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  • ariachez 11w


  • ariachez 11w

    This is actually my answer for a prompt to use pumpkin, nightmare and emoji in a poem. Thus, this is kinda weird ���� Trust me to put drama even in halloween theme post ��

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    Five years ago,
    Mom refused to allow me
    to go to my friend's party,
    Claiming she was busy
    with our own party at home,
    and my youngest sister needs
    a chaperon,
    I climbed to the veranda,
    and watched my sister roam
    around our street
    in blue fairy costume,
    carrying her pumpkin baskets,
    together with her friends,
    of sevens and eights,
    they pushed neighbors' bells
    for some candies to spare.

    I was texting in our group,
    and everyone booed me
    for bailing out,
    I stomped on my way down
    to stairs,
    I was determined
    to call my sister
    back to house,
    from the gate,
    I saw her
    with this man,
    He was wearing emoji mask,
    distributing candies
    to all the kids around,
    Then Cassey called,
    the party organizer,
    and I busied myself
    reasoning out.

    The call ended,
    and nightmare begun,
    I made a friend mad,
    So I shouted for Mary,
    but she was there inside
    that running white van,
    waving at me
    from the back seat,
    beside her is the same man
    distributing candies,
    waiving at me too,
    I ran after them,
    But I was clumsy
    twelve year old girl,
    I ran back to the house,
    and tell my mother,
    When I was asked
    if I read the plate number,
    but all I could remember
    was that emoji man
    waving back.

    I wake up
    to the non-stop tone
    from my cell,
    Sweating from my nightmare,
    I check my messages,
    get my number,
    A bully from college,
    sending all kinds
    of emoji again,
    For an emoji-phobic
    like me is freaking rare.


  • ariachez 11w

    6000+ readers �� Thanks for the love ��

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  • ariachez 11w


  • ariachez 12w


  • ariachez 12w


  • ariachez 12w

    War doesn't start
    with fired bullets,
    it starts with dread
    that shakes your knees
    and makes you utter
    a prayer
    to Gods and saints
    you didn't know before,
    it doesn't end
    with pool of red,
    but with
    dead eyes,
    blank stares,
    and exhaustion
    that doesn't get better
    with rest,
    so if you don't hear
    a gunfire,
    it's wrong to assume
    there isn't a war.

    you don't hear
    the struggle
    of unsaid words
    undressed of voice,
    being buried
    thoughts racing
    to the finish line
    at the edge
    of the cliff,
    paper finding
    not ink
    but cracks on the skin,
    red eyes,
    dead smiles,
    silence itself is war.


  • ariachez 12w

    Well, I don't know if I'm qualified to give these but since I want to join in Mam Carolyn's #ceesadvicechallenge and share some advice that I follow, so here it is:

    (This is long ��)

    1. This one is old but gold. Write for yourself. You should be your own number one fan. You'll never be satisfied with just others praises, until you make yourself happy with your own work. Only then, you'll not be bothered by the number of likes or reposts in your posts. Those will be just bonus in writing. Seek validation from yourself first.

    2. Here in mirakee, I have a set of writers whom I look up to. I try to get their attention by improving my write ups (but of course without forgetting #1 and without tagging them). A repost from them is as big as POD itself for me. They don't know who they are so those are genuine reposts. ��

    3. I learn faster when I am corrected. I actually have trusted grammar critics here. They message me whenever there is something wrong about my posts. I also have some of my posts checked by them. (hi @ashik_k_a ��) Would you believe, that before (around first 300 posts), I had at least 2-3 mistakes in every post. (I hope I have flawless posts now ������.)

    4. Don't sprinkle your work with nosebleeding words. I actually promote some heavy words be mixed with simple ones but just don't do it in every line, every sentence or every phrase. 'Cause seriously, who wants to read with dictionary beside always. There is also this way of writing where you introduce the meaning of the unusual word within its sentence. And I learned a lot of difficult words this way, while reading good novels and poems. Try that style if you want to enrich the vocabulary of your readers.

    5. Show don't tell.
    Tell: She is sad. ❌
    Show: Warm water trickled down her cheeks, seeking refuge in the edge of her lips.✔️
    Incorporate the sense of taste, smell, hear and touch too.

    6. Make sure to write the idea as soon as it strike you. Or say goodbye from it. Write even words or phrase that you think are worth playing in your next write up.

    7. Catch the reader's attention in the first line. Don't wait for 2nd or 3rd line. Not everyone is as patient as you. However, make sure you sustain the beauty of your work all throughout.

    8. Read. Read. Read. (I'm trying too)

    9. Don't force yourself to write (or even read.) Words call you when they need you and vice versa.

    10. Write even if it's lame.

    11. Quit writing if you are just planning to plagiarize others work. Writing is not for you. Seriously, how can someone take credits from others ideas ��

    12. Ask permission first before tagging anyone.

    13. There is no wrong in copying someone's writing style ( I said style not the words). Everyone learns from their favorite writers. But don't be contented of being just their shadow forever. Create a writing style that screams you ��

    14. Fewer words, better. (for me)

    15. Don't create an army of lazy readers. Don't spoonfeed them everything. Let your words make them think.

    16. Let's start giving credits to owners of background pictures we use. They are also artists, like us, that deserve credit.

    17. Don't follow this list or anyone's list if it doesn't suit you. We have our own ways to do things and it's not bad.

    So hope this could help ��

    (I'll update this post whenever I think of new ones to add)

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    Writing advice

  • ariachez 12w

    Inhale. Exhale.

    I focus on my breathing, on the silence of dragging air into my rebellious lungs, on the excruciating act of holding in my breath before slowly exhaling it back. I close my eyes and hear heartbeats resemble raindrops hitting the roof, in my case, hitting my chest. Perhaps, my body knows only one season, rainy days.

    I don't complain anyway. I love rains. Though, I'm hiding in a tattered body, and soon, I'll be soaked.

    I hate explaining. I hate the need to explain why I'm hurting. It's as if this sadness sat with me first and told me why they are squatting inside me. And even if it did, I don't think that's worth storytelling. Being depressed isn't a fiction.

    I try to scourge unstained parts of me, the ones that aren't crazy yet, and put them out for display. But, I'm running low of good parts. Good days are becoming scarce.

    Trust me when I say, storms will be more prominent than sunny days. It starts with these dull words and occasional small rains. Soon, it will drown me, and flood others as well. Would others recognize the need to evacuate?

    Some did. Some will. Eventually, all will flee.


  • ariachez 13w