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  • aryaabhipsa 3h

    i wonder
    while we all are busy
    chasing the sunbeams ,
    is the murk
    lingering beside the lamppost
    is silently yearning
    for someone's tender embrace too ?

    ©Arya Abhipsa

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  • aryaabhipsa 13h

    and when the world was dispersed
    like stories resting on my nightstand
    i had attempted to read , but in vain

    picking you up , i folded you at corners
    knowing how there are parts of you
    i desired to visit again...

    ©Arya Abhipsa

    Dedicated to ( @redheart161 ) ❤

    Saeng il chuka ha hamnida
    Saeng il chuka ha hamnida
    Sarang ha neun Sarikashiee
    Saeng il chuka ha hamnida !!!!!

    Happiest Birthday love !!! So you're older than me now huh ? No worries ! April is ....umm not far away I guess ...(wait's actually far away i – ) . Well whatever , it's been over two years I guess since I know you and tell you what , you've been the first friend I had here ... So you're really special to me darl ! Enjoy your (quarantine ) b'day ....and yeah stob playing pranks on me .... people are calling me chicken now *wipes tears*... !!!!!

    Many many happy returns of the day love !
    Purple ya ��

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    ~E U N O I A~

  • aryaabhipsa 1w

    tales they write with words
    she pens every syllable with her smiles
    they seach for magic in consequences
    whereas enchantments hide in her eyes

    they would be yearning for a gust of fondness
    not knowing
    how poetries of love she exhales
    you would be stuck within the pages of nightmares
    and she would turn the reality into whole volumes of
    ~ @fairytales_ ~

    ©Arya Abhipsa

    Saeng il chuka ha hamnida
    Saeng il chuka ha hamnida
    Sarang ha neun Jelsashiee
    Saeng il chuka ha hamnida !! ����

    Happiest Birthday Jelly Bean !!!! So finally the day has arrived hasn't it. Its still not 12 here , but I'm well aware of the Nepal timings though , so here it is ....your birthday wish , half an hour advance for me and just on time for you ! ����

    So ...what should I say , there are many things I want to mention but ..I can't or else my talkative self would break the record for the longest mirakee post ever !
    My soul sista is finally a year older than me , and don't worry about getting old as you know we're FOREVER YOUNG ! ��

    I can't say we've been friends...nope sisters for too long for it's only 3 or 4 months that I "accidentally" met you . But still , meeting my sister who probably left me on the roller coaster ride years ago ( our inside joke !) , I felt as if I found my long lost family member . From discussing about chopping down frogs and earthworms ( an unwanted gift for every biology student ) , about Mahabharat actors , about me getting a tomato - like nose (which you wanted to eat making me noseless ! ) to discussing about meeting in either Kathmandu or Korea and messing up with umm good looking boys ( we are teenagers afterall ) , we have done some long chit chats , as if we are there , sitting beside each other talking all the teenager shits ....I don't know about others but you're indeed a fairytale for me Jelly Bean !!!����

    I wish I could be there with you , recalling all our old talks and making new ones as we dreamt together about Kookie ... But still , this is a wish from me on your very first b'day you're celebrating with your Army family ! ����

    And yeah , lastly , one more thing my Anna wants to ask your Elsa ,

    "Jelsa !
    Do you wanna bulid a snowman ?" ⛄❄️��️

    ~From your
    Babygirl /
    Anna /
    Kookie /
    Soul Sister/
    (and many more nicknames to come...) ☘️

    ~To my
    Jelly Bean /
    Elsa /
    Kookie /
    Soul sister /
    (and many more nicknames to come ...) ☘️

    Happiest Birthday !!! @fairytales_ ♥♥

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    ~F A I R Y T A L E S~

  • aryaabhipsa 1w

    Heya readers ! Before reading this chapter , I want to advice y'all something . As I have mentioned it already , this is going to be a long chapter , the longest so far actually . As I was confused , I had asked y'all what should be done . And most of you told me that you wanted a long chapter and desired to post this chapter as it is without any breaks . So I've posted the whole chapter here . But some of you also wished for a short chapter . I advice you guys to read this chapter taking breaks , so you're comfortable and you will be able to enjoy reading this as well ! And one more thing , do read the author's note below, there's something for y'all !

    So here's your promised chapter ��������......


