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  • artist_without_art 3w

    This is my first collaboration with the lovely and talented @colourfulgreys .It's from the perspective of an insomniac.
    The first part is mine and second is hers
    Credits to @mirakee_ki_naanima for the prompt


    Insomnia Diaries

    I am enervated to the core,
    Yet when I lie to sleep,
    I toss and turn
    And get not a wink ;
    I squeeze my eyes tight,
    And count sheep and goats and cows,
    I pace throughout the house,
    I search for ways to sleep,
    Yet not a single one works ,
    My brain threatens to shut down
    But my body disagrees;

    I turn to my pen ,
    I drown my misery in the page,
    I form word after word ,
    Though I don't know what they mean;
    At dawn my body shuts down
    I catch a few hours of fitful sleep ,
    Old nightmares still accompany me ;
    I wake up foggy and disconcerted ,
    I read what I wrote ,
    It makes sense, but only to me ,
    To you , it sounds esoteric ,
    At odd hours I fall asleep ;
    They don't get me,
    They say I'm orphic..


    These fitful sleepless nights
    A remnant of my all my strifes
    Which alone I faced
    Have left me so dazed
    Anxiety ripped me torn
    I feel secluded and so lorn.

    Yet I know I'll bounce back
    Attain the peace which my soul does lack
    I'm thinking about ways
    I can resurrect my days
    Meditating and eating right
    Sharing with my pen all my plight
    Adopting a stray dog from my street
    Turned out to be the sweetest treat
    My sleep cycle improving now
    I'm smiling and my words show how
    With positive thinking and God's grace
    All my demons I can face !


    @mirakee_ki_naanima @mirakee_ki_daadima @mirakee_ke_nanaji

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    Insomnia Diaries

  • artist_without_art 4w


    Silence sounds like ,
    The furtive glances we shared
    Not a word spoken,
    But we both knew
    What the other meant;
    Silence sounds like,
    All the confessions
    on my mind,
    That I could never voice;
    Silence sounds like
    Inexorable farewell,
    That snatched you from me;
    Silence sounds like
    All the words left unsaid,
    In our moments that will never return ;
    Silence sounds like
    The nostalgia of
    What we had,
    And musings of
    What we could have been..

  • artist_without_art 4w

    The loss

    The sky burnished the Ganges
    like an inflamed owl;
    The lights shone
    with a shy sparkle
    At the edge sat a lone boy;
    Lamenting his loss;
    He missed her soft voice,
    Her inopportunate concern
    Which once vexed him;
    The way she cared without
    Ever expecting anything;
    He regretted not being able
    To listen to her last words,
    To hold her hand one last time,
    To steal a last glance,
    He felt a gaping hole in his chest,
    Even mere existence seemed taxing;
    Why must he go on ?

  • artist_without_art 6w

    I used words in horizontal O

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    Life is a canvas,
    Though, not blank,
    Add colours to redesign ,
    In the midst of darkness,
    You can find light;
    In misery you can find hope,
    Embittered you may be ,
    Feel it deeply and let it go;
    When you are down ,
    Stop and smell the flowers,
    Let's fill our days with gaiety;
    Don't let the winter shatter your soul.

  • artist_without_art 7w


    Same emotions repeat ,
    The drudgery of each day hails,
    Where I fail to distinguish
    one from the next;
    Like a bystander,
    I watch life pass by,
    I watch you fall in
    And fall out of love;
    I see you meeting people,
    As we drift away each day,
    Selfishly, I wish to
    Keep you to myself
    In the bubble we once had;
    Even though I know you are
    Better off this way;
    Once I knew you the best
    Now I don't know you anymore;
    Everyday you are a little different
    From the previous;
    I strech my hand to you
    But it meets nothingness
    I don't know what to say anymore
    Do you even want me to ?

  • artist_without_art 8w

    What if

    Our tragedy flashes
    Again in my dreams;
    What ifs hog my mind
    What if we were brave ?
    Is the question I ponder
    Over and over;
    But maybe it's the good times
    That we remember,
    What about the bad times?
    What if we were
    just a disaster averted?


  • artist_without_art 10w

    Broken bond

    I wanted to repair
    Our broken bond,
    But can it be revived ?
    I typed a message
    But I couldn't hit send
    You keep sending
    Meaningless messages,
    Clinging to the
    identity we share;
    But what if that identity
    Has ceased to be my sole focus?
    Could we return to what we were ?
    Will we still be same?

  • artist_without_art 12w

    Courtesy to Roger Waters for the part of the lyrics "Lunatic is in my head " from the song Brain damage of Pink Floyd
    #cees_dsm_chall #writersnetwork #mirakee #lyricprompt

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    Lunatic is in my head,
    I go through the day,
    Acknowledging its presence,
    Somedays it remains silent;
    Somedays it roars with rage,
    Somedays it trembles,
    Somedays it whispers stories,
    Never quite feasible,
    Should I keep them or discard?
    Which side do I take ?
    None and all ,
    That I can say;
    I may tell you its tale;
    But would you believe?
    Love it or hate
    It's here to stay..

  • artist_without_art 12w

    An ode to you

    Everyday I see you,
    You seem so close,
    Yet miles away;
    I can almost touch you
    But never really;
    Everyday I realise,
    How ineffable
    your beauty truly is ,
    Sometimes I wonder,
    If you are aware of it;
    Words, I love dearly,
    Yet they pale in your comparison;
    No matter the time,
    No matter your mood,
    Your charm forever
    Reigns supreme..

  • artist_without_art 12w

    Missed call

    It has been too long;
    I opened the diary
    I saw all the poems
    I'd penned for you
    Your beauty sketched
    In words inadequate;
    The sunflower you had given
    Stuck between the pages
    Now withered and crumpled;
    Your name scribbled
    Multiple times over,
    Like a mantra;
    All the memories came
    Rushing in,
    Memories that I'd blocked out;
    All the first times,
    Why does it somehow
    seem trivial?
    The diary is redolent of
    The once requited love..