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  • arilaos 14w

    You learned what smiling looks like. You learned how beautiful it makes you. You learned that this thing is a gun. A gun with a suppressor attached to it. You learned to listen a dude who owns a galaxy himself. A galaxy with a sun as bright and warm as this smile is.

  • arilaos 15w

    Never met the One who made me look precious. I was never there. Keep my warm words and listen to this prayer. Keep on rollin' boo. Diamonds are made under high pressures.

  • arilaos 36w

    You see how it feels?

  • arilaos 38w

    I found you tangled in my dreamcatcher this morning.

  • arilaos 38w

    The tiger and the lion may be more powerful. But the wolf does not perform in the circus.

  • arilaos 38w

    Do what wolves and fire do best. Surprise them when they least expect it.

  • arilaos 39w

    Cool. Severly injured inside though.

  • arilaos 41w


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    Day 408

    I've reached the point where nothing that I can possibly write about you describes you the most.

  • arilaos 41w

    J'ai besoin de vous

  • arilaos 41w

    Stranded in the open
    Dried out tears of sorrow
    Lacking all emotion
    Staring down the barrel waiting for the final gates to open
    To a new tomorrow
    Moving with the motion
    Following the light that sets me free.