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  • ariellak 7w

    I was blind

    I never saw the truth
    Behind your lies
    When you said love you
    I could never read between the lines.

    I was blind...

    I used you as my walking stick
    To guide me through life
    But Darling, you guided me
    To the wrong side.

    Day in and day out
    I loved you with out a doubt
    Until I found out
    I was fooled by you.

    I found was blind

    But no more will i fall for you

  • ariellak 7w

    Word prompt;
    A three word short write up on forward

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    Keep on walking

  • ariellak 7w

    What you put me through

    You want me to stand beside you
    And say "I do"...
    All of this after what you put me through.

    The nights you come home
    To drunk to even walk straight.

    The nights you come home and beat me cause to you
    It was" OKAY"!!!

    You hurt me so much I never wanted to show my face.

    And now you want me to stand beside you and say"I do"...
    And you want me to to believe you'll always stay true...

    You want me to walk down the aisle
    With you and spend the rest of my life with just me and you
    Well I don't think that will do
    Not after what you put me through

  • ariellak 7w

    Your touch your kiss
    Where does one begin
    All the love that you hold
    Is filling that empty ness inside me

    1,2,3step;1,2,3step you've
    Filled me with love once

  • ariellak 7w

    Tears from the sky

    My eyes are dry
    But their tears falling from the sky
    My heart is broke from lossing the love I loved the most

  • ariellak 9w

    I may not have the scars on my body to speak for me, but the emotions I have can not be spoken clearly,

    But as I write these words
    These twist and twirls
    Brakes the barriers that stop me

    My pen
    Speaks for me

  • ariellak 9w

    #Not everything you see is what it seems to be.

    Have you ever sat or stood somewhere and watch the people walk by and wonder????
    What is the story behind their lives

    Are the smiles on their faces true happiness or a sign of fear???

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    Behind closed doors

    Door open,
    Plates are smashing
    Glasses are clashing

    In the clutches of your hands
    I no more understand where I stand
    In your life

    In front of the public eye your smile blinds what happens behind closed doors,where your true colours come out

    The monster comes to play i'm left to dance to the devils tune

    What goes on behind closed doors

    Nobody knows


  • ariellak 11w

    #loving someone beyond all boundaries.

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    End of time

    I'll walk with you
    Till the end of time
    I'm not saying it will be easy
    But I know we'll be fine

    I will walk with you
    Where the sky meets the seas
    To a place where we'll both make history

    Where we'll be remembered for
    Our kindness, faithfulness and loyalty

    We'll climb the highest mountains,
    We'll both swim the seven seas
    And together we'll be
    Forever and eternity...

  • ariellak 11w

    As our souls depart
    Our journey must end
    But our time we shared
    Will always be there
    A moment of silence
    Once again
    A moment of silence
    But for now
    We both have our own
    New adventures to begin.

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    A moment of silence

    Put your feelings aside
    Chase our love has died
    And give me a moment of
    silence to look into your eyes
    As we say good bye.

  • ariellak 11w

    Forgotten love

    I played around with you and many hearts
    So honestly, now that you gone I don't know where to start
    I lost the love I loved the most
    To all our memories i give a toast