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  • arya_abhipsa 8h


    27 September 2020
    19:55 pm

    Many asks her why she loves him even though the world has printed his name on the first few pages of a book called H A T E , binded with fingers pointing out accusations and covered with anger filled misspelt words ?

    We all have watched and felt a mother's ardour , the epitome of L O V E . Her child might be an indecent boy carrying hints of tantrums in a naughty pair of eyes or he might be the most brilliant minded 12 year old among his peers . But throughout the journey from the extreme worst to the extreme best , joined together by a bridge called
    J U D G E M E N T S , the love of his mother stays the same , unfathomable always .

    One day , if her child , the once 12 year indecent or brilliant boy , manages to procure all his once childish and hopeful eyes had dreamt for under a starry night , even though many will join hands to rejoice in his accomplishments , a hint of pride in their gazes as they look at him , there will be some , atleast a single person who will bicker with everything . Watch him keep his sanity aside and dig out every possible reason that will normalise it when he shakes his head no at the child's triumph , even if it means getting a pair of soil matted dirty hands in return .

    But does this beginning of disagreements and enmity makes the adoration of the mother stumble and falter as she crosses the bridge ?

    N O !

    Because she has it written in her every soothing touch as she pats her son , sleeping on her lap , that even if her child has countless reasons why he should be loathed , all taped on his body , cutting through his skin , her own rationale to willingly pour down the gallons of fondness on his paper cuts , stands out of all .


    Your single reason to fall for someone , foreshadows all the thousand reasons to hate them .

    ©Arya Abhipsa ��


    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • arya_abhipsa 1d


    26 September 2020
    10:52 am

    Something is always so exquisite about cities at night . You might roam around the various places of visits it offers to you during the sunlit days and gladly let yourself taken away with the vibrant hues of its street shops .

    But at night , as the city lights join hands with the moonbeams to lighten up the paths of the city dwellers and pedestrians , you feel like with every step you take deeper into the heart of the city , your heartbeats get a bit faster , an octave louder .

    You realise how full of life a place can be , even though it itself is devoid of a beating heart .

    ©Arya Abhipsa ��


    taken from : A Stroll in Seoul ( Army fam , I hope you look upto it ! )

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • arya_abhipsa 3d


    24 September 2020
    20:33 pm

    Those two eyes sparkled like the finest whiskey , filled inside the orbs , perfectly placed on the moon face . They looked so intense , gossiping with the sky , as the stars glittered above , whispering to each other , how moments with her were just like getting drunk on the most unexpected days . A wish to be reflected in those untainted pools of dripping honey , burning furiously in their hearts .

    As the iris widened at the beauty of the galaxy , shimmering to its fullest when the streetlights had died down , the desire to be near smoulderd away even the most brightest star and it fell down , with a hope to be a bit closer to its love .

    Hand in hand , when two lovebirds proclaimed their ardour for each other under what the foolish world still called a "shooting star" , the lone pair of brown eyes quietly chuckled and the two drops of tears met the lips , celebrating the moment of fascination .

    The heart was amazed how the star had breathed its last only to keep those eyes in its last prayer .

    ©Arya Abhipsa ��


    P.S. Welcome me back home Lovie ! @btslove

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • arya_abhipsa 10w

    PENNED ON : July 18 , 2020 ( 11:58 am )

    ~���� ~

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

    A heartiest thank you for this awesome challenge .
    This is the team YOUNG FOREVER .

    We tried to portray the glimpse of the life of five girls here . They represent our own life , interests and struggles along with our IMAGINATION .
    Our names in these are the cores of our souls . We're different and unique , yet the same by heart . Our humble message through this work is to encourage to you to find your true self and pursue your passion against all odds . We hope you enjoy this and have a great time !

    This is Part I of the challenge .
    The order of participants :

    N E F E L I B A T A :
    ( Portuguese ) Cloudwalker , Daydreamer
    A creative person who lives in the clouds of her own imaginations or dreams . An eccentric , unorthodox person , who doesn't abide by the rules of the society , literature , or art .


    | The Sorcerer |

    Two doors open ,
    but I need to chose only one door to walk through.
    One door for me to escape
    and one where I need to be .
    Both are pretty far .
    Moonlit and sunkissed tears ,
    now smile as the dawn broke into pieces ,
    all the pieces shine like mirrors ,
    that are now scattered .

