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  • anshuman3799 8w

    Dear Heart, something for you❤️

    The symbol of love
    As pure as dove
    Just knows how to care
    Never charging any fare

    Fare for it's care is not money
    Having the sweet essence of honey
    Harsh words sometimes create big crater
    Expecting it not to be any greater

    Sometime's warm, sometime's cold
    Sometime's shy, sometime's bold
    Always within the range of access
    Becomes the happiest when it's a success

    Situation at time make it fragile
    Being full of emotion & less agile
    Deriving the lessons from the received bump
    Never forgetting its duty to pump

  • anshuman3799 10w

    The star's we seek

    We often like to see the star's gleam when the sky's clear
    Imagining the loved one's glittering ,who were once quite near.

    We were always said that they don't really leave us coz they become stars
    Weren't we too timid to measure them getting distanced too far?

    Even after being mature, in the state desparity, we still search for them high in the sky
    Untimely like this, was leaving us all necessary, we ask them why?

    Be it a doctor/ a soldier /anyone who passes away protecting us from various threats that life gives us,
    Getting titled as Hero coz they literally possess no fuss.

    Salute to those heroes as they relentlessly fulfill the duties of their respective role
    Though leading such short span of life, they reach the desired goal.

    The agony of the uncanny demise of such heroes is beyond any measure,
    For the entire cosmos, this ain't less than the plundering of a huge treasure.

    The deeds done by these heroic idols make them divine
    Sadly it's too early for some of us to adhere that without them we won't be fine.

    From yelling out in joy seeing the reel life super heroes till feeling proud from within for the real life heroes our childhood passed
    Let God adorn this planet with more of these kinda people, that is something for which we all asked ❤️.

  • anshuman3799 12w

    Something for you MAA✨

    To the person who is addressed by the 1st words spoken when someone learns how to speak.To the person who shows the path way to daylight even when it's bleak

    To the person who spent endless sleepless nights changing the water cloth when you have fever. To the person who has taken this oath of giving up on you never.

    To the person who picks you up when you fall down .To the person who makes you more cheerful & happy than the clown.

    To the person who owns the title of belongingness Forever.To the person who with a smile hands over the last piece of sweet when you ask for it without caring that there would be nothing left for her.

    To the person for whom love ,care & affection has no bar
    To the person who can go down to any level & still loves you at par

    To the person who always acts as the strongest shield
    Protecting & guiding you through the life's field

    Happy Mother's Day ❤️

  • anshuman3799 13w


    Dooriyon se darkar hum kuch yun hi ruk gaye
    Fauladi theey jo irade woh kuch yun hi jhuk gaye
    Dil ko toh bas aata hai pyaar karna
    Makaam hasil karte karte manzil se chuk gaye

    Inn faaslo ki haadein hai badi door
    Sochte hai hum inhe kar nai payenge paar
    Uss doori ke baad aayegi chehre pe khusi ka noor
    Uss khusi ke liye toh koi bhi doori swikaar

    Aaj kal faaslo ki hadein tay karti hai rishton ki dor
    Jo tere liye sahi hai woh zarur aayega teri oor
    Darr ke sehm ke kabhi kabar macha lete hai shor
    Yeh dil toh hai wahi churai, hai mere dil ka woh chor

    Mann ne pal rahe uljhano ko hatake toh dekho
    Haadon se zyada iraade ko karke mazboot
    Dilon me chippi pyaar ko jatake toh dekho
    Use apni dil ki baat batake toh dekho

    Jab badti hai faaslon ki doori.
    Mann me jaag utte hai kahi majboori.
    Dil me bas ek aas jagaye ki kaash mit jata yeh doori
    Kuch adhoore sapne sajalete jisse honge apne khwaab poori

  • anshuman3799 14w



    What is destiny? Is it that destination which we are bound to get no matter what we do? Or is it the outcome of your efforts? If the destination is fixed how would it logically explain the importance of day to day efforts and if we shape our own destiny through sheer will and labour then isn’t it the sweet rewards of the hardwork we did... Now I often feel people use destiny to explain things that happen to them which they couldn’t have helped even if they tried... so wouldn’t that mean that it is just anothet name for fortune or luck...

    If destiny is just sheer luck amd out of hands then do humans have no power to shape their destiny? Or may be it is said that luck favours those that work hard towards their dreams...
    Would you ever let life changing decisions be governed by destiny?

