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  • arhamadnan 5d

    More of me

    It's been a long time
    Since, I lost control
    I am stuck, hopelessly 
    Witnessing myself
    Repeating helplessly
    The Insanity
    I am madness 
    Madness is me 

    I don't feel so good
    The guilt is killing me 
    What should I do
    Is it too late to change
    Work on my insanity 
    Find a scapegoat
    Project my reality 

    So what if I am dead 
    I want to kill now
    Create an army
    Train them, and how
    Gaslight them real hard
    Make them question
    Their own reality
    And if they strike back
    I ll tag them as the crazies
    I am not the only one
    You are as deranged as me
    Welcome to the club
    Welcome to the family
    I did my part
    Now I can compare
    And sleep peacefully
    It doesn't seem so sad 
    When there are more of me 


  • arhamadnan 1w

    Prt 3

    It's not all bad, really
    Come on, now, dude 
    Let's watch a movie 
    Then discuss endlessly
    The complicated plot 
    Dude, seriously 
    Alright man, Alright 
    You don't have to shout 
    How about we 
    Quote and requote 
    Someone else's thoughts
    Come up with witty replies 
    In a strangers comment box 
    Hurl slanders and abuses 
    Till the self feels better 
    And make random excuses 
    On someone else's behalf 
    Still feeling insecure 
    Strike back with a taunt 
    And blur the reality 
    Escape this regular haunt 
    Maybe, momentarily
    Is this peace, yes, finally 
    Duping myself, gladly
    Wish it was that easy 


  • arhamadnan 1w

    Prt 2

    Why do I even need 
    This intricate tool 
    If I don't really know 
    What is it's real use 
    Well, people usually 
    Spend it in a school 
    Maybe, I should too 
    How can all these guys
    Be wrong at the same time 
    Millions of minds 
    Being fed the same diet 
    At least, we, in this together 
    It feels safe, It feels right 
    Yay, to the sheep power 
    In delusion, we thrive 
    Must sacrifice to the matrix
    Every second of my life 

    So, now I am hooked
    To this invsible situation 
    They got me by the throat
    Now I am solving equations 
    On multiple whiteboards
    I don't see the point, though 
    Everybody is happy 
    Is all I want to know 
    Man, this is hardwork 
    Must relax and enjoy
    Give in to the music 
    Maybe, Netflix and chill 
    But first, let's upload a few
    million stories, snaps and stills 
    And update statuses on 
    Five different apps 
    Maybe, spread awareness 
    On social issues and gaps
    Force feed each other's lives
    With our stuff, so amazing
    Everyone wants to speak 
    Who cares about listening


  • arhamadnan 1w

    Prt 1

    My mind feels blank, now 
    Doesn't really do much
    Tries to survive, somehow 
    Kick death in the face 
    Like, Kapow!!!
    Yeaah, yeaaah, I know 
    Somehow nothing else
    Rhymed right now 
    Another Kapow!!! 
    Oops, did it again
    Anyways, moving on 
    What was I talking about 
    Ohh yeah 
    Something deep and profound 
    Here goes nothing 
    Clueless dumb hounds 

    All the cheers for 
    The age of science 
    The age of glib thoughts
    And the rejection of divine 
    I am sorry, dude 
    But, I need to see it 
    To believe it 
    Till then, I will try everything 
    To get over this 
    Deep seated feeling 
    And find my medication 
    In material manifestations
    My one dimensionality 
    Isnt' helping this situation 
    Can only fathom the physical 
    No different from an animal
    Eat, sleep, entertain, breed 
    Setting it on infinite repeat 


  • arhamadnan 2w

    This is where it all began 
    When we had a choice 
    Could have refused then 
    But we said 'Yes' 
    To be a conscious creation 
    To play a free willed agent 
    And risk it all, for a shot 
    At eternal glorification 
    It was obvious, I guess 
    I mean, boundless ambitions 
    Right from day one 

    The bounties of heaven 
    Or the horrors of hell 
    Forget about the latter 
    Heaven is my desire
    But, what if I fail
    Maybe our emotions 
    Got the best of us
    Blinded by the lights
    Maybe yes, Maybe not
    Oh wait, Sorry, I Forgot 
    We are Humans 
    That's what we do
    That's all we are about 