    My eyes were completely shut . I didn't dare open them and watch the cliff of Mt. High laughing at me and occasionally mocking me . At this point , I really needed a break .

    I needed a break to stop and think . I was in a dilemma . Either I was going to stand up and walk up towards the hill with my friends or I was running back home and once again locking myself up in my room .

    But if I was continuing the journey , I knew very well that once I reach the top , no amount of soothing and calming words were going to stop me from bursting up in tears in front of everyone . Yes , I wanted to tell them everything , everything about my past , everything that I had seen with my own eyes that was haunting me in frequent nightmares since all these years .

    But I couldn't .

    In all these 10 years , I had never talked about it with anyone . Not even with my own mother . Only the mere mention of the incident brought back these fears and harsh memories I was trying to push back deeper inside me .

    I had seen the look in mom's eyes whenever she would hear me screaming in my sleep . As she would come and pat my head , muttering her warm words of solace , while hiding her own tears of agony , I would hold her tight , in a fear of losing her as well. And so many words of comfort would be exchanged between us in that small moment .

    But still , I refused to talk to her about it . What I had seen , was never meant for a 10 year old child to experience . And somewhere deep down this 20 year old heart of mine , that 10 year old child was still imprisoned . And as much as I wanted to let her go , I couldn't do it .

    I was sitting on a big rock . As Sophie fetched me some water , I could feel all the eyes on me . Watching their faces painted in worries , I felt ashamed .

    I was ashamed of myself .

    Why was I like this ? Why couldn't I let things go and move on ? Why was I ruining this trip ? Why couldn't I sit and talk with mom and talk about everything that was going on in our lives and minds ?


    My thoughts were interrupted as I heard Sophie saying "Mia , if you aren't feeling okay , we can leave this and go back home . We can't really risk your health only to have fun ."

    "Yeah screw this all . If you're feeling sick , then let's return back . We can still come anytime we want right ." Rucker said while crouching down beside Sophie .

    And despite the feelings of shame , that thought of running back home still hadn't announced its departure .
    I looked at my shoes as my mind and heart got indulged in a conversation again .

    My mind was a mess of thoughts as I silently heard what it had to say .
    {" Should we go back home ? Let's go . There's no way we will make it up to the very top . 10 whole years we couldn't do anything , how can we do it now ? No , no , this is a very bad idea . Listen to me , let's go back , we are already a mess afterall . Just say it . Tell them to take you to safety . Don't be a fool . Go back . Just go back .
    GO BAC–"}

    { "Okay let's go back then ..." }

    I was surprised as I heard this voice coming from my heart . And I realised how it was totally calm . It wasn't beating rapidly like always . Maybe , just like me and my mind , it was busy in its own thoughts too. So I listened , I listened what my heart had to say .

    {" Let's go back if you want . No need to go the top if you're not ready . But tell me , are we ready to go back home and stay like this our whole life ?" }

    {" Are we ready to watch mom again stuffing her favourite apron inside the drawers just because she fears that we will break down seeing that ?

    Are we ready to eat all the meals hiding inside our room because we are afraid of seeing that one chair that is vacant since the last 10 years ?

    Are we ready to hurt our ears from the silence between us and mom as we again get lost in our thoughts , caring for the past more than we ever cared for the present ?"}

    { "Let's go back if you want . But are we ready for all this ? Are we..."}

    And at that moment , a picture suddenly flashed by my mind .

    It was a 10 year old girl . She had jet black hair , brown eyes replicating pools of honey and a huge smile decorated her face . She looked familiar . Too much familiar . As if I had seen her before .

    And then I remembered .

    It was me .

    But why was I looking more beautiful back then ? Maybe because my heart wasn't captivated by fear . Maybe because my mind wasn't a mess of thoughts . It was free.

    I was free.

    Dad always liked me that way . He used to tell me that I looked more beautiful when I smile . But now , what I had done to myself . This isn't me . This isn't the girl dad wanted me to be .

    I wanted that girl . I really wanted her . The mask I was wearing since all these years was choking me . I needed to throw it away . Or I couldn't live . I couldn't breathe like this anymore .

    I couldn't see the pain on mom's face when she looked at me .
    I couldn't see the pain on my friends' faces when they looked at me .
    I couldn't see the pain on my face when I looked at me.

