Lost in own World of galaxies and cosmic♥

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  • artbylove 10w

    #living #writers #artbylove
    L I V I N G ♥️

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    When you can love people,
    Make friendship and bond,
    When you can be someone's smile,
    Share Warmth, Have Trust,
    Make fun and Have lame Jokes,
    Where you can fight,
    Then accept or understand,
    Somewhere in between all of these,
    Amongst all of these ♥️

  • artbylove 10w


    Her heart was in Fragments the day he left to the other world.

  • artbylove 10w


    Don't trade humanity in the name of Religion.

  • artbylove 10w

    You never know

    You never Know what the next moment has for You,
    Will you win or lose,
    Will you achieve that dream of yours,
    You never know
    Whether that girl will accept your love,
    Or your parents will accept your decision,
    But you know you have Now,
    Live here and put your efforts here.
    Why worry about that unknown
    Which is not in your control.

  • artbylove 10w

    And there was

    A TERRIBLE past he had,
    But ALSO some Good moments,
    He was always giving and loving,
    No matter what he went through,
    A good proportion of Self-control,
    But also Male Ego and self respect,
    He knew when to use which,
    He met her who shared same energy as his,
    And there was TRANSFORMATION.

  • artbylove 10w


    It was just past or memory

  • artbylove 10w

    #writers #words #mirakee
    As simple as this ��

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    Good relationship doesn't happen because
    Two mind reader come together,
    They happen because
    Two people communicate
    Directly and clearly.

  • artbylove 11w

    It is Magic'

    Love isn't decisive,
    No you don't decide & love,
    It Just happens,
    But wait I ain't talking about lust,
    No no not at all.
    Love is a pure feeling,
    Where you are the most selfish selfless person,
    You make them happy so that you become happy,
    You given them all the joy and Power,
    You are ready to do anything and everything for them,
    Their smile is precious for you,
    Seeing them cry Breaks you,
    Oh My God....
    There must be something magical in this feeling,
    How can you be so close to a stranger,
    And remain close always.
    Love is MAGICAL ♥️

  • artbylove 11w

    That Energy

    No I ain't an Atheist,
    But Yes I don't believe in God.
    I believe in that energy,
    Something which rules the world,
    Each and every matter and molecule here,
    I believe in that power
    Which overpowers everything,
    Which is uncontrollable and nonstoppable,
    I believe in that cosmic energy beyond
    Galaxies and universes.

  • artbylove 12w

    #quarantine #revive #survive
    Stay Home. Stay Safe. ❤

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    Then & Now

    Earlier Revive was to going out in Nature,
    And Now
    It's staying inside your house to Survive.