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  • armaanmalik 176w

    She said , " You know you deserve better , right!?"
    He smiled and replied , " Yes , I do know that , but do you know why am I so fortunate ?"
    She was baffled and asked , " Why ?"
    He said , " Becuase even though I deserve better I got the best "
    And that's how it started .
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 177w

    As vulnerable as you might feel to share the broken bits of your untold story, do it because it's worth it !
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 178w

    Those dark clouds paced while whispering something,
    It wasn't the same cliche romances or anything. 
    I watched them as they passed by ,
    Languidly they covered me which made me sigh ,
    Was it a sigh of relief or sigh of pain I don't know ,
    I wondered did I want them to go.
    My shine suddenly seemed gloomy ,
    Blotting millions of memory .
    I saw those who smiled at my fainted shine ,
    While there were some with a total changed face line .
    But those dark clouds wanted something else and I watched them as they passed by ,
    Yet again I had a sigh .
    Was it a sigh of relief or sigh of pain I don't know.,
    I still wondered did I want them to go.
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 179w

    This exactly when we broke up ...

    That night just like any other normal night, dad watching tv and my mom in her deep sleep . I thought everything was just normal until I watched the clock , it stood at 1 am a time I usually would be snoring aloud but not tonight . I rolled from one end of the bed to another trying to find a position comfortable enough for me to sleep but in vein . I watched the clock tick second by second , minute by minute and hour by hour . It was about 2: 16 am now but I still couldn't sleep . I realised it had struck me ... I dreaded this day ... I thought it never would but there it was ... I couldn't move on . I just went out to get my phone and ended up doing the thing I thought i wouldn't... I started scrolling through our old conversations .. I saw those infinite hearts striking again and again and again , I saw my promises of always loving you and your promises of never leaving me ... I laughed at them but with a sigh ... I knew the promises had faded with time and distances and were now impossible to fathom . Yup I sometimes borrow my friend's phone to see your account , check if you are fine . It was now 3:30 am , the time we exactly broke up ... I have had that same conversation in my head repeat hundred times thinking what could I have said differently and regretting each word I said ... i was trapped in this very second for the past few months ...But what could I have said .... mmm ... i dont know ... all I know is it was 3:30 am.... and this is exactly when we broke up!

  • armaanmalik 183w


    What are we !? Just a grain of sand in this worldly desert !
    #Be Humble
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 183w

    You know what's ironical, we are the best judge of our potential but at the same time we are worst at judging it!
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 188w


    Lost in the woods,
    He found himself .
    Twinkle of the stars ,
    Darkened the city spark .
    Walking along the shore of the sea ,
    He learnt again how to breathe .
    Sleeping with the cricket's voice ,
    He forgot about the construction noise .
    Now he had that wanderlust
    Which made him forget the city dust .

    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 188w

    The day you love someone ,
    Is the day you loose yourself !
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 191w

    Life is a Titanic
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒

  • armaanmalik 191w

    I tried to walk into light again ,
    But your shadow continued to follow!
    - ThatCrazywriter ✒