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  • ashtridwrites 14w


    Don't commit suicide. If you are on the edge of your life, read this. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary pain. It may feel like the pain & regret is permanent but it isn't I promise. You'll find light some day, and it may go away once in a while but you'll always find light again no matter what. You are strong, you are amazing. You can get through this ♥

  • ashtridwrites 15w


    His lips, their sweeter than any sugar & softer than any silk.
    His eyes, are more gorgeous than anyone could ever imagine.
    His heart, is more pure than any shade of white.
    His voice, is more calming than the sound of soft ocean waves.
    He is the most perfect person, and I don't deserve him on any level yet he I still mine & always there when I need it. I am in love with him.

  • ashtridwrites 22w


    The only solution to pain
    Music, the only thing keeping me sane
    Why is the world such a cruel place?
    And why am I still alive, I'll die one day anyways.

  • ashtridwrites 36w

    Life is a waste,
    We all just die anyways.
    What's the purpose of it?
    To get heart broken from a bad relationship?
    To feel nice one second,
    And be dead inside the next.
    Why is life so cruel?
    I think it's telling me I'm a fool.
    I'm sick of all of it now
    Just end me please I want to leave.

  • ashtridwrites 36w

    Never ending clock

    Im at my girlfriends house and I'm spending the weekend here but I'm not doing good.. mentally, physically, emotionally. I can feel the pounding in my head. I can hear the voices. I feel like I'm cramping and I'm scared I'll bleed on her white sheets. I'm nervous, happy, emotionless. I can hear her clock ticking. It never stops. It just grows louder and louder. And louder. Until it's so loud I can't hear anything else but the ticking. Tick. Tock. The clock never stops. Time is always going by so cherish the moments you have. But I can't. It's so hard when i know I'll be dead before I know it. Maybe it's better than living. Maybe my whole life, my whole existance, my whole purpose, is pointless. What good does it do in the end? What, the memories? Memories are present, they are past. Yet they still affect me. Why. Why do I let them? Why am I so stubborn? Why don't I want help? Why does my head want to turn against me? Make it stop. End it. Please. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. That's all I can hear, is the never ending clock

  • ashtridwrites 40w

    Sad thoughts written on her arms, though they never seem to go so they become scars. They happen at night, when shes home alone but nobody seems to notice so the scars just grow.

  • ashtridwrites 52w


    "Nobody cares if they win money, money doesn't buy happiness."
    "I buy happiness for you"
    "You don't pay for it"
    "No, wait I earn it."

  • ashtridwrites 54w

    Don't worry, my love.
    You'll be in my arms
    again before you know it

  • ashtridwrites 57w

    If a girl starts crying
    At just the thought of losing you
    She really honestly loves you

  • ashtridwrites 58w

    Acid reflux. I can feel it burning in my throat. Thoughts. I can feel them consuming me. Emotions. Feels like they’re almost dead. Me. That’s what it adds up to create.