    I needed to go there . I wanted to see if he came . He wanted to reach there so desperately that day . Could I make his wish come true ? Would today I make it all happen ?

    As I was busy in my own world of thoughts , I heard Sophie saying something to me .

    "Mia , let's go back . We will come some other day . You're not feeling well , so leave it for today . Come , get up . Let's go ."

    Hearing her words , I stood up . Not to go back home . But to go somewhere else .

    "I guess we should go Soph . Let's go . Let's make it to the top ."

    "But Mia , are you sure ?" Rucker said , confusion clearly written on his face .

    "Yes , let's go . I'm okay ."

    And so I decided . I had to try this time . I had to see what would happen . This was an only option anyways .
    As I looked up at the cliff of Mt. High , I saw how the clouds were covering the tip of the mountain , maybe telling me in the process that everything is safe . Don't worry .

    And just then , I felt a hand holding mine . I looked down to see a hand , bigger than mine , clutching my hand in a tight grip .

    I looked up and the face that I had started liking for a long time now , looked back at me and smiled .

    "Don't worry . Everything will be fine . It's time to let go of that 10 year old fear you know . Let's make it to the top today . Shall we ?"

    I felt the grip on my hand tighten as Joey led me ahead , walking step by step beside me . I could see no worries on his face now . It was only contentment and satisfaction .

    But still , confusion engulfed me as his words played in my mind .

    How did he know ....


    So y'all read this big chapter I hope . Thankfully Mirakee didn't stop me from posting a chapter with these many words ( 1.4k+ as I've already mentioned ).

    Well back to the story . So Mia is finally going there . Yayyy ! Isn't that great . Our girl is conquering her biggest fear as all of you wished . Let's see what happens when she finally reaches the top . But yes , I know what you've to say .
    Joey knows !
    But how ? Does he have some brainstorming skills? Is he a capeless superman ? Who knows ? Anything can happen in this story . Let's see how it turns out to be ...

    Anyways , I wanted to tell y'all something . The next chapter , Chapter 11 , the longest chapter in this entire story and the most interesting yet most heartbreaking chapter is THE ONE !
    And I hope you know what I mean by THE ONE ? It is the chapter that holds the answers to all your questions . What happened 10 years back ? How it all happened ? What happened to Mia's dad ? And yes , how does Joey know ?


    I don't know when I'll post it . It surely gonna take some time as it's the longest chapter and I haven't even posted it on Wattpad yet , so I need to work on that .
    I hope you don't mind waiting for some days...����

    Do drop a review people ❤.
    The corrections and your feedbacks are always welcomed.

    Tap on the hashtag below to track down this story from wherever you wish to start

    Happy reading ! ��

    ©Arya Abhipsa

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    C H A P T E R 10

    Are Ten Years Enough To Hide A Scar ?
    (read the caption to enjoy the story )

  • aryaabhipsa 1w

    you and me , we are lonely blossoms
    with a desire to be carried away by the hope of breeze that flows
    we get tempted to the hearts carrying sunshine
    and aspire to surround our souls with the ones

    ~who wish to see us grow~

    ©Blanche Bedwyn Feversham
    (- Arya Abhipsa )

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  • aryaabhipsa 1w

    Hello readers ! It's not a story update or anything , but I wanted to ask something to y'all as I forgot to ask it yesterday. I hope you've read the chapter 9 that was posted yesterday . If not , do check it out. Well ,the thing is , I posted the 10th chapter yesterday on Wattpad and I realised it's really long , like 1.4K words long and the 11th chapter is gonna be longer . So I wanted to ask if you're comfortable to read these many words in a single post or do you want me to divide the chapter in two ? Do tell me so I can post the next chapter as you wish and whenever you wish ....

    Happy reading !

  • aryaabhipsa 2w

    The weather , the cool wind , my friends' laughter , nothing had any effect on me . All I could feel was the nausea that was slowly and steadily swallowing me up in a whole . My breathing became uneven , my chest started constricting and my stomach tightened in knots , probably to make me aware that this place wasn't for me anymore , that I don't belong here anymore .

    Joey , sensing something was wrong with me , had stopped too. I expected him to say something , but rather than saying anything , he just stood their , silently inspecting me , as if he knew what was wrong and he too , probably didn't want to talk about it .

    I was so breathless , I had to bend down a bit and with hands on my knees , I started breathing quickly . I closed my eyes , in an effort to wipe out the scenery around me , just for a second .

