clouds that I adore, the starry night scene and the appealing part of nature.


    And I wanna lost into the vivid emotions,
    get buried in the panoramic love,
    drown in the enchanting beauty,
    unceasingly view the sublime sunsets,
    click the imperishable beauty of evening sky
    and feel you.


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakeeassistant
    #pod #nature #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakee_assistant

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    And I wan nna be lost
    into the viv id emotions,
    get buried in t he panoramic
    love,drown in the enchanting
    beauty, unceasingly view
    the sublime sunsets,cli
    ck the imperishable
    beauty of even
    ing sky and
    feel y


  • ansh_ita 7w


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    कुछ यूं अपने अल्फ़ाजो को पिरोया करता था वो।
    कि शायद उसके जज़्बात ही बिखर कर रह गए।

  • ansh_ita 8w


    काल्पनिक ��
    वास्तविकता इसके विपरीत!��

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    यूं तन्हा रहकर तू क्यों सुकून तलाशता हैं!
    अंधेरों में तू यूं मुझसे अश्क छुपाता हैं!
    यूं तो हमारे गम भी हमसे लगाव रखते हैं!
    अफ़सोस ये कि तेरे गम सिर्फ तेरे क्यों रहते हैं!
    © अंशिता

  • ansh_ita 10w

    PS : Not for some particulars but yet they exists!

    (This one seems to be much polite than others!����) It seems!! ( )

    #Dearestyou! ��

    Use this hashtag to read other parts!!

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    Dearest you! (Part 5)

    You know? Today I was just sitting and pondering while looking at the sky! Yeah! They give me peace which is much needed to soothe a messed up life!

    And as usual my endless thoughts started wondering me! And my imagination engulfed me!
    The hinderances as the clouds did much to hide the shine of stars and though those stars and their shine were hidden but it can't be lost and this enlightened my mind. Your real shine can be hidden but can never be lost.
    Yeah! It's my habit to relate everything! What to do!
    Maybe it was not my habit but gradually circumstances taught me to relate. Oh what am I saying!
    Actually you are the one who taught me this too. Oh! Seems like you taught me many lessons.
    Isn't it?

  • ansh_ita 10w

    Collab with @gunjit_jain

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    जितना दिखाना चाहता हूं , उतना तुमको दिखता हूं।
    पर जान जाओ मुझको तुम , इसलिए मैं लिखता हूं।
    - गुंजित

    जितना तुम दिखाते हो , उतना तो मैं समझती हूं।
    पर जान पाऊं तुमको मैं , इसीलिए मैं पढ़ती हूं।
    - अंशिता

  • ansh_ita 11w



    May this day brings tons of joy and happiness to you!!❤️❤️

    May you be as cheery, as happy , as great, as fabulous as you are!����
    And keep spreading positive vibes around!!

    Though I don't know much about you!
    But a positive and pure personality doesn't needs much time to get recognised by people!!��❤️

    All the best wishes to you on your special day and I wish you all the success, joy and ecstasy in your life!!

    Hmesha muskurate raho aap...
    Aur humesha khush rho...


    (Sab sath me bolo...��)
    Baar baar din ye aaye!!

    (Sab wapis bolo..��)
    Baar baar din ye aaye!!

    (Sab milke bolo..��)
    Aap jiyo hazaro saal ye meri hai aarzoo!!

    (Sab majje se bolo..��)
    Happy birthday to you!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    Happy birthday to you!!

    Kisko kisko party chahiye!!!
    Haath uthao!!

    Party!! Party!! Party!!!

    Gunjit ka bday- no party����
    Aaditi ka bday- no party����
    Anshita ka bday- no party����
    Aapka bday- *party to banti h!!*������

    (In future ye bhi transform hone wala h!! No party me����������I know that)

    Koi to party dedo re!! ����
    Sahi kaha kisi ne sahi me kismat kharab h!!����

    But let us know the venue !!
    We will come...

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    Happy birthday!!

  • ansh_ita 11w

    Aaj kuch hai na?
    Aap 12 bjje ye post padh rahe toh kuch toh special hoga hi....kyu?������
    Yep ! Sahi pakde!!!��
    Aaj ek bahut special day hai kyuki aaj billllllooooooo rani ka janamdin hai!!!����
    Aaj ek bahut khatarnaak prani dharti pe padhari������������
    Par bahut sweet hai...��������
    Jiii haan....sahi pehchana!!
    @aaditi_ issi ka birthday hai!!!������������
    Janamdin ki vaddi vaddi shubhkaamnaye aadu!��❤️��������
    Janamdin ki pyari pyari shubhkamnaye billloooo��❤️��������
    Janamdin ki cute cute shubhkaamnaye saperan��❤️��������

    Jo bhi ho!!!!
    Sach batau to....
    Tu badi anokhi h����
    Tu badi sweet h����
    Tu badi cute h����
    Tu choti bachi h����
    Tu nakchadi h����
    Tu billlloooo hai����
    Tu bhukkad h����
    Tu naagin h (chal Maam liya)����❤️
    Issi baat pe chal dance kar �� nagin dance dikhao!!��������

    Itna soona soona nahi...gaana bajana to banta h!!!��������������������������������
    Baar baar din ye aaye...
    Baar baar din ye aaye...
    Tu jiye hazaaro saal...
    Ye meri hai aarzooo....
    Happy birthday to you...
    Happy birthday to you...
    Saare bolo, happy birthday!��
    Zor se bolo, happy birthday!
    Aawaaj ni aayi, happy birthday��
    Thoda loud holo happy birthday!
    Saare bolo, happy birthday!��
    Oo phir se bolo, happy birthday!
    Oo happy birthday!!! ��
    Oye happy birthday!! ����

    Dekh mai kitna dance kar li teri party pe...
    Ab thak gyi....
    Ab tu naach!!!

