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  • aquaguppy 2d

    Never did she realized that pen and paper could actually ease her anxiety.
    Anyhow she managed to pour out her frustrations through her shabby scrawling.
    She neither cared of people's cynical remarks nor did she resigned.
    Indeed, she knew that her writing was awful but wasn't intimidated
    For she knew she'd upgrade only if a chance was given to her
    Time elapsed and barely she noticed that her grief turned her to writing addict.
    And finally with a deep sigh
    She uttered,
    How remarkable it would be
    If every person's tensity could sparkle through pen and paper.

  • aquaguppy 3d

    Being a daddy's girl is like having a perpetual armour for the rest of my life.

  • aquaguppy 4d

    Only she knew

    Her heel was ripped apart beneath that dazzling shoe and buoyant smile.

  • aquaguppy 5d

    It is sad that some deepest stories of us are meant to abide in the pages forever...

  • aquaguppy 1w

    There is no light without darkness,
    No good without evil;
    No happiness without agony,
    No stroke of luck without misfortune;
    As a matter of fact, this is the equation of life,no one can change it
    It is the algebra, what is done to one side is done to the other.

  • aquaguppy 1w

    What if love was actually a lie??
    The world would have never existed in its genuine form
    Because God the father
    Who is love
    Created the world
    And so you and I are.

  • aquaguppy 1w

    Waiting for someone is painful
    Trying to forget someone is distressful
    But being lubberly whether to forget or wait is such a misery.

  • aquaguppy 1w

    Girls of my age can walk in heels without trouble. I wear converse and still managed to trip over things that aren't there and my last word will probably be 'OOPS'.That's the extent of my clumsiness.

  • aquaguppy 1w

    Some people are like sweaters
    You ran into them only when you get cold and
    Yet they still make you feel warm,
    They are the purest soul, treasure them.

  • aquaguppy 1w

    If mosquitoes buzzed in our ears and disturbed our sleep,we knew how to kill mosquitoes; but if a thought buzzed in our mind and kept us awake at night, most of us did not know how to kill the thought.