    Have faith in God and destiny.... thats what we tell ourselves when things dont work out... but does God dictate each and every action of your lives... then it would mean man has no free will... If there is no free will there would be no good or evil... so what God could be showing is the path or may be expecting us to start walking and might help us on the way but the will to start the journey, to take a step and walk towards our dreams... we have to do ourselves... Because my friends if you dont fo everything in your power to get what you want, all you will have in the end is never ending regret...
    You see destiny is a tricky thing... if u win it was your destiny, if u loose it was your destiny.... destiny always wins but would you wanna regret in the end? Putting in all your effort... its may be an insurance against failed destiny...
    But keeping all these apart what if by birth you are destined to fail... what happend to the second born son of a kind with the will to be ruler... it wasnt his fault to be born second but no matter how much he tries he is destined not to get the throne by sheer hardwork and will. May be unknown destiny and luck is therefore less painful than known destiny... May be certain things are determined about you right from the time you are born... You are either born rich or you are born poor but does being born poor doom you to poverty? No... u can fight that kind of destiny to reach success if you have the skill and will... May be things determined from the day you are born... they are destiny! But none the less we can always fight to get what we want... Thats what life is for right... The whole purpose of existence is to get the peace of the mind and self satisfaction after reaching a goal we wish we were destined to reach...

    Destiny is a tricky thing, my friends... Everyone I guess has a different way to deal with it...

  • anshuman3799 14w


    Lot pot ke hasaya tune
    Hasi Chutkulein sunaya tune
    Yaad teri satayi jab
    Phut phut ke rulaya tune

    Meri tiffin me Maggi hota tha toh tere tiffin me Roll
    Chid jata thaa sunke ki kha kha ke ek din ban jaega Gol
    Aye dost mere, aaj wahi tane yaad karke thoda sa hass leta hun
    Teri bohot zyada yaad aaye toh usse yaad kiye ro leta hun

    Janwaron ki tarah lad jhagad lete thee
    Fir ek dusre se mun phula lete thee
    Kabhi teri katti , toh kabhi meri mitti ka asar hota tha
    Jisse dono firse ghul mil lete thee

    Life ka pehla punishment tere saath thaa
    Class ke bahar kaan pakadna, woh bh kya baat thaa
    Class se nikalte hi bhaag jane ka woh bhi hum dono ka kya andaaz thaa

    Yaad hai woh din jab homework karna bhul gaya tha
    Bohot darr gaya thaa , thoda sa gaya tha sehm
    Achanak Kandhe pe rakha tha tune haath
    Maano jaise behke huye dil ko mil gaya thaa rehm
    Apna copy mujhe deke khai tune teacher se maar
    Scale ki war tere haath pe padti rahi , machi thi mujh me hahakaar.

    Nayi scooty me tere ride lene ka thaa alag maza
    Tujhe thodi pata tha ki yeh banjaega tere liye koi saza
    Bhale hin tune bohot baar roka
    Nahi manke teri baat maine bhi aage wali gadi ko thoka
    Gussa tha tu bohot fir bhi kabhi na toka
    Yeh tera pyaar nahi toh kya tha koi aakhon ka dhoka

    Fare well ka din thaa aaya
    Sabke chehre pe thaa raunak sa chaaya
    Maano jaise kal se nai rahega aur school ka koi moh maya
    Khusi aur gam ka sehlab jaise thaa sabke rago me samaya

    Main ek kone me the thaa kar raha intezaar
    Kyunki sab koi thee waha bas nahi thaa mera yaar
    Kuch der baad hi sahi par ek awaz aaya
    Door se dekha toh ban ke khada tha mera dost taiyaar

    Saath milke iss dosti ko nibhayenge .
    Yeh kasam li thii uss din
    Raaste bhale hin alag ho
    Fir bhi manzil zaroor milegi ek din

    Bhaisahab ko toh doctor banna thaa
    Woh toh thaa hi pehle se padhaku
    Hum gaye banne Waqil
    Bachpan se hi thee ladaku

    Ayee dost mere aaj aayi teri bohot yaad
    Bas inhin lamhon ko yaad kiye hass lete thee rone ke baad
    Fiqar mat kar kuch hin dino me firse milenge
    Kuch nai toh bas purani yaadein taza karlenge

  • anshuman3799 15w

    Something for you✨

    I respect you more than words can say.
    I respect you more and more each day.
    I think of you higher than the mountain and lower than the bay.
    Before I met you, my days were gray.
    Oh dear, please don't go away
    There's somethings that my heart wanna say.
    I assure you this Bond's will never fade away.
    With you by my side I can't go astray.

