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  • anushkaborah92 26w

    an ordinary scene

    Like the pretty butterflies,
    Floating over the warm breeze.
    A shadow of the trunk,
    Where the lazy cat sleeps.
    As the sun appears part by part,
    Over the horizon a tiny flicker can be seen.
    Creatures hid in their cozy nests,
    And I lay in the warm grass.
    Counting the faded appearing stars.
    Feeling the warmth of the dawn and the grass.
    Letting my breadth to cool with the wind.
    Singing a song to myself.
    A quite dream within the fraction an ordinary scene.

  • anushkaborah92 26w

    the world forgot to glow

    The sun doesn't shine,
    And the moon forgot to glow.
    Happiness couldn't find,
    It's way back to the world.
    Cause without the tranquil breeze,
    And the ocean's silent words.
    Pain with freeze,
    The labyrinthine souls.

  • anushkaborah92 26w


    I know that I can't,
    Abide by the rules that lay,
    In this soil, beneath my feet.
    Sheldom shall I try,
    My mind elsewhere reside,
    Where voices from the people can't reach.

  • anushkaborah92 26w


    A beam tears into the soul,
    Rekindle the veins, suppressing the heart.
    Lights a candle of freedom,
    Within me.

    I've set abode in the nature,
    The water, soil and air, holds my breath.
    It leaves me in pure seclusion,
    Where I met my true self.

  • anushkaborah92 26w

    a starry night

    The night lit by the gazing stars,
    Melodies of the mind escaped into air.
    Vibrations of the universe- a serenade.
    I drove myself into the lap of the dark,
    In the visible reminder of invisible light.
    I inhaled air, slowly filling my lungs,
    Creating an everlasting moment for me.

  • anushkaborah92 26w

    like a cigarette sip

    Just like a cigarette sip,
    The smoke makes all the woes disapear.
    The sky lightens up for a moment.
    And then another sip,
    The bloody smoke does it all again.
    Slow and steady it makes your body,
    A living hut of a dead soul.
    All in a blow of smoke.

  • anushkaborah92 26w

    Half asleep in a winter morning,
    The cold dew on the grass touched my feet.
    It pulled me out of my sleep!

  • anushkaborah92 26w

    I saw it to have withered in the morning.
    But when the sun was bright,
    The flower was blooming!

  • anushkaborah92 26w

    I drove myself right into the lap of the dark,
    In the visible reminder of invisible light.

  • anushkaborah92 27w

    In the blues, deep and light.
    Untouched by the rays.
    In the longest phase of darkness,
    Shall in the world, within the turquoise sheet.
    Lie a living world as the manx?
    The glimpse of the blue ball,
    From the spaces beyond the pull.
    Does it signify that there lay a greater truth?
    Below our magnificent pools?