Positivity is a precious word (Feel it - heal your self)

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  • apositivesoul 2d


    I don't want to celebrate it

    till I deserve it


  • apositivesoul 3d

    Dear me,
    If I ever wander, get me on the right road

    I request myself the same thing when I see people shifting

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    Comment down �� what you think

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    "It is
    that haters
    also, belong
    to those who
    have many backers
    and lovers but in the true
    sense, the great one is whose
    loss leaves tears even in the eyes
    of haters"
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  • apositivesoul 1w

    Who remains quiet until the origin
    starts moan as soon as enters into the realm

    As long as you will be in this world
    these words will mistreat & injure many vitalities
    If I say that inadvertently, it would probably be considered a defense but there is repentance of every vice

    Are love and hate both limited to this world only?
    Does love require any terminology?
    Perhaps yes because after this we have only one obligation

    We have to go to the threshold taking a bundle of our deeds and beliefs
    And when we step out of the temporary, we meet the permanent

    Words don't reside there
    There is only an intense relaxation, a truce in which our atom stability gets achieved

    So till be here, do not say that later the goggling will not be tolerated
    The game of words and sounds is restricted there, just limited to here

    Earlier, there was no medium in which messages can be flown nor will it be such a medium after that

    Say whatever you want today to get carried away in positivite sentiments only because the day this trap bursts, you will not be able to explain anything

    All these lyrics and tales will be lost in the eternal shadow

    What is today was not yesterday nor will it be tomorrow :)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    #positivevibes #truth #pod

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  • apositivesoul 1w


    It's not that
    I didn't need you
    the only thing is that
    I will not entreat anymore

    Whose heart is stirring in emotions
    Can detect the color of affection even
    without the rainbow ��, You put all the burden
    on me and gave light to yourself with the innocence

    It is believed that every time thirsty one goes to the fountain, So you didn't need me? it looks like
    Why do you interrupt me when I want to
    go away and when I get a little touchy
    and come back yearning ��
    for your love, sweetie

    Why do you
    become ignorant? ��
    What do you want? Tell me indeed
    I know you have thousands of devotees
    and I have no place in front of you but to buy

    my self-esteem, you are still very inexpensive yet
    The name I wrote on paper with my blood inked If I wanted, I would burn it ��

    I left it, thinking that my hands would be black
    Go be pleased and come to me when
    the entire world turns you down

    You'll always find me standing
    near you, after all, I vowed
    will always take care
    of you...��

    #apositivesoul #pod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    It would be best if you stay

    but it won't be worst even you don't

  • apositivesoul 2w

    What should be more valuable?

    Even if you keep the price of flowers
    more than the leaf
    Yet I will say that the leaf is expensive
    in front of the flower

    Look adorable, scent better, is that all?
    Leaves that enclose the flower become guardians

    There are many plants that never flower
    But have there been any tree to date that does not have a single leaf on it?

    The fact is that the presence of a tree is not just a flower
    The heart of a tree is its leaves which make it young

    But still, people recognize the tree by the name of the flower

    In this way, how much injustice do we do ?
    and how much we scream for our rights ?

    Therefore, learn from the leaves
    how your duty should be performed without credits

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    "I have seen thousands of leaves smirking without flowers but till date, no flower has bloomed on a withered tree"


  • apositivesoul 2w

    ~�� Amare ��~

    In a stranger reflection
    he was sitting near a skylight window
    Abruptly looked at the moon
    The one who was half-hidden in the hazes was watching him

    Meanwhile, a sweet memory came and named him
    Do you wish anything else to me?
    That impression of her untouched purity looked like magic hypnosis
    He grinned and held her hand whispering it will never happen

    As soon as a twilight sparkle, like the glowing fireflies on the banks of the river, her face also started glowing
    It resembled the rainy season
    It was a rare but delightful feeling when he put her smooth hand in his hand
    It seemed as if the sky had held the earth

    Sun has altered its nature and has fallen in affection with the moonlight
    This relation was probably beyond the world
    As the bond between them is a blessing of Goddess Aphrodite
    They never knew the pace of time, sitting with each other

    As two poems have become complementary to each other, coming out of books
    Desperate to get into each other, their essences were also incomplete
    Where the feeling of sacred love was simply seen on both the faces
    There were no disloyal vows written in black ink, but there were invisible commitment in the heart

    Something that night was such that two pearls in the depth of the ocean are smirking together within one oyster
    Two flowers are blossoming together on one branch
    Two hearts are melting into each other.
    Just as no one can separate the breezes, no one can separate their souls

    Both of them were peacefully lost in each other like a monk is lost in meditation
    After all, is true love less than worship?
    Right away she said, how nice it is if this night never falls
    I can stay with you and no one can bother us

    don't worry, you and I have met each other to the depths of the eternal
    This world is nothing more than a straw in front of our love
    This night will never fall
    Because all the shine of the sun is captured in your eyes

    Whenever I see the gleam of your eyes, then after that I see evening in the day
    Pausing these things completely, they started smiling and catching a glimpse of each other
    Don't know, after how many births, the thirst of his eyes was evaporating
    They had forgotten all the prior moments.

    It was the night when half the moon was in the sky and its entire shadow was on the pond
    Gradually, that moment started becoming shallow
    His eyes opened with the chirping of birds and the soft rays of the sun
    After a moment of mild disappointment, he had a delightful smile on his face ...


    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #pod #poem #apositivesoul

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    "If you promise that you will continue to appear in my fantasies
    So I swear these eyes will never wake up"


  • apositivesoul 2w

    Love should be done only when it is respected from both sides.

    It is not an inexpensive/cheap thing for which you can sacrifice your self-esteem and reduce its price.

    Respect love
    Respect each other ��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    "Ok, I will bend on my knees for you
    Merely when you stand in honor of my love"


  • apositivesoul 2w

    Hey, Rose-marry me ����

    Glossary -
    Demure - shy behavioral
    Dulcet - soothing (especially for tones)
    The horae - The Goddess of nature portions of times (according to the Greek mythology)
    Smirks - smile in a silly and childish way

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Demure persona on a dulcet note
    Whiff of a Wildrose
    the stillness of a lake
    She grips the divine spark of the horae
    she smirks like a rose blooms

    She is a rosemary with whom I want to marry


  • apositivesoul 3w

    I recall the first hand I held was from my mother and the last should be yours.

    Like breaking all the pacts, the sky has mixed soul of the soil in itself.