~°Heartache��❤️ //i wish i had a time machine to undo my actions//

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  • anuska_bora 7w

    I don't think you remember how we met,
    But i remember, I remember every bit of it
    Enough to keep me alive.

    That day when i first met you,
    you look so delighted
    with the spark in your eyes,
    and a yellow smile on your face.

    That smile, that smile is why I fell
    the day I did, you smiled and
    all I saw was galaxies.

    In the very first moment,
    You were mine and I was all yours,
    I overheard your name
    every place I visited and
    That's how I knew, I was in love.

    I felt you everywhere,
    I held you at that moment.

    Lately, I realized all this was
    a dream, a dream that could never be mine.
    People tell dreams do come true,
    But you were an illusion.
    Every time I miss you now,
    I revisit our place like the very first time,
    Hoping we would meet again.

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    I revisit the place we first met, hoping
    I would be with you again like the very first time.

  • anuska_bora 7w

    It's been 5months since the day it all happened.

    It's been a long time since you left me
    I didn't mean to make you cry
    I didn't mean to disappoint you
    I didn't mean to tell you lies.

    It's been a long time since i have seen you
    It's been a long time since i fought with you
    It's been a hard time to keeping it going without you

    I'm not crying 'cause you left me on my own
    I'm not crying 'cause i can't escape what could've been
    Are you aware when you set me free?
    All i could did was let my heart bleed.

    It's been a long since there was silence all around me,
    Your voice had rung; like a bird who sings, to greet the morning
    to tell me that the day has come.

    It's been a long ago, since you had left me,
    Time has filled me with words unsaid,
    As the sadness seeps into me slowly.

    You came into my life at a bad time, when I truly hated who I was
    And what I had became was a damaged fading.
    But you fought your way and saved me.

    You loved me!
    And by doing so you made me love myself too.
    I'll remember that you loved me!!
    My love will never be a lie, and never was!
    It's okay to stay with you anytime,
    Because even you're not with me, you're within me
    And somehow you know it too.

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  • anuska_bora 8w

    At the moment I'm just wandering what vibes are made up of. It's neither a feeling nor an emotion. It's just between all those things which make everything go right. I sometimes wander if a person can be a vibe, if a person can affect another person's vibe and I get no answer. Sometimes some questions are worth being unanswered. Vibes don't lie, vibes don't cheat, vibes don't make you unhappy. Vibes inspire you always, motivate you to be better self. Fall for vibes.

    #vibes #Feelthevibe #Fallforvibes #mirakee #girlwithhopes #quotes #peotryislife

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    Perhaps your vibes make me alive.

  • anuska_bora 8w

    When the night
    draws its curtains and
    the sky turns white
    When the eyes shut
    on their accord
    And the soul wanders
    to seek the lost relations
    My heart wakes forty
    It mumours of things
    it can't have
    it calls out the name of
    those i can never see
    It mourns and wails of all
    what was not sought

    I try to perfect your life
    But I'm troubled
    I try to do something new
    But I'm disturbed
    I were a smile
    But beneath it lies
    everything torn
    I regret it as a mistake
    It is then i speaks
    "What was wrong in it?"

    One moment I'm a sober
    wanting them
    The next,
    I cage them inside
    and wipe a few tears
    Slowly walking
    along with life
    But what shall happen to
    the organ i turn blue
    I forever weeps!:)

    #girlwithhopes #mirakee #girlbuildingempires #iwriteforyou #beleiver

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    Your heart matters

  • anuska_bora 8w

    I know sometimes i get mad
    I know it's called as a daydream.
    I know you're not listening to me
    No matter how loudly I scream.

    My heart is not ready to accept
    Your memories are haunting my soul
    To keep you alive in my every part
    I killed myself as a whole.

    I never asked too much
    Just craved for your presence
    So many people around
    Yet i just focus on your absence.

    I know we're not mean to be together
    But i still miss you everyday
    Leaving was never allowed you said
    But unexpectedly you didn't stay.

    I thought I'll be okay someday
    I forgot that a part in me died
    I did every possible thing to not think about you.
    Till the end i tried, till the end i cried.

    You made me a writer, you made me a reader
    You made me happy, you made me sad
    Now I'm all alone in this way of darkness
    You were all I had.

    The day i leave forever
    I know for you, things will be the same
    Just come to my grave and write your initials
    So what if I can't live with you here, atleast I can die hugging your name.

    #lostsouls #girlwithhopes #lovequotes

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    I never asked too much
    Just craved for your presence.
    So many people around
    Yet i just focus on your absence.

  • anuska_bora 10w

    Physical or Mental.
    Scars are scars.
    I can't change them...
    I often make some people
    My constant and they leave,
    I feel weak and broken.
    Why?-- Because they were my strength
    And they left even though
    they promised to stay.

    Than on the other side,
    there are my scars
    I want them to leave me
    But they don't and they won't.
    So why don't I make my scars
    my strength rather than my weakness?
    People will judge me
    with or without scars.
    But I shine when I have them.
    They never put me in dark,
    It's my mind that puts me in there.
    I should feel proud on
    myself because I have
    My own unique scars!
    No one will get them ever.
    Scars will shine, I'll shine surely

    #girlwithhope #iwriteforyou #missingyoualot #foreverlove #beleiver #girlbuildingempires #surviving

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    To make your heart bright,
    Let your scars shine

  • anuska_bora 10w

    Where would I go,
    Where would I search,
    For the soul that's always invisible.

    I see you in my words,
    feel you in my phrases,
    I make a home for you,
    with all my scars.

    I wandered everywhere
    for you, but you were found
    only in my memories.

    #missingyoualot #iwriteforyou #girlwithhope #foreverlove #loveislove

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    I wandered everywhere for you,
    But you were found only in my memories

  • anuska_bora 11w

    Hey baby
    You left long time ago
    But still I feel you
    Every moment
    Every day
    Every time
    You won't ever know
    My love for you
    Is completely
    Pure and true
    But you didn't
    Understand even
    A part of my love
    I want no one else
    To take your place
    You're still alive in me
    And you will always be

    #loveispainful #missyoualot #girlwithhope #iwriteforyou

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    You're still alive in me

  • anuska_bora 11w

    Roses are dead
    Violets are dying
    Outside I'm smiling
    But inside I'm crying

  • anuska_bora 11w

    The right person, the wrong time
    The right script, the wrong lines
    The right poem, the wrong rhyme
    And then you..
    A piece of you that was never mine.

    #missingyoualot #girlwithhope #iwriteforyou #foreverlove #selflesslove #unconditional #lovequotes #mirakee

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    The right person, the wrong time
    The right script, the wrong lines
    The right poem, the wrong rhyme and
    a piece of you that was never mine