Drownin' in some thoughts like life is flowing out ahead!

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  • anushka__thakur 4d

    Loosen clasp !
    The tinted glass through which
    I made myself a suspicious one,
    I don't want you to fall in my world
    that is rich in sufferings, melancholy
    and darkness," Oh, I see the blood
    gushing through my dark empire ! ",
    I want to put that bullet in my brain,
    You, my precious matie, will see that
    last and final grin on my face,
    I will not let you to enter that reserved
    windy palace, where shallow and hollow
    people are easily met up with stifled
    emotions, I shouldn't care much as
    my body is turning out to be so cold,
    I just wanna see melancholy surrounding
    my bleeding soul and I am just protected
    within it !

  • anushka__thakur 1w

    Bleeding soul !

    I cracked out my thoughts and
    the skull is shattered into pieces,
    The blood running cold through my
    body and last drop touching the ground,
    I fell onto the floor and wondering that
    I made out through another ruthless
    world,The Satan came out and grabbed
    me to the hell and I thought that heaven
    was the best place suited for me,
    I wanna see Lucifer,singing hymns
    rather than angels with strings,
    I want the bleeding atmosphere
    and bloody precipitation that purifies my bleeding soul, pretty blood moon,
    you're there for me and I am shoveled up with my innocent merciless heart.
    I am holding above this world and the real
    identity is murdered by the face hiding behind
    those cowards under masks !

  • anushka__thakur 2w

    Dark Sin !

    No one's gonna spill their blood for other's sake as we got this merciless world,
    I wanted to chant peace in here and look what you made me do and I am holding a knife as a sinner as I murdered someone's faking identity.
    Hey, we are alone here making everything right or trying to! But still I look up for those bloody moon nights,
    Surprisingly, It is just my heart grown in dark
    sides, I hope you could find me in those
    piercing spears and that shining cutting
    steel weapon took out the purity to be summoned by those demons of hell !


  • anushka__thakur 7w

    If I die !
    If I die , My soul would be floating
    towards heaven or hell, Depending
    on the deeds that I committed in
    my fantasy or in reality,
    Those cicadas would sing me a lullaby
    and I would be put down to sleep forever,
    New flowers would arise, where I would
    be lying down to get some deep sleep and
    my soul wouldn't be getting any peace
    if I was there, I stabbed myself by proving
    that I was born to be the strongest but
    I died with a weak heart that stopped
    beating forever and I got palpitations,
    Knowing that more blood flowed out
    and my footsteps left the trail of oozing
    bloodstream, My eyes are bloodshot and
    wanted that relief so badly and watch out,
    I would be walking down with your lively
    shadows !

  • anushka__thakur 7w

    Plastic !

    The shivering cold senses are
    being sent through those junkies,
    My body is slowly turning out
    to be in plastic, I can't see anything
    through my wobbly eyes 'cause they
    lack faith,I can't move my hands and legs
    'cause it's being controlled by my anxious
    state, I can't twist back my neck because
    they're holding back to me with bizarre
    glitches as I served my beating heart onto
    their plates, "Seems like they're not satisfied!",
    Was I a fool turning back or I was surviving
    on sugary jellies where my blood flows
    in my veins, I'm hanging down there as
    my throat is stifled up with a rope and that
    chair is losing up so much, I feel like I will
    be executed because I am a junk of plastic
    now and on verge of being exceptional !

  • anushka__thakur 8w

    Sleepless !
    That deep embedded darkness
    beneath my eyes wanna go
    circling round just to catch the
    grasping shadows at night,
    My eternal views are dried like
    my eyes , cruised to gear up
    the falling of thorns from that
    magnificent rose's stem ,
    Fled to just catch up the calls
    of those fireflies, beckons to
    tell you that your small lamps
    would be lighted with the
    wondrous sights that you crushed
    down for the fragile motives !

  • anushka__thakur 8w

    Squashed !

    My only concerns for you,
    I am lingering on the old
    concreted floors, "I wanted to
    sum this up and I'm finished now !"
    Highlights of those wreckages and
    fastening up brews that I sipped in,
    Nevertheless, I lose my mind when I
    try to hold something slippery and I
    know their wagging tongue, I would
    cut them off and draw new pentagons
    with my old ragged friends, They're
    rotting up in my basements,
    I spent whole nights being squashed
    in their icy mocktails !

  • anushka__thakur 9w

    Eager !

    My footsteps were eager to knock
    myself down at edge of the cliff,
    I am just watching the countless
    clouds as I know I would be passing
    like that someday with the chills,
    Nostalgic views, reminding me
    how gullible I am, greatly represented
    by those scenarios as that society
    wants me to be buried down without
    pain, Sharply defined by my personal
    experiencing diverse range of those
    mockeries, I don't get a single struck
    by those lifeless entities,
    I visualise my own world and I know
    I am very happy residing in this!!

  • anushka__thakur 10w

    "Bienvenido a casa !" stands for "Welcome home !" in Spanish!! Welcomed by those grey wolves, ready to tear me up but I'm not so dumbfounded that I would leave'em alone!!��

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    Bienvenido a casa !

    Suspected to be flourished
    down as the water swooped
    down from the creaked hill,
    Subjected to be blindfolded
    from those suspicious
    roaming spirits, calling
    behind from those old rotten
    woods, I never moved back
    from those traces who gave
    just a bit more of glitches,
    Where I couldn't be moving back,
    The silver lining of the moon
    shown above my old shaggy
    cottage, So pathetic to be
    showing up on those paths ,
    I won't be showing up my face again,
    Those doors opened and
    chanted, "Welcome home !"

  • anushka__thakur 10w

    Essence !

    Carefully tried to dry myself
    in the burning sunshine,
    C'mon don't cast those dark
    shadows, when the rays are
    striking up the call on your
    opaque sides,"You know !",
    Backfires never trusted when
    the holy sides are left in the
    dust and you can't be on
    those washed up shores,
    Collecting the true reluctant
    inner shades of mine and
    I'm shining up in those northern
    lights,"The patterns drew the
    gorgeous lines and I'm filled
    with utmost joy !",
    My true essence signifies the
    true pigments, colouring
    my world vibrantly !