    So, Anyway
    Hope trumped fear 
    Aspirations prevailed 
    Cheers to our determination
    We officially entered a war
    Our bodies are the battleground
    The enemy is our own thoughts
    This life, our sacrifice
    The perfect examination
    To justify this existence 
    Only humans in their arrogance
    Can risk eternal damnation 

    But, when you think about it 
    It kinda makes sense 
    To fashion us like this 
    With desires and freewill 
    Then reveal the instructions
    The road to infinity 
    Is paved with limitations
    The greatest of freedoms 
    Is achieved through restrictions
    Be willing to lose everything
    To receive true fulfilment

    You want to be a king, yes you do
    It's inbuilt and it's alright
    Your kingdom is due 
    You don't need a degree 
    To figure out the clues 
    And win the prize 
    You just need to prioritize 
    What's on the inside 
    And realize the creator
    And the creation
    Let your soul be the witness 
    Of your gratitude and submission


  • arhamadnan 4w

    Hey, bud, welcome to my world
    Where you from, planet perfect?
    Wherever you're from 
    Better watch your back 
    It's survival of the fittest here
    Don't expect much
    We don't care about credibility 
    We throw around words, casually
    One day you are the greatest
    Next, you're less than dust, easily

    We let others decide 
    When our time is up 
    In love with what we know 
    Spend time hating the obscure 
    Make up stories in our head 
    Either we live in denial 
    Or are idiotically too sure 
    Born in comfortable tombs
    Entitled to be insecure
    So we create pretend wombs
    How else are we supposed to cope
    Think, reflect maybe even ponder
    All ways of the past
    We 'just do it' and scream louder

    We say what feels best 
    Our emotions beats logic 
    They travel pretty fast
    Retreat, even faster 
    Hysterical, one moment 
    Unfazed, the one after 
    Maybe a part of me 
    Wants to be done with 
    This existential circus 
    The unnecessary theatrics 
    All these fools, acting all serious 
    In their make believe worlds 
    All scared and nervous 
    Justifying their purpose

    I am tired, I am exhausted 
    In this pursuit of happiness 
    I feel crippled and inadequate
    To even make sense of this madness 
    I guess I ll base it on proximity 
    Follow the ones, close to me 
    Great approach, seems 'strong' 
    What if they have got it all wrong 
    Stop making my head hurt, please
    This rant or whatever, is way too long
    I can't delve into this reality frenzy 
    I can't part with my fancy parties 
    These short lived, feel good orgies
    Just let me be, till I am at least sixty 
    I ll start then, like a little baby 
    Confused and irritated 
    All I achieved already faded
    Here I am now, spent and jaded 

    Just a little teaser, dude 
    Got a bit carried away, maybe
    Don't get too scared  
    We are what makes it fun
    Every single one of us 
    We all have our scripts 
    We are all sociopaths
    Past, future, presently, maybe
    We are all on the podium 
    And our rank is first 
    Nothing compares to us
    No book, no movie, no play
    We are 'The Greatest Show on Earth'  


  • arhamadnan 4w

    Lonely, Sad, Insecure, Afraid
    Slowly and Gradually
    All my make-believes failed 
    Sometimes, I get a little taste 
    Right here in this world
    Of that final despair
    Reserved for judgement day
    Distract me, Drug me, please sedate 
    I ll try everything, I ll try anything 
    Until my false Gods break 
    Let's just hope that it's not too late  

    The uncertainties of the world 
    Certainly led us astray 
    Our personal coping mechanisms
    Being manipulated everyday 
    One day we are righteous
    Hypocrites, the next 
    These voices inside me 
    Got me all perplexed 
    I can't handle the whole deal
    I ll cherrypick the pleasure 
    I will fashion my own fate 
    I am my own holy book
    Which I alone translate 
    We manipulate it in our heads 
    We don't change the actual text
    I guess, that makes us better 
    From the other two heavyweights 
    Don't you dare disagree 
    Else, I ll show you the gate  

    We hate on whom we love 
    And appreciate what we hate 
    Hate might hurt us for real
    Love is just an aftertaste
    We don't choose what's right  
    We choose the right face 
    We choose our poison
    And call it the elixir of life
    We choose our fights  
    We dictate the weak 
    Are enslaved by the might 
    Well Done, humans 
    I guess it's only right 
    Do what you have to do 
    To struggle and survive 
    What a lost cause 
    What an aimless life 