    It's your smile which makes even the night shine
    Has even greater Euphoric effect than wine
    It's your smile seeing which warms my heart & brightens my day
    Ever Ready to Bask in it always
    Coz it's my way

    It's your smile that's precious
    Acts always for melting me as ICE when m ferocious

    It's your smile for which I can walk any mile
    Way outta this Cosmo
    Deeper than River nile

  • anshuman3799 16w

    Woh Ek Anjani Si

    Ek din thaa jab hum yunhi baithe thee
    Shyd unhi ke khyalo me khoye thee
    Gusthaki nai yeh soch tha humara unn galiyon me jaane ka Jin me kabhi woh guzar Jaya karte thee
    Mulaqatein nahi toh unka ibadat hi sahi
    Dil Mera mujhse bas Yehi keh rahi
    Rok lena unko jaane se pehle
    Sambhal lena thoda sa behek Jane se pehle
    Yeh Pyaar hai ya aur kuch pata nahi
    Bs Dil se ek awaz Jo yeh keh ke gunjti ki
    Tumko chod kar kahi Jana nahi
    Mil ke saath iss padaav ko seh lenge thoda sa
    Khusi ho ya dard ho fir bhi reh lenge thoda sa
    Subah subah Suraj ki pehli Kiran ke tarah tumhara woh Muskurana
    Jisko dekh ke din khil Jaye
    Khusi kuch iss qadar jaise do dil mil jaye
    Uss muskhurahat ko sambhal ke rakhna. Dharm hai
    Tum yunhi hamesha muskurate raho
    Usko kaayam rakhna Yehi karm hai
    Pata hai itna aasaan nai hai yunhi bas kehdena yeh baat unko,Jo bas Bahar se sakth aur andar se boht narm hai

  • anshuman3799 17w

    Kuch unkahi si baatein ✨

    Yuhin chalte chalte ek din tumhise tha takrana
    Woh tumhara gusail chehra aur thoda thoda itrana
    Shayad uss din thaa hume kahin khojana
    Mann hi mann me kisika hojana

    Woh Chhaat ka tumhara nazrana
    Dekh ke dil ki dhadkano ka badh jana
    Dil ki baaton ko dil me kab tak chipana
    Jab baat aaye bayaan karne ki bilkul na Katrana

    Jab naubat aaye udaas dil ko behlana
    Aakhein band karke yaad kiye tera woh muskurana
    Kuch baat toh thii uss me jise har koi chahta tha pana
    Kya pata tha ek din usko tha humare liye hin aana

    Uska woh has ke sharmana
    Aakhon hi aakhon me bohot kuch keh jana
    Dil ki baaton ko tha usko hin batana
    Kaise batayein usse bas itna himmat tha jatana

    Himmat karke ek din tha use yeh kehjana
    Dil me tere humesha ke liye rehjana
    Zindegi ka har padaav hass ke sehjana
    Pyaar ki kasthi me baithe dil ke samandar me behjana

  • anshuman3799 18w

    Kal ka kya pata, Aaj thoda sa jee lete hai

    Zindegi ka yeh kaisa padaav hai
    Na kisike paas koi sujaav ,aur nahi koi javaab hai
    Berang se iss zindegi me khusiyon ka kuch rang bhar lete hai,
    Aao aaj thoda sa jee lete hai

    Maut ka maano jaise khauf sa chaya hai
    Har ek ke dil me jaise atank sa aaya hai
    Vishwas ko atoot aur Iraadon ko mazboot bana lete hai,
    Aao aaj thoda sa jee lete hai

    Chehre ki uss soye huye noor ko firse rijhana hai
    Meethe Khwaabon ke kuch sapne firse sajana hai
    Ek dusre ka Sahara bane isko seh lete hai,
    Aao aaj thoda sa jee lete hai

    Bhale hin Khusi ke pal kam aur Gam ka asar gehra ho,
    Hume kya hin pata, shayad koi Sunheira pal humare liye thehra ho,
    Woh Sunheira pal bohot jald aayega ,ek dusre ko yeh keh lete hai,
    Aao aaj thoda sa jee lete hai