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  • antara427 5w

    "May be this is what I deserve "

    also has a HOPE


  • antara427 7w

    Many people many talks
    Not surprises but only shocks!

    Loneliness that you have been escaping from
    How can you escape from this unwelcome storm?

    What is your fear?
    You are on you own dear

    Pain that only you felt
    Cries that only you dealt

    Many people many talks
    Not surprises but only shocks!

  • antara427 12w

    Sudden realisation
    That she is now just an imagination

    You Can't go back to her
    No matter how much you try,there's alway an invisible bar

    The reality you don't want to live in
    You must accept it because the world is mean

    She is now just a memory
    There's no use of feeling sorry

    You should get yourself release
    Because she is now a soul , that is resting in peace

  • antara427 13w

    Let's write some massive example of true love

    Want a virgin girl
    Girl should be immensely beautiful with no cuts on her face
    Girl cannot marry twice
    Boy must earn a lot to meet every dream of his new family
    A boy must be tough enough to not break down in any situation
    Boy must not marry after the death of his 1st wife

    Keeping these stereotypes aside ,let's discuss some true and beautiful examples of true love

    I have seen a boy marrying a divorcee without worrying about the society. He convinced his family and married her only because he loves her and she too deserves to be happy

    I have seen a boy marrying his girlfriend, who was gang raped. He married her because wearing skirts was not her fault, he understood it and gave her all the happiness

    I have seen a girl supporting her own husband who was nothing and was earning nothing. She believed in his capabilities and helped him to grow ,now they both are earning together.

    I have seen a girl marrying a boy who works in lower rank than her, with no conflict at all they both believe in love only.



  • antara427 17w

    दर्द कुछ ऐसा
    मानो कुछ छूट सा रहा हो

    कलम की स्याही भी मानो
    रो सी रही हो


  • antara427 27w


    You forgave
    My every naive
    You understood my every fear
    You knew my many unsaid confessions
    You understood my every action
    I sometimes feel like you are elder
    You are always my shelter
    This one is to thank you
    I will compensate my every due
    Thank you for not letting me go
    I know I hurt you long ago
    But thank you for being the constant
    THANK YOU for mending our every dent

  • antara427 28w

    Please Love my flaw
    Please love my mistakes
    Don't worry I won't show
    I will keep it low and won't make you wake
    With my chattery voice
    For you it might be a noise
    I will fly high
    I won't die
    This time ,I will love my flaws
    I will love my mistakes

  • antara427 38w


    Whirl within
    Is it the finishing line?
    I can't be so mean
    Everything is just fine
    Is what I say

  • antara427 40w

    That day
    A lot to say
    Remember the anger?
    And post pamper?
    Lot learnt
    But trust have been earned
    In the end
    We are mend

  • antara427 51w

    I can't understand
    Where do I stand?
    Where to end?
    How to mend?

    It's like slipping sand
    From your own hand
    Should I pant?
    Or just spit it out loud that "I can't "