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  • ashaet 7w

    The same dreams and hopes
    that once lightened up your eyes
    Are now hidden, in your fears
    Making one mistake,
    To correct another
    Aren't we all stuck here
    Living one day after the other
    As if we have to finish our years.

  • ashaet 24w

    The Most beautiful love

    How did we determine we were in love?
    At first it was the butterflies
    Then it was a feeling of self worth
    Later we started caring about each other
    Is that when we called it love?

    And then months and years passed
    We were our only best friends
    Best friends and lovers..magnificient!
    Is that when we start calling it love?

    What happens when you get too close?
    The perfect are imperfect
    The worst things about people
    Are unimaginable
    We no longer keep quiet
    Our worst , is in the light

    Then it's a tug of war
    Everyday, is a mess
    Not as colourful as one expects
    Love vs hate is a fight on its own
    Every night one of them wins
    And the other loses..
    Is that when we start calling it love?

    How can a human love another
    If it's mixed with lust
    Shall we call it love?
    If it's mixed with narcissism
    Shall we call it love?
    If it's mixed with hate
    How come it's called love?

    So enlighten me
    About this most beautiful love
    That people say does exist
    And is portrayed in all the movies

    Enlighten me
    About the most beautiful love


  • ashaet 76w


    Can you see it in my eyes
    That i am a dead person
    Pretending to be alive

    Can you hear it in my laugh
    that all colours have faded
    And I am painted grey

    No more questions
    No more answers
    I stare at the road blank
    And drive away

    I see faces, joy
    colours and lights
    If nothing was a feeling
    I felt it well

    Oh my terrible fate
    I have no one to blame

  • ashaet 82w


    Fallen in love with the sundown
    Golden and red, contrasting
    with the blue seas
    and the green cliff

    The heart beats in rhythm
    with the ocean waves
    Lay back and glide with the waves

    Found comfort in the rocks,
    gazing across the horizon
    everything falls in place
    and all that doesn't
    are mere, ornaments

    You keep getting carried away
    To the Oceanside coz,
    You were not made for this roof
    Burn your clothes,
    your jewels, your perfume

    Untie your hair, let it free
    Let the wind caress your locks
    the sand soothe the body
    And the skin bathe in the gold


  • ashaet 83w

    The tenant

    Your sparkly eyes full of curiosity
    Waiting for me to drive in
    At odd hours of the night
    My tired eyes and unhappy soul
    coming back to wash away
    All the dirt thrown at me
    Throughout the day

    You smile at me with all the love
    You come around to play with me
    My first smile of the day
    With no hidden agenda
    I smile truly and simply
    But with a heavy heart

    These days will be a memory soon
    As my hair grays and my youth fades
    I might see you somewhere
    But not recognize, don't worry

    Moments like this are divine
    You don't take it away
    You live it, and you let go...


  • ashaet 88w

    It's only when the noise of the world disappears, that you realise the turbulence within yourself is even more agitating.


  • ashaet 88w

    The past is in your memories and the future in your imagination. This moment is all that you have, and the sum of it is the essence of your life. I think its time that we show our presence to the present.
    Carpe diem.

  • ashaet 88w


    The sun began to set
    Streets filled with a reddish hue
    My heart raced
    Though bliss surrounded me
    with scent of street food
    all around

    One by one, my friends
    began to vanish
    A knife was plunged through
    Ashley's throat, pieces
    of shell that protected her;
    Fell to the soil, to decay
    and to nurture the earth.

    Onions, chillies and spices
    were mixed together
    everything left of her
    lost its sheen and beauty
    There she goes
    Into the pan; I hope
    she remembers me
    In heaven.

    My chain of thoughts
    were broken
    When three young lads
    came by, wicked eyes
    nd wretched laugh.
    I looked to the left
    there was no egg left
    I knew this could be my end.

    Heaven would be peaceful
    but life had its meaning
    Even fear seemed right
    it was a feeling,
    different from all.

    Life didn't seem so bad
    A day more could be pointless, but my heart
    craved for more.
    So I said a small prayer
    'O mighty creator'
    Give me a day more
    so I can see
    what I never saw
    Listen a bit more
    learn something new
    To be nice to the ones
    I love, before I be
    a memory.

    I looked into their souls
    I cried out to them
    choose anything but,
    an omelette.
    They seem to have heard.
    But one pretty young gal
    stared into my soul.
    The rays of the setting sun
    stroke her wavy hair,
    her eyes sparkled
    full of life.

    Her sweet lips whispered
    softly, as she pointed at me.
    Sometimes it's nobodys fault
    No one to blame.
    But your own fate.

  • ashaet 88w

    Dissatisfaction is the drive for the pioneer


  • ashaet 88w


    Our eyes blind us
    by alluring us into beauty;
    hiding the wickedness
    which lies within

    And ears, deafens us
    Corrupted words,
    have polluted them
    We no longer have
    -ears for the truth

    And the tongue?
    It has made us dumb
    The last time it was used
    was to disgrace someone.

    With a clouded mind,
    A lost soul and absent senses
    We are nothing
    But lost sheep.