    "Mia ! What happened ? Are you okay ?" I looked up to see Sophie jogging towards me while the other stopped and turned back to get a glimpse of what was happening .

    "You're completely pale Mia . I guess you're not okay ."Sophie's voice was full of anxiety as she knelt down to see my face clearly .
    But I didn't want to ruin her day and this trip just because of me , so I looked at her and with a weak smile and a nod I replied "I'm okay Soph . I guess it's the nausea hitting me , that's it ."

    "You sure ?"

    "Yeah , don't worry ."

    But I could clearly see that she was still not satisfied . So she started walking beside me holding my hand as Joey walked on my other side .

    I could sense that something was different about Joey today , for he wasn't in his cheery self as he always was . I looked at him to see he was deep in thoughts , his jaw clenching every other second .

    I still remembered the first time I met him . Sophie had introduced me to him . He seemed so good , unlike many others I had met . But one thing about that meeting still makes me question that memory .

    I remembered walking up towards the desk he was sitting on and him turning when Sophie called him . But his reaction wasn't something that I had expected . Usually , people greet me either with a smile or with an expression less face accompanied by a single nod .

    But he did neither .

    The memory of him looking at me , with wide eyes and him being completely speechless for some seconds is still fresh in my mind . I had always wished to ask him why he gave me that look that day .

    But I never did .

    Sophie was talking about what she had planned to do when we reach the top of the hill and others were listening to her while sharing their plans too .

    I looked at them and a sense of desire embraced my heart . I could give away everything I possessed just to be like them , even for a second . To forget my worries , enjoy this hiking trip without any fears , just like they all were doing . That moment I felt this deep yearning to be like them , to be the one I used to be 10 years back .

    But I was lost , completely lost within myself . As each year passed , I felt the 10 year old mask on my face thickening . And now it was so thick , that it was nearly impossible to tear it apart , to reveal my true face .

    "You know , I heard many things about this place 5 years back when I first came here." Sophie said , while looking up at the big , dangerous rocks .

    "What kind of things ?" Rucker asked , turning to her and walking backwards .

    "Things like , this place is really dangerous . And something terrible happened here as well . I don't remember exactly , but I guess they were talking about a man who met with an accident . What accident , they never told me though . For no one saw it happening . That's what they told me . Rucker , haven't you heard about it ?"

    "Yeah , they did tell me about an accident , but that was long time ago . I don't remember anything other than that . Joey , have you heard anything ? You must be knowing about it dude . You're the one who's living at this place for 18 years don't you ?"

    And before Joey could reply anything , I heard myself saying ,"Guys , I want to sit down for a moment . Please ...."

    And sensing that I had probably no air left in my lungs , I sat down with a thump at that place , with my eyes completely shut .

    I couldn't let those tears escape and become visible this time . So I let them stay inside me .

    Just like they always did .


    Hello lovely readers ! Here's your promised chapter . We are nearing towards the chapter you all are expecting for . So stay put and don't stop reading ! So some facts are revealed here , aren't they ? One of you asked if her friends knew about her past . Well no , they don't . For it's only Mia and Joey living at that place for the longest among them . And Joey .... what's going on in his mind ? You will soon find out , don't worry . I won't be leaving you with any suspense and any confusion in the end .

    Pinky promise !

    So do y'all like reading stories ? If yes , then what's your favourite genre ? Mine is mystery of course . Do tell me about yours if you won't mind !

    Do drop a review people ❤.
    The corrections and your feedbacks are always welcomed.

    Tap on the hashtag below to track down this story from wherever you wish to start

    Happy reading ! ��

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    C H A P T E R 9

    Are Ten Years Enough To Hide A Scar ?
    (read the caption to enjoy the story)

  • aryaabhipsa 2w

    The tires screeched , marking our arrival at our destined spot . The scorching sun was making hard for us to look upwards , but I could literally see how the cliff of Mt. High was standing erect like always , in a wish to create a moment of fear in the hearts of those hikers who were not aware of the all the mishaps that have ever occurred there .

    And again , I felt like it was mocking me , laughing at me while saying " What kind of joke is this ? How are you here today ? And how much tears are you planning to shed today ?"

    I took a deep breath and stepped out of the truck , my stomach tightening into knots when I realised that Rucker had parked exactly beneath the tree.

