seeking no perfection over my mind

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  • arolina 8w


  • arolina 8w


    It jumps still,
    It moans still,
    It beats still,
    When it sees your swollen eyes.
    It aches still,
    It curses still,
    It yearns still,
    When it wishes that you were mine.

  • arolina 9w


    I hold you and things go wrong.

  • arolina 13w

    I apologize for not stopping when I should have.
    I have punctured a lot of hearts in the way

  • arolina 13w

    Stop Claiming Words you made.
    Once it's out there, they are open to all
    Open to all kinds of interpretation they find fit
    They are limitless.

  • arolina 13w

    John Greene

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    I want to scream until all my bones break.
    -Will Grayson

  • arolina 14w

    I have romanticized sand stroms.
    What more there to toxic people?

  • arolina 15w

    From where do you get courage and such audacity to defeat your own self?

  • arolina 15w

    People do terrible things for their own fucked up reasons.

  • arolina 16w

    Dear World

    Dear World, I am afraid.
    For entertaining the possibility of
    Never stepping out of the house like before.
    Not only because of the dangerous air,
    For now it’s the humanity that got me scared.

    Dear World, I am afraid.
    To turn on the TV and be flashed by something,
    I was not prepared for.
    For now the soothing silent sea have gained its rage again.
    The wind once filled with fragrance is firing,
    Is cursed with worm rains.

    Dear World, I am afraid.
    To step out in the world, for I might get raped.
    Physically, mentally, sexually or
    Merely for the skin color I possess.
    That I will be exploited even after my death.
    Ruthlessly in the dilemma of their language.
    For I was “Fed” the poison, or I simply “ate”.
    Dear world, I am afraid.