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  • anusudeep_ 4w


    Rebellious and wild.
    Not easily tamed.

  • anusudeep_ 5w

    When the sun rays kissed the dewdrops
    The seven colored bow emerged in the sky
    The thunder arrow shot from it
    Pierced the dark clouds
    And the droplets fell down
    Quenching the thirst of the parched land
    But too busy to admire the beauty of nature
    Man runs around paid adventures.

  • anusudeep_ 5w

    Trapped in a tiny space
    I am trying to escape
    With all the grumbling and rumbling
    And the heart that beats nonstop
    Like a pendulum moving to and fro
    Sailing over the waves
    At times I kick and punch my mom
    Or jerk with a hiccup
    Grabbing on to a chord
    That keeps me afloat
    The strong light that touches me
    The sweet music that soothes me
    Mother's touch that relaxes me
    Although eager to meet her
    Here I wait patiently to be a part
    Of the unexplored world outside.

  • anusudeep_ 5w

    Shocked to see the girl in the mirror
    Disheveled hair and discolored face
    In my sweat n rags I looked a terror
    Its not the same girl with all her charm
    I can't blame others for this error
    Allowing it for myself

    Repulsive situation and thorny looks
    Wounded me and made me scare
    The pointing fingers drained my confidence
    The worthlessness followed in my dreams
    The suffering made me realize that
    My reflection is created by me

    A happy and peaceful mind attracts
    All the beautiful things one needs.
    Be bold to create the best reflection.

  • anusudeep_ 6w


    Your melodious eyes
    Whispered into my heart
    A tune of love
    I saved it inside
    And locked it within
    So that it can never escape
    I hear it whenever I think of you

    But recently it's sound decreased
    I tried but failed to seize
    Waiting to be recharged
    And renovate the old melody
    To recover and rejoice with you.

  • anusudeep_ 6w

    Boundless love can convert a rock to wax
    Which would melt at a little warmth
    And can be molded to any shape
    But never take it for granted
    For once it loses its wick
    It fails to give light
    And you will be in darkness
    Waiting till it revives one.

  • anusudeep_ 6w

    Festival of kites

    Oh! It's the festival of kites
    I can see different sizes and shapes
    Different colors floating in broad daylight
    Some fly high as a spot
    Dancing to the tunes of the air
    At times it tries to go too high
    A sudden jerk reminds it of the string
    Something that holds it to the ground
    Trying to break free in anger
    Failed to realize the world full of danger
    Smartly sailed across in all its glory
    Alas! It got stuck on a bark
    Gasping in the wind, hurt and wounded.

  • anusudeep_ 6w


    I am a lioness
    Complacent and laidback
    I forgave you once
    And let go the next time
    But don't always expect this treat
    For once I swirl up from my seat
    You will see a storm arise
    Making u blind
    And the roar
    Making u sigh
    And once I turn my back
    You will vanish from my life forever.

  • anusudeep_ 9w

    the path I chose

    this is the path i chose to walk
    amidst the boulders and rock.
    like the mighty river
    with its meandering course
    has a power to mould
    the edged stones to pebbles
    brings life to the dead banks
    when the sparkling water
    whispers the lullaby
    to the vines and the plumes.
    the thirsty-roar leaves its marks
    on wet sand under the moon.
    the ripples dancing with the breeze
    the fragrance of flowers and leaves,
    without any bias, it carries it all
    along its path to strange places.
    this is the way i chose to walk
    amidst the boulders and rock.

  • anusudeep_ 9w


    Captivated by the external beauty
    mind is drifted to unknown places
    unable to differentiate or negate
    hypnotized, he follows his senses
    and ultimately reaches nowhere.
    When the last moment arrives
    he looks back into his life
    the futile actions and greed
    led him to lack of peace
    followed by stress and disease.
    He struggles to get a second chance
    not available to everyone with ease
    he laments at his deeds
    although its not too late
    but you should not wait
    to arise from your slumber
    to look around and enjoy your state.