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  • arshiyamittal 2w

    You are the best companion to yourself,
    Trust only yourself and be like an arranged book shelf.
    Many monsters will come your way to stop and distract,
    But make sure you are not a magnet for monsters but be a magnet to yourself and attract.
    At the end you are left with no one by your side,
    Be that person who will be a warrior sitting alone on a roller coaster ride.

  • arshiyamittal 6w

    Do comemnt if you liked it!
    First time hindi poetry��

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    यह ठंडा मौसम, यह बादलो में छुपा सूरज हमारा,
    यही ह ठंड का मौसम, यही है सबका सुनाना।
    यह गरम चाय पीने के दिन, यह औस से बीछी चादर जो करदे सबको भिन्न।
    दुपहर में निकलती सूरज की किरने, ठनदक देती यह किरने।
    हर किसी को ह अपना रस्ता चुनना, एह इन्सान क्यूं ह तू पीछे मुडके देखता?
    भड़ता चला जा इस औस में तू, कर अपने सपने सारे पूरे तू।

  • arshiyamittal 6w


    Kuch ankhaein si baatein hai,
    Kuch ankhaein se jasbat hai.
    Kya pta hum kab ghum ho jaye is kaale samandar mein,
    Kuch toh humare andar bhi baat hai

  • arshiyamittal 11w


    Let me tell you all one secret,
    We write poetries to express love, feelings or regret.
    Our words bleed in form of poetry,
    That makes it look like beautiful pottery.
    Shhhh!! Don't tell this secret to anyone,
    Deep inside we know that we are now done.

  • arshiyamittal 12w


    It was all about one day,
    Things changed and no one stayed.
    I was right all way,
    I hope someday i will get the hope ray.
    It seems that it's a small thing, people saying me not to think,
    But have you wondered how it feels when you are right but then also people thinks that you stink?
    I pray to god to be atleast be kind to me one day,
    I pray to god please be my side for a day and just stay.

  • arshiyamittal 12w

    It's okay to sometimes unhide emotions and let things go!!

  • arshiyamittal 12w


    Kitna ajeeb hai na log aate h aur kuch na kuch sabak seekha ke jate hai,
    Kitne ajeeb hai na hume sab pta hota h koi nahi h apna yahan, lekin phir bhi yeh dil manta hi nahi hai.
    Ajeeb toh yeh h humhe yehi nahi pta kaun apna h kaun nahi,
    Ajeeb toh yeh h humhe yeh bhi nahi pta kya galat h kya sahi.
    Zindagi hai hi aisi jo jhatke de de ke chalati hai hume,
    Zindagi hai hi aisi jo bohot kuch sikhati h hume.


  • arshiyamittal 16w


    Sometimes it's better to let things go,Sometimes it's better to let your heart feel that one devastating explosion,
    Sometimes it's better to unhide your emotions.

  • arshiyamittal 17w

    Lucky charm

    You are my man , you are my lucky charm,
    What i want is to always lay on your arm.
    You are my strength , you are my power,
    Oh! My man i want to stand and shout your name on the tower.
    You have been there with me everytime,
    You know you are the reason to my poems rhyme.

  • arshiyamittal 18w


    Maybe i can forget you ,maybe i can forget your all mistakes,maybe i can forget your rude behaviour,
    But how can i forget those harsh memories that you gave me but thank you for making me a saviour.