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  • artlock 4d


    White paper scanned my old pic.
    Vibrant variations of green colour made a beam of lights were scattered through my face.
    Pappu Vala,Store keeper press numeric buttons in order to get high accuracy.
    The scanned version came to down box.
    But it's not have my face.
    Where i lost my face?

    Glittering glass equipped to blue whisky.
    Cubic ice cubes made accompany to it.
    My little heart is so hot and thursty.
    Made it cool,Cool like Himalaya.
    Brown,White&Black cigars created a smog of divinity to my room.
    I bring the temple into my single room.

    The book of revelation which i read yesterday
    Talks about the eternity and salvation.
    The man of 666 is on the way to home land.
    Second faceless Messiah will come to earth.
    A bunch of faceless angels preach hallelujah.
    The coverless,colourless book of final judgment
    Which was kept inside the cave of Egdon Heath
    Got rejuvenated in final days of judment.

    World order is completely in orderless.
    Trump,Putin,Xi & Narendra everyone having an unnamed agendas of new world order.
    Earlier 16 Ladan's came,and around 21 Hussein's.
    I don't know which is real and fake?
    Art of plagiarism spread like a wild fire.
    Which createdba fire beam in all continents.
    Blood of anicent Jew mixed with Brahminical blood
    Created a new Jihad in Islam.
    Living God's and walking babas multiplies
    in each moment for a malice world.

    I went with another I of mine towards mirror.
    I checked my face with another of mine.
    But there where no face of our I's.
    I searched in Google,crores of faces came
    Towards me as a full data of biometric.
    But i didn't find my face?
    Finally i installed a new face.
    Again got xeroxed again with stolen face.

  • artlock 1w

    Feeling ഒരു തരം മടുപ്പ്

  • artlock 2w

    If i started ignoring someone it can be the way to that person's cemetery.

  • artlock 2w


    Un free souls ignited by the sparks of enlightenment.
    Each time the bounded box carries more belongings to prevent heaviness.
    Heaviness became headiness,
    Headiness become Blindness,
    Blindness transforms to madness.
    Soul should be free from all manipulative powers.
    The manipulative powers can be malicious.
    Fowl shit becomes the holy food,
    Where humans got slashed into pieces.
    We all lives to fulfill our stomach.
    A real war between big stomach and small stomach.
    A rounded rotti throwed in the waste bin,
    Moved to the salivary gland of someone else.

  • artlock 3w

    Love flows through the needle of life.

  • artlock 3w

    ജീവിതമെന്ന സൂചിക്കുഴയിലൂടെ പ്രണയം പകച്ച്‌ നില്ക്കുന്നു.

  • artlock 3w

    Thank you

  • artlock 3w

    An open letter to SS

    Mine soul is in your hands.We met like strangers.The period was too darky and blackish.I don't even think that we will be this much close like a paper attached to glue.Yes, I don't even think of fall in love with you.Yes, it happened with the flow.Our vibe is so unique.Always you asked me, Why you loves me this much? Now I'm telling you the reason.You know, always we fight, that each fights we both really enjoyed a lot.It's the 5 th fight in our relationship.Yeah, the highest fight in duration.It's going to be 50 hrs.These 50 hrs literally my body was on this earth.But my soul is in your hands.Yeah from outside i tried a lot to be normal.I skipped my meals.I cried day & night.I always sit in the same chair on same corner by remembering our past moments.A 50 hrs feels like a 50 years.My nostril nerves got heavily pained.Blood flawed through the hands but i didn't took any pills.I can't drink or smoke because i gave you the promise.It all happened that last night.My funny prank became the reason for my own destruction.Dear Mirakee, tell her to come back.I need her back.I need my little cutie Munni.We both know we don't have any reason to fight.200 message.Around 100 miss calls.Mirakke tell her that now I'm a dead walking corpse.Tell her to give back my soul.

  • artlock 3w

    മരണത്തിനായി മരണത്തെ പുൽകുന്നു.

  • artlock 3w

    Grazing death for death.