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  • anshikajindal 21w

    Vo sabhi baate jo log kehte toh hai but samjhte nhi..
    Vo sabhi baate jo log bolna toh chahte hai but bolte nhi..
    Vo sabhi baate jo log Sochte toh hai but question nhi kar paate
    Isliye aaj vo sabhi purani baate jo superstition se kam nhi ....ek question bankar jalak rahe hai..
    Aaj ek question sabhi se

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    Ek question sabhi se

    Ladki ho Bhari samaan naa uthao periods me bahut pain hoga..
    Ek question sabhi se ..
    Ladki ho isliye naa uthaye ya pain hoga isliye nahi..

    Ladke ho aise Rona galat hai log kya kahenge
    Ek question sabhi se
    Ladke ho isliye naa roye ya log kya kahenge isliye..

    Vidayi ho rahi hai ab toh sasural jaogi thoda ro bhi lo
    Ek question sabhi se..
    Vidayi ho rahi hai isliye royu ya sasural jaana hai isliye..

  • anshikajindal 25w

    My imagination my power...
    No one mean no one...
    Can control the power of imagination
    #power #imagination #life #powerful #control

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    My imagination, My power

    I am a little feather..
    And, My imagination is like wind...
    I get carried away to the farthest of places,
    And live life as an adventure
    I never stop believing in miracles..
    I never stop believing in myself..
    My dream!!! HAHAHAHA my experienced adventure ...
    As many places I stop by and many hurdles I trip over..
    But the wind always get me going ....
    This could be my imagination
    I may be a little feather

  • anshikajindal 27w


  • anshikajindal 33w

    Fact #2

    Before doing anything just make sure whether it is 100% YES or NO..


    If it is not 100% 'YES' then it is a big 'NO' ..

  • anshikajindal 34w

    Fact and bitter truth..

    If you love two guys at
    the same time then forget
    first one ...
    because if you were really
    attached with him then you
    will never think for the
    another one...

  • anshikajindal 37w

    Collaboration with @mehrazkhan2503

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    If you think looking pretty is actually a beauty then it is useless...
    pretty from heart is actually a real beauty

  • anshikajindal 38w

    Never stops....
    Keep trying...
    #never #stop #struggle #life #ashleys #ash

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    Never stop till it comes to an end...
    Never stop till you wishes it...
    Never stop till your success is waiting...
    Never stop till it has next step...
    Never stop till your last breath...
    Never stop ....even your failure is in front of you..

  • anshikajindal 39w

    Collab with @poornimagowda
    Fun af������

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    Actually I am lazy
    but also crazy


  • anshikajindal 40w

    Last session

    Vo class ki masti
    Vo dosto ka lunch.
    Vo last bench ki neend.
    Vo half lecture ka bunk.
    Vo mates ki mazak.
    Vo junior par hukum.
    Vo homework ka bahana.
    Vo jaan kar book naa lana.
    Vo teacher ki chamchagiri.
    Vo monitor ki gundagardi.
    Aur especially vo har teacher ke samne wali good image....!!!
    Yaad si aa rahi hai
    Vo bitte pal sunheri yaade jaisi lag rahi hai
    Pre primary school se primary school me aaye phir middle ,secondary karte karte senior secondary complete ho life start hone wali hai aur pata bhi nhi chala ...!!!

  • anshikajindal 40w

    I guess you are awared that some parents force their children to what to do in future and if children refuses that he can't do then they might thought he is very negative atleast he should try once...but!!!!! sometimes the real fact may be different he refuses because he is aware about its capacity of ability and saying no as it may spoil his future..
    So we should know that negativity and capacity can sometimes be like two aspects of coin....
    #child #aspect #negative #capacity #ability #future #health #life #negativity

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    Negativity and capacity are like two aspects of coin..
    Ps:- every individual is awared about its capacity of ability ..
    once he or she knows that it is almost impossible for him /her then for him/her it is his/her capacity but for others it is negativity...
    Overloading or pressuring can increase the capacity but might lead to depression....