Meet me under the kissing Moon and Star

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  • anshika_winks 5d

    Poets never stop writing
    They just stop expressing

  • anshika_winks 5d

    I'll leave soon -_-

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    You know,
    When things get upside down
    All you can do is sit calmly
    And enjoy the roller coaster ride

  • anshika_winks 1w

    #tetractys #mirakee #writersnetwork
    First attempt is syllables...

    Corrections are welcomed
    Coz am not very accurate in syllables count ����

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    S O
    Where shall
    We meet now
    I had been going
    Universe End lately, now headspace is enough

  • anshika_winks 1w

    Lame nahi toh kya h����


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    She ate metaphors
    Burping out verses in melancholy
    Under that dried up Oak

  • anshika_winks 1w

    What would the sky fear of
    If not heights itself
    Cause it never ventured
    Beyond it ever was...

  • anshika_winks 1w

    Retrograde Amnesia
    One of my greatest and worst fears...
    It is actually the loss of information and memories that was acquired before the onset of amnesia.

    Sometimes, memories break down hearts and so this illness...

    Editor's choice... Thank you Mirakee ����

    #question #whatif #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

    The POV of an Amnestic girl

    What if the doll stopped talking to me
    What if the redolence of my old books
    Didn't take the path to my nostrils
    What if my coffee lost its aroma
    What if rose betwixt my age-old diary withered away
    What if I forget the lyrics of the song
    I used to hum everyday
    What if my favourite things are no more mine
    What if the memories caged in my heart
    Wing their way to the unknown
    What if I am no more myself
    What if I stop asking what if??

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    What if I stop asking what if?

  • anshika_winks 1w

    #perfection #wod #totimec

    Anshika winks that
    //Perfections of love are always eternal. Experienced by two souls who only wish to become one...Apart from the world's care//

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    She came rushing towards me. Feet by feet getting closer. I found sweat dripping by my head, through the hairs, off the chin and falling with a splash on my white t-shirt. I was drenched in completely by that one drop.

    She was getting more closer. Inch by inch.Her face parallel to mine. In the zeroes of her eyes, I could see infinity hidden. The galaxy to which we belong now, appeared smaller in her eyes. I found my universe in it.

    I felt stupid of how carelessly I was dressed when I saw my reflection in those tiny light - absorbing zeroes.(I sometimes get carried away by some useless things, ofc)

    And now, she was even closer. Enough of what, I could feel her breathing, warm.

    I could write a letter to the Time at that time, to stop. Even for once. Plz. You know na, how good I am at doing wrong things at the wrong time. Soo! If you could get still for once, I won't have to care about you running away. I could be relaxed and think properly of what and how I could do. Nice Idea. Isn't it?

    ( Gosh!!! Not again. I promise)

    And now, her lips were just cms away from mine, atleast I felt so. As the wings of time reduced their velocity, I could feel my surroundings fading away eventually. It was all black and the only source of light was that zero that shined brightly coming nearer and nearer.

    Before that source could even shut, she stopped some millimetres away. Stopped when my heartbeat was the only sound heard. Stopped when my mind was blocked. And she stayed there...Still...

    We both stood there, our lips just near but none touched. We both longed to be one, we almost were becoming. We experienced love, the perfect one perhaps.

  • anshika_winks 1w

    Meet me under the kissing Moon and stars
    And I'll narrate you their eternal love story

  • anshika_winks 1w

    #AnWinter (it's getting cold) #modnar

    *You need the warmth coz I am the winter*

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    I could have written verses upon verses for you
    But what if you never read them
    And burnt those for warmth in these chilly nights

  • anshika_winks 1w

    So what if I wasn't his
    I am mine and I feel that's great...