    Enthralling cosmic atelier ,
    filling the torn pages of the old books
    breathes out some chimerical magic
    Chemical reactions
    of love and responsibilities
    find a way to break out the life - death .

    No ! That means ,
    I won't live ,
    I can't smile
    I can't love whatever once , I did hate.
    I want to breathe through my verses ,
    the words that fill love in me .
    If I am to root for a change in winter ,
    amidst the snow ,
    where my tears turn cold ,
    I will .
    If I need to cross the deserts ,
    under the deadly helios ,in the way to success , where my feet get blisters ,
    I will .
    If I need to get drenched in heaven's love ,
    to reach peace ,
    where the petrichor will be my soul's scent ,
    I will .
    If I need to walk over the thorns
    that fell on the ground ,
    attached to the leaves that died sensing my arrival , just to reach myself ,
    I will .

    Let my fate , be judged by me ,
    as I do not hold anyone responsible
    for whatever happens to me .

    Elegy of dead drawings towards it - the hearts that beat fine ,
    she who's waiting on the other door ,
    wants me to be righteous ,
    colorful and overflowing with peace .
    She needs me to be successful
    in breaking through the walls of the world .
    She who whispers my name in my ears ,
    is me .
    And if she needs me , I'll be there , as she wishes .

    // Not all twenties are shut with selfishness , mine are thoughtful in the darkness and shine brightest under the sunny skies .//

    The wrinkled pages I leave for myself
    shall be my words for her to cross and reach me .

    //When the time repeats , every me will just find the heart . The same heart every ' I ' shall posses , the same heart that was once lured by the death , the same heart that was once buried under the guilt , the same heart , that will win at the end . //

    | The one who walks away from O m e l a s |
    Yes , I'm the one caged in ,
    I walked away seeing the injustice done to me .
    Now I'll return ,
    to make my escape ,
    successful ....

    A U R O R A
    ~ the enchanting sorcerer ~

    | The Pluviophile |

    Fire smouldering in vicinity ,
    wrapped me up in a ruthless warmth ,
    inconspicuous parts eaten up
    and bones melted into gray smokes .
    Basked in I was ,
    in the cruelest feeling of an end ,
    while the cage around me
    slowly blistered away into nothingness .
    Dampened eyes watched my wings
    loose their identity to the evil truth .
    But the agony condensing into my feathers
    wasn't to be blamed for the heartache
    A small puddle of gaiety ,
    still breathing somewhere within
    watered all the pain away ,
    whenever my mind wandered towards it .

    //My heartbeats inched a bit closer and whispered an unknown secret and the words replaced my pain with wonder
    "Phoenixes have to burn first , to be born again my love ."//

    Question mark concluded my wonder
    as mind muttered in hesitation ,
    "Why burn yourself, when you were the one to be enslaved ?"
    But the promise of rebirth
    penned the next phrase of curiosity.
    Eyes darted around
    with a desire to adorn something in my last thought , and landed on ...a daffodil...inside a glass vase.
    The struggling buds offered me farewell
    and I breathed my last.

    Eyes fluttered open
    and sitting I was , on an opened cage.
    My wings flapped in a small gush of triumph ,
    gazing at the window nearby ,
    and in came mist , followed by thunder ,
    gossiping about the drifting cumulonimbus .
    But something in its voice screamed of despair.
    So I peered down to search
    for a soul sharing my sympathy.
    And instead ,
    found hands shielding the heads from the foretold hail
    and colorful umbrellas guarding their way under the gray hues.

    "Was no one going to help them ?"

    Question roaming over me ,
    sympathy dressed on my heart ,
    I spread my wings and into the unknown ,
    I dived .
    Silvery mist covered my euphoric self .
    I sailed higher ,
    along with the raindrops resting on my wings , reciting tales of the umbrella weather .

    // Petrichor lingered in the air as the barren land rejoiced watching the drizzle fill up its cracks with tender love . My heartbeats sped up as I watched my soul giggle in delight , for the once aching wings
    for the once aching wings were now healed by the bracing gale //

    Even the sun joined me ,
    it's affection waltzing with the silvery drizzle.
    Each drop of rain
    was enclosed within thin films of golden hues .
    And together ,
    they gave birth to the rainbow .
    Rain dews scribbled down pages
    of intimacy and rebirth,
    while the sunbeams weaved them together
    into a chronicle .
    And named it
    A m a r y l l i s

    Witnessing it like a proud mother ,
    sheltered beside the last shades of the rainbow ,
    I was left wonderstruck at the once moaning child , who had now pulled herself together .
    A lone tear broke free ,
    matching the rhythm of the rain ,
    as my heart ached realising ,
    maybe ,I was a lone admirer of these rain dews ,
    when a small chuckle pulled my gaze down .
    There came a small girl ,
    chasing her paper boat on the deserted streets , daffodils braided in her hair whirling with her smile .

