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  • arifawrites 16h

    People may come
    And go in your life
    But their memories
    Remains forever...

  • arifawrites 1d


    From happiest HAI
    To saddest GOODBYE
    Time changes everything...

  • arifawrites 2d

    Of all the uplifting, ennobling
    thoughts you can dwell upon,
    none is more powerful than this:
    that you are the master of your own mind,
    the author of your own character,
    and thus the maker of your own destiny..

  • arifawrites 4d


    The most important moments
    In our life often occurs when you
    Least expect and you never know how much They have changed you and when you look back, you will definetly fall in love with Those beautiful moment's...

  • arifawrites 4d

    It is better to leave
    When you are continuously
    Making an effort
    But it doesn't matter to them
    They don't even show a sign

  • arifawrites 5d


    A silent war has begun
    Where no one can understand
    Except you and me...

  • arifawrites 1w


    May be the day you
    Realize it will be too late
    End of our story...

  • arifawrites 1w

    If you could have understood
    The reason
    Behind my caring then you
    Could have never treated
    Me like an option..

  • arifawrites 1w


    It is not your company
    Neither your looks nor
    Your touch never let me
    Felt unsecured
    Its your words did that

  • arifawrites 2w

    I thought you are my
    Beautiful TRUTH
    But you became my
    Painful LIE.