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  • anthonyjr 21w

    ☯️ From all that rubble, what remains can only be what's true

  • anthonyjr 21w

    ☯️ If all was lost, then more I gained because it led me back to you

  • anthonyjr 21w

    You don't need everyone to love you just a few good people.

  • anthonyjr 21w

    At some point, you gotta roll the dice on you.

  • anthonyjr 22w

    The right people hear you differently...

  • anthonyjr 24w

    Beyond the physical & mental levels there is a soul level. This is the realm of the higher self.

  • anthonyjr 28w

    We're all bad in someone else's story.

  • anthonyjr 29w

    By unknown writer

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    He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, he's and mine are the same.

    ©Emily Bronte

  • anthonyjr 30w

    Mysteries are not designed to remain mysteries. They are meant to be found out and decoded.

  • anthonyjr 30w

    I am a light sleeper, but I am also a heavy dreamer.