    Taken aback I was
    when a whisper left her lips
    "Wish you could stay a little longer..."

    //A glassy pair of eyes looked up at the receding clouds ,as a dazzling smile decorated the face of the girl with the paper boat . And that was the moment I realised...

    Maybe , I wasn't the only one here , who could proudly call herself a CLOUDWALKER...//

    A M A R Y L L I S
    ~ poetic verses of a phoenix ~

    – Series of poetries followed by :

    The next part will be posted by @ak_anjali_daydreamzz .
    ( Do give it a read ! )
    Or click on the hashtag below to get the whole post

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    Oh Dreamers
    Nestled in the clouds of Imagination
    Oh Wanderers 
    Enchanted by the maze of universe
    Oh Nefelibatas 
    Soaring high with the wings of change
    We are the ones who dare and do, go and gather, fall and rise
    We gain what we dream
    We smile as we shine  
    We relinquish the mundane
    In pursuit of desires spontaneous

  • arya_abhipsa 10w

    PENNED ON : July 15 , 2020 ( 10:17 pm )
    ©Arya Abhipsa

    ~ �� ~

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  • arya_abhipsa 12w

    the clouds in me burst in pain
    will you come get me when it rains ?

    the placid tap of the driblet at your windows
    for sunshine rays , will they make you mourn
    or will you buss me under the drizzle
    making me less frantic for my own storm ?

    streetlights melting into naked streets
    for the world getting blurry , will you cry
    or will you gather the last drops of my ache
    into the bare pages , when they fall from the sky ?

    mucky puddles of woe , covering me in dotted stains
    will you come get me when it rains ...?

    ©Arya Abhipsa

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  • arya_abhipsa 15w

    #1306_7yrs #7toeternity #btsxarmy #BTSFesta2020
    / B O Y S of our family
    / D R E A M S that are fulfilled
    / S M I L E S brighter than the sun
    / H E A R T S full of love
    / R E A S O N S to smile
    / Y E A R S of togetherness

    A post dedicated to BTS and all the ARMYs , on this day of our 7th year of togetherness .
    From , 13.07.13 to 13.07.20 and many more years of happiness to come .

    Our Journey ,
    From N.O ( O!RUL8,2? - 2014 )
    To ON ( Map of the Soul 7 - 2020 )

    " In Seoul to the Sky , will parents really be happy ?"

    – N O –

    Our young , naive hearts had questioned the world
    " What does it mean to dream ?"
    And we were shown thousands of smiling faces
    But was it happiness , or muffled screams ?

    Gradually , we had let it slip , that we too were made of flesh and bones
    7 flowers of hopes were growing inside our empty heart's room
    But in a demanded fight to bloom the brightest
    Our flowers died for those , who couldn't even see it bloom .

    Whitewashed were our brains with a single thought
    "Remember, there's no place for grief and failings"
    We slowly drank the poison that our minds poured for us
    And funny , how we wondered why we felt so miserable and ailing .

    We had blisters on our feet from walking on the path already laid and built
    We were told it's wrong to traverse on the wild one we yearned
    Confineded in a city of Seoul we were
    Getting mockery and hatred in return .

    But still after the restless nights , the sun still shined on us
    So with our hollowed eyes we looked up to ask why
    And as each sunbeam traced the cuts on our skin
    The sun whispered , " You deserve another try ".

    So we decided to finally look away from humiliation
    When we realised our dreams weren't worthless , even if they said so ,
    Clenching our fists and nodding a Y E S to our aspirations
    We set out to conquer the world , even if
    e v e r y b o d y– s a y s– N O !


    " When you want to die , you need to strive to live as much as you want to die ."

    – O N –

    7 years flew by us , but no , we haven't changed
    It's only the masks which have fallen off
    We are strong enough to cry and show the world our pain
    But hiding it behind that fake smile , it's tough .

    The flowers , brutally stepped on
    Still manage to stand straight and grow
    Your words may slice our skins deeper than a knife
    Yes capable it was to make us bleed , but ages ago.