  • arhamadnan 5w

    Ohhh, dearly beloved 
    Why aren't you being missed 
    Were you ever there 
    To begin with 
    A figment of thought 
    Lazy imagination, perhaps
    Did you even leave 
    Should I feel sad 
    What do I let go 
    Nothing to hold on to
    After or before 

    Why can't you ever be 
    somebody to anybody 
    Your existence was irrelevant 
    Maybe I was worth your while 
    What are you even living for 
    Just give it all up and die 
    Just kidding, or am I 
    You are just a fancy name 
    Only truth among all the lies 
    I can't even describe you 
    No matter, how hard I try 

    Your carnal obsessions 
    Eclipsed all faculties 
    Your thoughts were rotten 
    Repetitively simplistic, often 
    Dead eyes, empty smiles 
    Souless pitch dark skies 
    Blood red unicorns 
    Lighting the clouds alight 
    With the fuel, that is, your life 
    Being used and burned
    In your imaginary plight 


  • arhamadnan 6w

    A mix, A balance 
    You know not 
    When meta becomes reality 
    So then, reality becomes what 
    Do you begin to levitate 
    Above all these robots  
    Imagine, zero gravity 
    Mentally or metaphorically 
    Pun intended, clap now, please 

    As you seek 
    You shall receive 
    HE decides 
    What you deserve 
    A new way, A new world 
    Feel it to believe it 
    Maybe, You don't get it, yet
    Stop with the guesswork
    You don't know what's
    out there, yet
    Think every moment
    Revise your lives 

    Your brain only gets 
    What you can process 
    What you thought was all 
    Was nothing even less 
    Rethink maybe recheck 
    Will I ever overcome
    this persistent stress 
    I ran all my life 
    after this man-made dress 
    All I am left with now
    are complaints and regrets 

    So, let me close my eyes 
    Let me live my life 
    All these thoughts 
    are distractions and lies
    I was sent here to shut up 
    and enjoy 
    So yeah just okay 
    Just let me be 
    Mind your own ways 
    I have got enough
    make-believe woes
    I just want to be happy
    And, I will be happy, as long as you 
    don't compose 
    I will be happy as long as you 
    shut up and bow 
    I will be happy as long as 
    'I don't know' 
    I will be happy 
    I will be happy 
    As long as I get to wear 
    "The Emperor's New clothes" 


  • arhamadnan 6w

    You are afraid 
    To go against, 
    Trusting in what 
    You have been told 
    By people like you 
    Or even worse 
    A bunch of people 
    And their personal rules 
    Being treated like the law 
    A society without a flaw 

    What you see all around 
    Is what you want to see
    The rest of your life
    Living in basic continuity 
    A safe haven community 
    It maintains order 
    Whatever it may be 
    Never bothered 
    To try and scratch 
    What's really underneath 

    Everyone trying hard 
    To fulfill their fantasy 
    Lying and pretending to be 
    What others want them to be 
    Only to portray some sort of 
    Make believe harmony 
    Rotting on the inside 
    Slowly and gradually 
    But I guess it's alright 
    As long as I can afford 
    Whatever I have been told 
    By people who were told 
    Who themselves were told 
    By the ones who came before 
    And so on and so forth
    Whose names nobody even asks 
    And noone will ever know 
    But I know this for sure 
    Whatever it may be 
    It might make me whole 
    Forever in the running 
    To achieve that goal 

    Your feelings are true 
    But your ways are wrong 
    You ask the right questions 
    But your teachers are flawed 
    They makes tall claims 
    They themselves are dwarfs 

    You are unable to see 
    And you are gouging eyeballs 
    You can't even stand straight 
    And you want others to fall 
    You are in it way too deep 
    You can't even see the line 
    The line is a dot 
    Yes, I reference 90's sitcoms 
    Don't you 'like' know me at all 

    Yeah hmmm alright okay 
    Do whatever you please 
    Your existence is troubled
    And you are dabbling in peace 
    Holding on to petty things 
    Wearing trendy or eating right 
    Gollums of the world 
    'Your precious' is worthless 
    In the afterlife 
    Gollum!!! Wait what No way
    Is this related to 'Ghulaam' 
    In any way  

    Well, anyways 
    You don't know any better 
    How can you decide 
    What about other options 
    Deceived by the pre conceived 
    You never gave it a try