A student in 10th standard. Waiting for a new thought to strike me. ��

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  • anvaya 10w


    With Towards You Much
    every your realise farther
    step vision that than
    you and they they
    take dream are seem

    But Without You Than
    when knowing will what
    you what earn you
    climb lies much can
    high next more expect

  • anvaya 10w

    Mesmerized by the dazzling city lights
    Bursting with life and colour
    Yet serene from afar

  • anvaya 10w


    Silence filling the air
    Slowly drifting away
    Swinging to another place
    Switching off for the day
    Swaying to dreams
    Sweet oh it seems to
    Sink into delicious slumber.

  • anvaya 11w

    This is follows the rhyme scheme of a limerick but there isn't anything humourous about it. ��

    #mixed_challenge by @evelen #evelen #4liner_anv

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    We all are made of star dust.
    Originated from that big burst.
    So dream of catching that star.
    No matter how afar.
    But stretch your hands out first.

  • anvaya 11w

    #acrostic #today @writersnetwork #tod_wt

    And well... It has 10 words...

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    Taking another
    Opportunity to
    All about what lies

  • anvaya 11w

    Today is the perfect chance
    To make a better tomorrow.
    Today do the hard work
    Tomorrow success will follow.

  • anvaya 11w

    #school #story #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #freeperiod #students #india #exam #test

    The moment of ultimate bliss for any student is when she hears "free period" So I just thought I'd describe it.

    The bell rings and there is a voice of horror filling the air. It is maths period and to make matters worse they have a test! Some students had pored over their books for ages while others just discovered this fact. Some are flipping through the pages thinking that perhaps the brain would scan some new information which might be useful, while others are trying hard to distract themselves from the test and tricking their brains into believing that it is vacation. This is also the time that "ruled paper" is in high demand. Those who don't have it are searching and begging in order to obtain one.

    A figure quietly slips away from the class. He goes quite unnoticed as the leaders have their eyes glued to books. He is whom I call clever, dear readers. He is cleverer than the class topper. He is a spy and is on a secret mission. He doesn't have a badge and so is not supposed to be wandering in the corridors but such risks were part of the game.

    A teacher, known for his temper is walking his way. He ducks and hides behind a wall and when the coast cleared resumes his journey. The staff room is quite far but he finally gets there. He slowly peeps inside. "No one." he says to himself with the widest smile a student could have. Stealthily he makes his way back to the class.

    The class is still filled with clamour. Some students now have become a centre of attention. "Teacher comes in my bus. I didn't see her today," one claims. "But she is known to come by car on some days," another argues.

    Our hero then enters the class. Making himself noticed he announces "I went to the staff room. Teacher's absent. Free period."

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    Free Period

  • anvaya 11w

    So it's 2019. Another year with a whole lot of new adventures! So I wanted to wish all my mirakee friends a very happy new year.

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    Happy New Year

    There ends the old, here begins the new.
    Lies a blank canvas that awaits your hue.

    There lies a chest filled with yesteryear's treasure
    And here time offers another with pleasure.

    There rings the tune of the past glory
    Here it sings a song of a future story.

    There flees the old here flies the new
    And may sweet wishes flow to you.

  • anvaya 11w

    New Year Resolution

    As I say goodbye to 2018, I look back at the lost memorable moments. There was fun, laughter, tears, worries and adventures. There was friendship and fights, luck and miracles. Some wishes came true too. But when I try to recollect the memorable moments, I realise they aren't what I thought they would be. They were simple things. Small day-to-day routines and insignificant little delights. They were a free period in class, a walk in the park crunching dried leaves and that Divine bliss one feels on having a mountain of chores to do and yet does nothing. It is the image of laughing with friends on a joke that I don't remember now which flashes across my screen now. Or a wonderful time spent with family that catches my train of thought.
    Now when I look back, I realise that in a year it is just some days you can call events, hours you can call memories and minutes that you can count as memorable.

    So for my new year resolution, I'd make a list that looks like this.

    1 Do those things that you consider are a waste of your precious time. Perhaps these are the things that may be the most memorable moments of next year.

    2 Create a bucket list and tick every item off it before the clock ticks the next year off.

    3 Spend time with those you hold dear and that includes yourself.

    4 Pray to that Almighty force that wakes you up every morning.

    5 Smile and laugh for no big reason for happiness comes from within.

  • anvaya 11w

    The count down has begun
    Seconds ticking by
    Embrace the new year
    And watch the old one fly.

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    New Year Count Down

    Ten thinking of the past.
    Nine knowing they fly fast.
    Eight enjoying the present.
    Seven savouring this moment.
    Six shifting to the future.
    Five feeling this new texture.
    Four farewell to the old.
    Three thankful for the year I hold.
    Two terrific sound of cheer.
    One Oh! The new year is here!