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  • aru_koundinya 1w

    today, I decided to write,
    to write something,
    something beautiful,
    something out of my heart;

    I was way too anxious as a person,
    who could never sit and get her thoughts still,
    don't know what exactly changed me,
    but the change has happened for real;

    I'm sitting and writing today,
    remembering those little guesteurs,
    which almost took years for me to consider,
    consider it to be a part of my routine;

    the practice of thanks giving,
    the practice of loving people,
    the practice of being forgiving,
    has changed my life more than I ever thought;

    these little practices have changed me,
    as an individual,
    these little practices have changed a lot,
    as if I'm a new born;

  • aru_koundinya 4w

    going through the deepest scars,
    realizing the scariest truths,
    questioning about the existence maybe,
    opened the eyes half asleep;

    lockdown has almost come to an end,
    surely not the pause in my life,
    have got no idea, what's happening with the state of mind,
    so, forgive me if I'm rude;

    don't know whether to be grateful or not,
    don't know where I were right or wrong,
    don't know whether to consider myself as good or bad,
    all I know is to live and survive for the day;

    work is happening all from home,
    meets are happening all through calls,
    people I was thought would stay forever are now not,
    because, I realized that nobody but me is gonna stay till end;

    I no more hate no people,
    I no more regret for any of my wrongs,
    I no more cry for people who left,
    all I care is for the peace within;

    I absolutely have no idea if this happened for good,
    but this really have changed me, I never thought it would,
    I've now become a person of positivity and blissful thoughts,
    you know, this pandemic has changed me lot;

    © aru_koundinya

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  • aru_koundinya 8w

    I was never that person who used to sleep during noon,
    but have got no idea what made me sleep till there was a moon;

    crept to the shower,
    hoping she wouldn't follow me there,
    but found her there in no time,
    and trust me this is true;

    her presence used to comfort me,
    but now it was like a storm,
    I tried to escape most of the times,
    but you know who won every time;

    went to the gathering with super fresh mind,
    hoping people celebrate me though,
    everybody praised her and not me,
    jealousy was real through;

    I tried to run away from that mad girl,
    though she supported me the most,
    nothing really stopped me from hating her,
    you know, the reasons though;

    though she was next to me most of the times,
    I didn't know how she looked,
    I've played a hell lot of games,
    but you know who won everytime;

    finally found some pictures of her,
    most of them were unclear you know,
    frustrated me went to the mirror,
    and the magic just happened;

    then realized that I was changed,
    but the shadow never let me go,
    mostly I was meant to be the same,
    is what my reality taught me through;

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  • aru_koundinya 10w

    I once existed in your thoughts,
    in your feelings and in your heart,
    things didn't work the way we thought it would,
    universe didn't let us feel the way we should;

    do you remember the days?
    my eyes shining looking into yours,
    do you remember the days?
    my absence made you loose your temper;

    maybe we were so much into each other,
    maybe we were lost in the world which never existed before,
    maybe we should have had plans for the future,
    maybe then we could have handled this situation better;

    with the tears streaming down my face,
    me begging myself to cut off all the fondness,
    promising myself to just hold and be strong,
    the beautiful, strange yet significant feeling was almost dead;

    I once existed in your thoughts,
    in your feelings and in your heart,
    things didn't work the way we thought it would,
    universe didn't let us feel the way we should;

  • aru_koundinya 10w

    Let me start narrating the story of two people from different background, and the living maybe, they got to meet each other in the same college, I just don't wanna elaborate on the same. Let me come to the point now, the way they got to know about each other was weird, I don't really think it was a good beginning.

    Days passed, may be because of the circumstances or of the environment they started conversing and became friends in no time. Their mentality matched, interests, hobbies, thoughts, ideas were almost same. Obviously in no time they became each other's priority. They never bothered about the people around because they literally cared for them, they were never bored of each other and the bond grew stronger and stronger every day.

    After college, time flew, distance started mattering now, they never dreamt of it though. It was now the next important part of their lives, priorities started to change, may be because of over possessiveness or whatever, they started hating each other's new friends. Maybe this is where they went wrong, obviously they both were of same type and ego never let them speak to each other.
    Initially they got many more friends, told themselves that they were happy, but deep within the sparkle was missing, it was not as easy as they thought.

    Years passed, anger lessened, btw how can they even pretend to hate each other, when they really don't. Number of reasons doubled to talk to each other now.

    Finally the day has come, one of them called the other to ask about something and in no time they started fighting for not taking initiative to end the fight(which was for a stupid reason).
    The conversation went for hours and hours and the tears flew on their cheeks without their own knowledge. You know, the vibe of some people are so, they can never be replacable. The conversation was very warm and very very warm.

