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  • anushkapaul_ 13w

    All of Me!

    This magic spell you cast
    Has me twirling like witchcraft
    At every turn of the clock
    I’m missing our exquisite talks
    My mind yearns
    For you and only you
    My heart seeks all of you
    And you alone
    All of you
    And only you.
    In return, I give you me,
    All of me.

  • anushkapaul_ 15w


    As I surrender
    To all of your demeanor
    Probing me with your luscious tongue
    Tasting me with your ravenous mouth!
    Hear the crack of the tender whip...
    Searing its mark on my yearning flesh!
    Every slash burns,every touch sizzles
    Master becomes servant!!
    Servant becomes Mistress!!!!
    Roles interchanged and teased
    Exquisite torments entwine with painful pleasures
    Unleashing every shade of our desire!

  • anushkapaul_ 16w

    Melancholy ❤

    Every time I think of him,
    I crave for him,even more!
    Every time I think of him,
    He gives me the tingles in my soul!
    Every time I think of him,
    I get goosebumps over every inch of my skin!!
    I watched my thoughts paint about him!
    I pictured him by my side..tucking the hair behind my ear,looking at me as if I am the only one!
    I wish he was here!!

    But Alas!
    All I could do is just think of HIM!

  • anushkapaul_ 17w

    Until then!

    When would we meet ?
    Until then i'll dream about our first kiss!
    Until then i'll picture your hands flirtatiously cradling my face right before your lips tug at mine..!
    I want to feel you, feel every fingertip draw your mood down my back!
    I want to feel you pulling me closer, so close that I hear you whisper "I want you"
    Until then! I'll miss you!

  • anushkapaul_ 17w


    I want to put my arms around you and never let go!
    Whisper my naughty thoughts until you feel weak in the knees..
    The way you stare at me Even through a screen, puts me in the mood!
    I just want to slide my hand down your chest and rub against you!
    I want to feel you smirk, cheek to cheek!
    I want to rest my face against yours ...
    Softly I want to inhale your cologne and crave for you even more!