    Call many others to despise on us , we will still stand tall and smile
    As we will watch our shadows growing under the camera flashlights
    Where we are now ? Is it Seoul , New York or Paris ?
    We don't give an uh ! For we're together under the skylight .

    That 7 year old past still lives with us in our memory
    We haven't just left it like a pool of dirty water to stagnate
    For in order to love ourselves completely
    The experiences that have shaped us , we cannot hate .

    The rain may pour today , the sky may fall on us tomorrow
    And you may throw whatever your hand holds
    We live not only inside ourselves , but in million other hearts too
    Standing shielded together , whether be it summers or colds .

    Yes , we had wobbled , we had stumbled , we had bleeded , we had cried
    But now we beam under our universe as the past is long gone
    Our cuts and bruises are healed beautifully now
    So don't hesitate , we're ready
    b r i n g – t h e– p a i n– O N !

    from N O ~M O R E~ D R E A M S to D R E A M S


    - Kim Namjoon
    - Kim Seokjin
    - Min Yoongi
    - Jung Hoseok
    - Park Jimin
    - Kim Taehyung
    - Jeon Jungkook
    - BTS !

    ©Arya Abhipsa
    – Adorable Representative MC for Youth
    ( since 07 April 2018 until forever )

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  • arya_abhipsa 15w

    This is my submission for #rf_lang_ch @_rainfrost_

    Word given :
    # 7 – F•O•R•E•L•S•K•E•T –

    ( Norwegian ) (n.): the euphoria you experience when you're first falling in love

    | BLUEBELLS | symbolism of :
    - humility , (sometimes ) gratitude
    - everlasting love , constancy


    Not among the garden of thousands
    She grew alone like a bluebell some miles apart
    But no one appreciated her presence , so she remained just a weed to the eyes
    And like an uncared , unloved wildflower , remained her heart

    Tears were moistening her wobbling roots
    But a kick on her stomach tugged at her sleeves , whispering "now , you aren't alone"
    Yes , a life was inspiriting inside her
    Maybe not conversant to the world , but for the one , she wasn't unknown

    Merriment rays never greeted her days
    She would always wake up facing the downpour
    But all became alluring , as the life stirred inside her
    For now the drizzle had embossomed the petrichor

    She did swithered , yes , to bring a life unaided
    For it takes both rain and sun for a plant to grow
    But she knew she had to become both for her ardour
    For sometimes , the winds of change do blow

    Foreign to love , to an immense extent she was
    She had lamented for souls still alive
    And now the callous 22 year old pondered
    How that small life was a solitary reason for her to survive

    And the day she finally cradeled the little girl
    A lone tear decamped from her eyes
    No , this time , it was the ecstacy fluttering inside her
    Not the torment due to another goodbye

    The world did questioned the marred little face
    But for all the worthless prattling , it was too late
    For she had discerned what was meant by endearment
    And she had cherished her already , long before they met .

    As she would caress her skin in warmth
    Her heart would be holding the affection she had to give
    For her memories were always sprinkled with hurts and lies
    And pitiful was the life she had lived

    She watched her child crawl then walk
    Canoodling the little one in her arms , she smiled
    As she realised how no bond could be vehement
    Than the one shared between a mother and her child

    How someone could pour their entire soul into someone , without yearning for anything in return
    Years later as the ' once little girl ' sat down to ponder
    Her mommy slowly grazed her fingers on her daughter's artistically marred face
    As she mumbled "Wait , till you're a mother"....

    – The Life of a Single Mother

    ©Arya Abhipsa

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #ceesreposts #julietscorner

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  • arya_abhipsa 15w

    the day betrayed him in exhaustion among the dejected chaos
    his silent heart still smiled
    his elation fell like mild winter snow
    that glittered like once lost hope , on the forest gone wild

    he recites the world where to recover it's essence
    but himself goes astray among the stars at night
    and the moonbeams peek through the sanguine clouds
    grazing the skin of their long lost love ,
    – T H E M O O N C H I L D –

    ©Arya Abhipsa


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  • arya_abhipsa 15w

    my back is festooned with scars not wings
    but no melancholy will ever escape my eyes
    i'll walk until the sky bends down to adore me
    For - They - Say- I - Can -Never - Fly

    i'll paint the lacuna between hues of black clouds
    before i bid a concluding goodbye
    so the clouds will caress me in a misty drizzle
    For - They - Say - I - Can't - Touch - The - Sky

    ©Arya Abhipsa

    (Worldwide Handsome...♥)

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