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  • ashwinder 7w


    From big things to small
    Like history or darkness
    Fascination stays

  • ashwinder 7w

    Old records

    Old records'll be there
    To remind the history
    Of all pioneers

  • ashwinder 7w

    Art Inspires

    Art inspires new art
    Art inspires masterpieces
    Art inspires fine soul

  • ashwinder 14w

    It's a revolution

    Our broad world revolves
    Around in this galaxy
    To find destiny

  • ashwinder 14w

    Awaiting Snow

    Under this crisp fall
    We're waiting on black pavements
    For the first soft snow

  • ashwinder 14w


    Dusty air of woods
    A precaution sign in front
    Saying 'Fun only'

  • ashwinder 15w


    Withered white flowers
    Awaiting jolly season
    To garnish events

  • ashwinder 15w

    Sing for World

    Purple neon sign
    Club is now open for gigs
    Somewhere to begin

  • ashwinder 15w


    Spooky month goes on
    So does dramatic skull art
    With a streak of fun

  • ashwinder 16w


    Words have consumed me
    Or this mind has consumed them
    For now it's untamed