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  • ariel_writes 18h

    Sometimes I fear that I cannot survive "myself"

  • ariel_writes 2d

    Dear Holmesy,

    I have felt the spirals of rotting anxiety.
    Metaphorised anxiety,sadness and what not
    Talked about it to every non living as livings
    failed me a long time back for the record.

    Been tolled by my own flesh as I'm
    for billions of microcreatures.
    Convinced I'm just a
    serving for the little tactics of my minds
    yet I want to survive and thrive.

    Weird ways to make myself
    none worked, universe is so
    my palms sweat with thoughts of
    I'm nothing ,though an outer of a
    consumed by everything alive inside of me

    I don't wish to walk into RAINBOWS
    You had say we differ here,
    Cause I want to accept I'm the
    tinniest part Of this vastness.
    I will be
    N .
    It doesn't matter if I'm alive or have
    any existence. I will do me.

    The aforesaid are mere WANTS AND WILL
    As reality left me stranded
    the spiral is getting
    With better questions and no answers.



    Book : Turtles all the way down
    Author : John Green
    Genre : Young adult

    @myrrhc @laus_deo @eurus

    #stranded #mybook_xyz #mirakee

    P.S. : I just wanted to play around with structure of poem. :p

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    Dear Holmesy

  • ariel_writes 3d

    Read at your own risk.


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    Breath in

    I tilted my head to left. My heart was thumping at a very low rate. Probably my heart rate was dropping. Very quickly. I fell flat on the ground and I heard
    "lub dub, lub dub" in my ears. That's a sign of high blood pressure not low. My eyes were kind of blurry due to lack of food in my system. And I heard a rumble in my stomach. I could feel sweat on my hands. Suddenly it all stopped. It all just stopped.
    It was the time of a great pause when I heard a scream from outside of my room and then the splash of waist leather belt. And again. And again. And yet again. But here I decided to keep laying down on ground. My lips chapped, lacking every atom of moisture.
    I wanted to move my feet. I really did. But I just couldn't. And then I heard it again. Some smell of smoke found its way through the broken door of my room.
    I could hear it.. Hear her screams because of burning by those cigarettes. I knew how the cigarettes were dipping deep in her skin. I could hear her screams. But no. I didn't move. With my blurry eyes. I decided to just keep laying down here. On ground. Hearing. Knowing. Realising. Everything. But I just couldn't feel. Yes I was numb. I lay here on ground surface of this bath tub. Water flowing in.
    I heard the scream again. This time of a toddler. A wine bottle broke. May be his skin is being carved. I could hear her pleading for mercy. I could hear her calling for me. But I could also hear him. Him, who was telling me thousand and one ways to feed me to animals. I didn't do anything not because I was scared. I just couldn't feel anything. I didn't had to. I had no tears.
    I shifted myself in more comfortable position. I couldn't let anyone bother my sleep. Not in this blanket of water. Her screams, toddlers hiccups and his hollow words started to fade. It made the edges of my lips stretch. A rare sight. So I decided to get more comfortable. It was getting better and better.
    Everything stayed. I faded.


  • ariel_writes 1w

    #five @writersnetwork

    P. S. : my little wrist injury is all good now.
    Thank you for being here ♡♡

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    Space walk

    Moving through the interstellar path, Constantly fearing to fall apart
    Low on the will within
    yet assuring the flow through dark
    As persistence is the key to my survival.


  • ariel_writes 2w

    Thee have ruptured and carved ,still
    Left in blood, in pieces, torn apart.
    Oh adored one ,capture my love ,
    keep it tucked in the warmth of your heart .


  • ariel_writes 2w

    Sooooo I was just looking for some incident or a reason to write this and today this account did hit 500 follower, that's a milestone ,not a big one but enough to let me thank everyone.
    Considering I deleted my first account just before I was about to hit 500. ��

    This post is to celebrate all the ppl I met on this platform.:D

    Let's get this post started :

    @shashagilbert_ : I wanted to leave you as well. I didn't want to let anyone be by my side. No human interaction is what I wanted. I didn't want you to know whatever I m dealing with. And I still don't.
    Not because i don't trust you or not consider you my friend,because you have an important exam coming up and I don't want to put my burden on you. I know you are selfish and all but still I don't want to.
    Nevertheless I'm glad that you stayed by me. This time I didn't hold you back and yet you stayed that's very unlikely of you. So thank you...
    P. S. : I didn't meet you here.:D

    @_hessa_ : I have been reading you from a longgg time. The time you wrote about a top till today. I have read you. You are so so perfect. You write amazing. Your handwriting is dope. And painting *-*
    It's on another level. I never thought you will be the reason that I will stay. Though I came back but I wanted to leave asap. But now, knowing that somebody wants me to stay. I will. So thank you.