    The branches of the tree were swaying with the wind and all I wanted was to sit under the canopy of the tree , sharing my misery with it , for it's been ten years I've talked my heart out with anyone . I wished I could talk , I wished I could let those emotions out , which were ripping away every single part of my mind and my heart .

    "Mia ! What are you thinking ? Hurry up girl !" Sophie called out , excitement clearly audible in her voice .

    "Yes Soph , I'm coming . You go ahead ." And just to extend the time a bit more , I sat down , pretending to lace up my shoes , when I felt someone standing near me . As I turned back to see who it was , I saw Joey looking at me , again with that worried look .

    "Everything's alright Mia ?" He aksed coming closer and for a moment I thought if he could spot the emotions I was trying to hide .

    "Yeah , I'm alright ."

    "Let's go then ." And we started walking .

    Me and Joey never really had a proper conversation . I always wanted to talk to him , to tell him everything about me and my past for I knew he would listen to me and tell me that I'll be alright . Joey was like that only . Always kind .

    But I just couldn't gather up that much courage to talk about it without spilling me tears out . So I left the wound like that .

    Untouched .

    Joey was walking beside me , maybe he knew I didn't want to join the group . I was both fearful and contented for this . Fearful , for I didn't want him to see my sweating palms and hear my thundering heartbeats and contented , for I was feeling comfortable and protected in his presence .

    Sophie and the others were laughing at something that Rucker said . I looked at their glistening faces and a feeling of jealousy enveloped my heart . I wanted to be happy too , I wanted to enjoy this trip with my friends too .

    But I had been so unfamiliar with happiness for so many years that it was getting difficult to get acquainted with true smiles and happy faces .

    I looked around and my eyes landed on all the trees , all the huge rocks and I realised how much this place reminds me of him , even if the memory was unwanted .

    My friends always thought that I was a shy girl who liked to be by herself .
    Only if they knew what a girl I used to be .

    I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't even realise that we had arrived at that place .

    The place , where it all started .
    The place where I had started to run .
    The place where dad had started chasing me .

    And all of a sudden I stopped .

    The lack of oxygen in my chest told me I couldn't go any further .


    Hello readers ! How are y'all doing ? I hope everyone is alright . So here's another chapter of the story . What do you think about Joey? Do you like him ? But something's is off about the way he's behaving right ? Let's see what happens .

    I'm sorry for this late update . I was meant to update the 9th chapter today but you know how Mirakee was taken ill for two days , so we are behind the schedule (sort of) . But don't worry . I'll update the story regularly now , on every alternate day . Till then , do keep guessing what will happen next and why does Joey behave like that .

    Do drop a review people ❤️.
    The corrections and your feedbacks are always welcomed .

    Tap on the hashtag below to track down the story from wherever you wish to start

    Happy reading ! ��

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    C H A P T E R 8

    Are Ten Years Enough To Hide A Scar ?
    (read the caption to enjoy the story )

  • aryaabhipsa 2w

    How ironic it is ,

    just for the sake of every seed
    we wait impatiently for the showers
    yet , just because we find them beautiful
    we are ready to kill the flowers

    and then we say we tried to keep the blooms alive
    by placing them inside the water filled jars...

    ©Arya Abhipsa

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    ~E P I P H A N Y~

  • aryaabhipsa 2w

    look at the flowers , mine love
    that remind us why , the rain , we need
    for even the sky becomes sensitive
    seeing the hope bloom , without any greed

    when heartbroken , cry , letting that pain go
    for every drop of tear will plant another poetry in a new seed
    & without knowing you'll pen down a survival guide
    for the struggling souls , ready to accept defeat

    let them see the verses you bleed
    ~whenever they give your poetries a read~

    ©Arya Abhipsa


    Dedicated to @taekook_maknae

    Happiest birthday my dumplings ! It's only a few months since I've known you , but still , you're one of my most favourite person here . I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have met you .

    You're so lovable Darl , you've such a beautiful personality that you make each and every person you meet feel important . On this day of yours , I hope your every wish , every desire is granted and you get all the success you deserve .

    Let's meet one day , and celebrate your birthday with our whole fam ! Till then , stay blessed !
    I purple you love ��
    And yeh , Jiminshiee here wants to tell you :

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    ~M I N U T I A E~