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  • artolulope 4w

    "All of my life, I have desired peace, stillness and a quieting of mind and the reflections thereof" _REFLECTIONS OF A GOD GONE MAD

    Anike Ade, finding a woman like you has given me these and more.
    It's a year already babe. Cheers to that little gesture that changed everything. I LOVE YOU ��

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    I met this lady
    Dressed in full amour of strength
    The aura of her presence drips like gold
    Her eyes harbour fire - the kind that burns but also makes gold to shine in glamour
    She's carved so beautifully that one could journey to a new world on her frame
    Her glow was made to agree with that of the sun
    She walks the runway majestically with her own rules
    Her hair dances around like trees under the waves of blissful nights
    Her lips sing of honeyed-seal of tender affection
    She is a Treasure Box worth discovering
    She's a Queen who drips like gold


  • artolulope 10w


    Hey you, come here!
    Let's get naked, all night
    You and I, as bare as a newly born
    Dead to the consciousness around

    But first,
    Let's get sozzled in the heat of the moment
    Till we become too feeble to run
    From realities of yesteryears

    And then,
    We'll slowly take off our garments of pride
    And do away with our mantle of lordliness
    For this is just our private session

    Let's get naked, all night
    Let's make words in perfect harmony
    Be my midwife and I yours
    Until freedom becomes our new song


  • artolulope 11w

    Anike Ade

    Titilayo lewa oyato, o lewa o yo gedegbe
    Ka pupa ka tun maa dan
    Ka rewa ka tun wa maa da gojo gojo
    Oju rente bi ti angeli

    Modupeoluwa, ab'ete bi t'afara oyin
    Iwa re dara pupo, ogbon re jinle o tun ta yo
    Eleyinju ege. Oyinbo orioke temi nikan
    Eyin enu re dani lo'run, erin re wuni pupo
    Anike mi to fi gbogbo ara s'ewa

    Titi l'ogbon, Titi niwa, Titi layo
    Labalaba mi ba l'ododo Titi, awon ododo to ku n binu
    Ewo le ni ki labalaba mi o tun se
    Anike Ade, ewa re wu mi jojo
    Ife re ti gba gbogbo okan mi
    Si'lekun okan re funmi, mo fe wole


  • artolulope 12w


    Thinking of you is an act I've come to master; beholding your beautiful face is an art I've come to cherish and adoring your charming eyes is a life I've come to love.

    Your eyes habour every good thing I've ever cherished. Right in your eyes there's strength and hope, there's an unquenchable fire and tranquil, there's peace and love and there's a god - all in your eyes.


  • artolulope 20w


    She is art in every sense of the word
    In the abstract shape of her mind
    In the rainbow canvas that is her heart
    In the hues of her eyes
    In the strokes of her laugh
    In the frame of her body

    She's emerged from fog and smog alike
    She's been broken and burnt but reborn through the ashes
    You look at her and it feels right to behold
    O what art she makes when she smiles!
    Little wonder one feels so drawn to her

    Like the rainbow, she's Adorable,
    Like the jungle king, she's Tough,
    She's everything Modest
    She's naturally Versatile

    She's Art!


  • artolulope 24w


    Dear Mother,
    Thank you for the harsh and mild corrections
    Thank you for the numerous life lessons
    Thank you for the ceaseless prayers
    Thank you for the many sacrifices
    Thank you for now and always

    I wish you happiness
    I wish you peace of mind
    I wish you sound health
    I wish you long life

    Happy Birthday to you
    My Teacher and Friend
    I Love You!


  • artolulope 25w


    I knew you're a treasure to behold from the very moment I set my eyes on you. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine having a chat with you talk not of an oral conversation with you.

    Your beauty, wisdom and intelligence are topnotch.
    No regret whatsoever knowing you.
    You're such an amazing being and you truly deserve the best the universe has to offer.

    Today, and as always, I celebrate a Unique Treasure
    I celebrate beauty, I celebrate passion
    I celebrate hardwork, I celebrate Success.
    I celebrate a zealous goal-getter

    Adesoro, T. M. Victoria
    Today, I join the universe to wish you
    A birthday as beautiful and amazing as you

    Cheers to the New Year


  • artolulope 35w


    The cleansing began here with me!


  • artolulope 35w




  • artolulope 35w


    The moment you feel your guard is too tight
    And you decide to let down your guard a bit
    You become vulnerable
    And this heralds the beginning of your end