    They then started conversing every day, you know just like the old days. People around literally told them not to trust too much, but who could even stop?

    Now the situation is completely different, just positivity, happiness and the cheerfulness all around.
    They now support each other in every step, may be good or bad. No jealousy, no possessiveness, no nothing, just the purest form of friendship.

    Sometimes it's easy to let people go but after some days it's harder than we ever thought.

    What was it all for? The pain? The sadness? The weird silence? The dark night thoughts? They should have spoken to each other right? Why didn't they do? What did it really fetch? Just nothing.

    Every minute they choose to obsess things that have happened is the moment they've lost in the present.
    However, if it is meant to be forever, it'll be forever.

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  • aru_koundinya 13w

    I know I sound completely weird or irrelevant after reading the title, but yes, I mean it.
    Social media is more of negativity, being on a social media platform or being an addict I'm not allowed to say this is what you are thinking right now I guess.

    You are absolutely right but yes, social media is just the reflection of your dream life but not the life you are leading now. Your perspective of life is changing by viewing the stories of people unknown, your mental health is getting spoilt. I spoke to a couple of people about this and realized that social media is being toxic these days, let's not talk about negative part but try to find the solutions anyhow.

    Reasons why social media is being toxic?
    ◆We, the people are expecting the response the way we anticipate it.
    ◆It is the eco-chamber.
    ◆We are uploading stories about the things happening around, but not really taking any measures.
    ◆We are seeking attention.
    ◆We are forgetting ourselves, not knowingly but the way around.
    ◆We act as we care, but we really don't.

    Let's try to bring some change, here are some of my views regarding it.
    ◆We should be real in this reel life.
    ◆Accept the way you live.
    ◆Unfollow the people you don't like or who isn't good for your mental state.
    ◆Be yourself, you cannot fool people for a long span of time.
    ◆Have healthy conversations, let's stop gossiping.
    ◆Stop judging people by their posts or stories.
    ◆Nobody really cares about the number of people you are following or who follows you, let's be sensible.
    ◆Spread positivity.
    ◆Say what you mean, mean what you say, just be real.

    Let's not just talk about the change, let's be the change, let's try to bring some amount of positivity in people's life.
    Because, everybody is in it, but nobody is really in it.

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  • aru_koundinya 13w

    who am I?
    a sinner with passion,
    imperfect yet significant;

    I spend so long pretending to be someone,
    so, it matters for me to look at my own reflection;

    staring at the late night sky,
    wondering about the answers found anyway;

    maybe that is the reason I love moon,
    and allowing myself to feel what I feel;

    who am I?
    a sinner with passion,
    imperfect yet significant;


  • aru_koundinya 15w

    she is more than just a body,
    she is beyond your thoughts;

    she is more than what she thinks,
    she is more than what she does;

    she is a woman with ideas,
    ideas which can never be erased;

    she might crave for chocolates,
    but freedom stands first that you know;

    she is a woman who has more books,
    than the dresses in her closset;

    she is just like you,
    who cries whenever she is hurt;

    If you still wanna invade her,
    invade her soul and not her body;

  • aru_koundinya 20w

    I'm not same anymore

    I heard people saying that I've changed a lot, but dear I've not change, a lot has changed me.

    I know it's hard for you to accept because you had taken me for granted.
    But accept the fact that most people you have in your life today will not stay in your life forever because that is how it is meant to be.

    I remember us being close, you were always a text or a call away. You were my secret keeper, day planner and what not? I do regret because things did not work as planned but it's ok, this is meant to have happened one day or the other.

    I'm no more the person who begs for attention, put a hell lot of efforts to stay in one's life, life happens and people change. Trust me, I did nothing but started to behave the way you do.

    I saw you change, I wondered your new perspective about life, I tried to converse with you but nothing really worked. I'm thankful for all the wonderful memories.
    And yes, I usually forgive people but this time I couldn't, I don't know why, I apologise for that.

    You didn't stay for a lifetime, but you stayed enough to teach me the hardest lessons of life.

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  • aru_koundinya 20w

    I promise it don't matter,
    a few days from now,
    as you will never have a pulse,
    to think about the struggles;

    I bet you chuckle,
    a few days from now,
    comprehending how imprudent you were,
    because you barely know what real struggles are;

    I regard you,
    a few days from now,
    because you cared for others,
    when you needed it thy most;

    I just want you to realise,
    that you are ample,
    as well as strong,
    than you think you are;

    you are meant to be with you,
    so just treat yourself the way you treat others,
    love yourself more,
    because that is what matters;