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  • aryamanmohan 4d

    Let's listen to Gnash on a January night
    cause fuck it how worse can it get right?

    (Post from Forgive-Gnash)

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    So hold me,
    hold me till the river runs dry
    I'm holding,
    holding onto you for dear life
    Cause I never know the words to say,
    but you forgive me anyway
    Even though we both know
    I'm the reason you cry

  • aryamanmohan 1w

    Lame lol

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    The allure of darkness seems so deep
    A peaceful smile as I lay down to sleep
    A touch of oblivion,a whisper of peace
    An infinite sky and an infinite leap


  • aryamanmohan 1w

    Let's follow the lights
    Follow the crowd
    Baby we gotta get out
    Let's get out of this town


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    Bitter winter winds
    And neon green signs
    Old faces, old smiles
    A nod to old times

    Of half forgotten words
    And hunches you won't trust
    Of cherry red sweaters
    And a mocha coloured dusk

  • aryamanmohan 5w

    'Still got sand in my sweater from nights we don't remember'

    Really, truly don't know

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    Of coffee stains and sunsets
    And smiling amongst the trees
    Of October skies and fireflies
    An awful silent tease

  • aryamanmohan 7w

    Tere shehr vaangu tu vi raas naiyo aayi
    Paav'ein dova'n te rangeeniya'n ne paariya'n

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    Desolate streets of bygone misery
    Nestled in the bosom of childlike blues
    Streaks of silver, trickling tranquility
    And a heap of hopeful lilac hues

  • aryamanmohan 8w

    Just winter things I guess

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    I fear not a lonesome defeat
    Nor the deathly silence as I weap
    I fear the lingering warmth of a hand
    So close to touch, so far to reach

  • aryamanmohan 11w

    Temporary lol

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    Hugs are hot chocolate for the soul

  • aryamanmohan 12w

    #VIBGYOR_by_arya lol

    For Siri and Poochi ��

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    Dreamy sighs and a starry sky
    And a cosmic crown that adorns her head
    A flash of glee in her hopeful eyes
    And the earthen sand that makes her bed

    Fingers that trace the ancient lines
    That mark the shores of heavens above
    A longing for home that lies beyond
    Glowing and shimmering with infinite love

    A wandering soul without an abode
    Embraced by a night, sweet and serene
    A smile that oozes determination
    Her hair glistening with a flash of green

  • aryamanmohan 13w

    Sincerity is scary-The 1975

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    Why can't we be friends
    When we are lovers
    Cause it always ends
    With us hating each other

    Instead of calling me out
    You should be pulling me in

  • aryamanmohan 14w


    There exists a lustful tranquility
    When you stand amidst chaos
    To watch it all crumble down
    With an arrogant smile across your face
    Filling your lungs with scorching embers
    As you stand at the edge of a dying empire
    Finding the sound of your heart
    Over the thumping and shaking of the ground

    Panic rules when you have no control
    But so does bliss,should you let go of the reins

    Letting it tumble, crash and burn to hell
    A worldly death so spiritual in its essence
    From the blood trickling down your skin
    To the tears that adorn your grin
    Crowning you master to your own destruction
    Tarnishing the throne you sat so highly upon

    'Pride hath fall', they say
    Well, you laugh your way down

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