    Dance karke thak gyi...
    Chal ab kuch likh bhi du...

    Really yrr... (Teri tareef likhte huye hasi aa rhi h)...������
    Waise hasti to mai hamesha hi hu....
    Really aadu....
    If we start from our first meet....
    We will be confused....
    Mtlb itna random...itna random..itna random......��������
    Hm log ek dusre ki post pe nhi mile...
    Hm kisi aur ki post pe mile...gunjit ki...����
    Aur wahi pe dhamal krne lage...������
    Such an unexpected meet....u know ����
    That day was special....bcz I got two special people!!!
    Really...u are really so sweet....tune to first impression jama diya tha mere pe������
    I felt ki mere se bhi zaada koi hasta h...acha?��������......������
    Sach me...really you are a pure soul...
    Jitna jaana usse bas yehi jaana ki yr tu maasoom bhi bahut h...cute to h hi...❤️❤️❤️
    Really ek baar baat ki aur hm log friends ban gaye������������
    U are a simple and pure soul!❤️��
    And ye mai isliye nhi keh rhi ki aaj tera birthday h..
    Bcoz...tum jitna mazak krti...utni hi achhi baatein bhi krti ho...gyaan bhi bahut h bhai!!!
    Badi badi baatein !!!
    Really...u are a fantastic friend with an amazing humour!!������������
    Hope that we will be seeing further years with more joy together!!
    Abhi bahut time hai...������

    And you remember you jab poori tarah jaan lena tab karna tareef....and this line itself shows your kindness dear!!!❤️
    I love your craziness and madness!!!����
    Aur issi ki wajah se tu meri dost bani..
    Same hai thoda...!!!
    (Issi baat pe dance)

    Har baat pe dance karne wali ladki weird nhi h kya?
    Are bhai...weird nhi h re....
    Bahut hi weird hai....
    Tu hai bahut weird....

    But really....all the shits we talk are really enjoyable...!! ����������������
    Talking to you is something jisse mai kabhi bore nahi ho skti re...!!!

    Aur yaar tu gandi h!!!��
    Itni bhi kya jaldi thi...kaash kal janmi hoti��
    Then we would have been birthday twins!!!
    But chod.....maanne me kya jaa rhe...
    Afterall I am a maths student....����
    Chal....let us assume we are birthday twins...
    One day can be ignored ������������

    Ohhh woaaah woaaah woaahhh....����������
    Birthday twins ...��������
    Congo yrrrr...
    Naughty gurl!!������
    So happy ��������������
    Bas aisehi muskurati reh hmesha hmesha hmesha!!!!
    Baki to hm h hi!!!����������������

    Many many happy returns of the day!!
    May your life be filled with love and everlasting happiness!!!
    I hope that your coming years will be filled with success and joy!!
    Sending you loads and tons of wishes dear!!

    Ab party de chal????

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  • ansh_ita 12w

    Collab with @unparalleled_soul

    Just tried!!

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    वो भी क्या दिन थे जब बारिश के पानी में इन हाथों से बनी कश्तियां हुआ करती थी।
    © unparalleled_soul

    हां ,क्या वो दिन थे जब उन कश्तियों को किनारे की तलाश ना हुआ करती थी।

    जब दुनियादारी की कोई फिक्र ना थी , बस ढेर सारी मस्तियां हुआ करती थी।

    तब हम बेफिक्र हुआ करते थे जो मिजाज़-ए-दौर की एहतियाज हुआ करती थी।

    याद आती है वो शामे जो कभी दोस्तो के नाम हुआ करती थी।

    क्या वो दिन थे , क्या वो शाम अंजान राहें थी और हम गुमनाम।

    जाने कहां गए वो दिन जब ना कभी चेहरे पर उदासी और
    ना पूरा पूरा दिन खेलने के बाद भी थकान हुआ करती थी।

    वो दिन बीत गए जब बेपरवाह होने का भी अलग ही मजा हुआ करता था और इस दौर-ए-जहां में ना कोई मंज़िल हुआ करती थी।

    क्या खुशनुमा दौर था वो भी जब ना कोई रोक टोक ना कोई बंदिशे हुआ करती थी।

    तब बेबाक गुफ्तगू और खताओ का सिलसिला चला करता था और इस नातमाम कायनात में मुकम्मल हमारा जहां हुआ करता था।

    बस कुछ ऐसे ही था वो बचपन जब हमारी बदमाशियां और आवारापन ही हमारी पहचान हुआ करती थी।