    @_sad_ia_quad_ir_ : Gimme some brownie points first for remembering your username . You always write what you feel. You have this amazing talent of expressing yourself . Honestly I don't know you much but thank you for making me stay. And your welcome just made me so so overwhelmed. That now I want to stay a little longer.. So thank you..

    tengoku : Frankly I just missed you. I was worried about ya when I should be clearing my own mess.
    I don't know when we bonded over saste nashes to friends. But I'm glad we did. So Thank you for not forgetting me while I wasn't here.

    @eurus : Sakshi! This cannot be Complete without mentioning you. You were always there all this time.
    Always there when I needed to talk to someone . Pictures of kittens to always brighten up my day "-".
    I guess I have turned to cat person . Send moreeee!
    Hehe. Thank you my friend.

    dandelions : Brotherrrr *-*
    Nothing much to say but your company is one of the best "-"
    Also keep spreading your wisdom.

    sangfroid_soul : Thank you for checking up on me while I wasn't here. It was very very sweet of you.
    Needless to say, you are an amazing writer.

    notyourtype : your optimism is gonna get me blinded some day NYT ��

    @writersnetwork : Thank you for acknowledgement.

    sereiin , shaiz, paintyourlife , _still_in_mess ,purple_, lily_love ,raika, seyfert , Odysseus sir, solivagant7 am_him_forever (kansss) ,Amy, void, laus_deo ,diana ,zohii,croisaant , un_familiar,_krits_,love_whisperer, pranat
    writersbay(your prompts are some of the amazing ones)

    And many more whom I might have forgotten to mention but that doesn't mean I'm any less thank full to anyone else.

    P. S. :
    1. I cannot tag more than 5 ppl so I'm gonna tag in comments. If I forget to tag someone just blame it on my memory.

    2. I haven't mentioned those who have been there on instagram all this time bearing my rants and weird quotes. Again doesn't mean I'm any less thank full to them but I guess most of them are on haitus on mirakee.

    3 special mention to tacenda .

    4. I have taken up painting as a new hobby so here is a picture of one of my paintings :D

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  • ariel_writes 2w

    The generation is so obsessed with "mine"
    That "ours" has lost its value.


  • ariel_writes 2w

    #stitch @mirakee


    Some patches can never be stitched

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    Some things are just too painful to be felt or to be healed from, nothing can stitch back pieces of your heart together.


  • ariel_writes 2w

    тнє тιмє σf υи¢єятαιиту

    Blank minds, unraveled mysteries
    are the cherries of this time cake.
    Minutes, seconds got no control .
    It mocks all clocks as none
    has ever marked this time span .

    Often regareded as white hour
    Has its pieces from all hours.
    Exists little more in your head
    Forces you to the depths
    But insides are dry trench

    None got the power to define it
    It's the mystery of its own kind.
    Sapiens blinded to its existence
    Yet Uncertain time defines
    certainity that bless your liveliness.

    Flecks of indecisiveness ,
    panic attacks and rage
    Marks it in idiosyncratic way.
    It's the time before death.
    It's the time before a great happiness .

    It's the time of υи¢єятαιиту




    @writersbay you wanted us to write about a particular hour or time. But somethings just don't have an hour . For eg, sadness, it can just make itself at home anytime.

    So I wrote this for that uncertain yet certain time Span.
    I hope you like it.

    @sangfroid_soul @seyfert
    @_still_in_mess @laus_deo

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    тнє тιмє σғ υи¢єятαιиту


  • ariel_writes 3w

    I'm lacking words.
    Probably because
    They aren't considered
    Mine in this universe.



    @writersbay I hope you like it

    @laus_deo @paintyourlife

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    In my abyss of sadness,
    He threw a stone in
    Yonder darkness.
    Heard muffled screams
    His feet froze .
    Nevertheless abyss
    It just grew..