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  • asimabaloch 13w

    By unknown writer

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    Personality begins where comparison ends
    Karl lagerfeld

  • asimabaloch 13w

    I remember

    Today when I opened my notepad
    And began to flap the pages.
    I remembered the month of june;
    A month to be remembered forever.
    I remember the brownish door where our feets were thrilled to entered.
    I remember all the stupid and idiot student of yours.
    I remember how everyone was laying lazy in each corner of the room.
    Of course! I remember the late night studying.
    I remember how I made myself G.R of the class.
    I remember how I was insulted at all the time but never minded that embarrassment.
    I remember the lathergic students of the class.
    I remember hearing gossips and murmurs during the class.
    I remember how someone was thrilled to read her piece of writing.
    I remember the most perilous girl always a had a controversy with you.
    I remember the most indolent student who presented themselves without bringing a piece of writing.
    I remember how we all distrub during your lectures.
    I remember how you tried to scold us but asusal gazing our face your cheeks had glowed out.
    I rememeber how you announced the unexpected winner of the creativity writing.
    I remember how the winner himself was shocked.
    I remember the lady who would appear late in the class and propose the most justifying excuse ever.
    I remember how you blindfolded us to see things through other senses.
    Nevertheless, I remember the meeting held by our mentor.
    I remember his precious words, “you all are my family and ours all eyes are on you all.”
    I remember his heart-touching lines, “people say we are different . Yes We are different and show them how different we are.
    I remember how he told us to take advantage from corona.
    I remember how you teach us that corona is not a joke
    So is studying, it’s no joke.
    I remember how we all had get togethers.
    I remember how we were eager to listen the presenter.
    I remember how you asked who is next, Who is voluntary?
    I remember how we all hide our head and lips were sticked together with glue.
    And what else that I can’t remember.
    I remember that I remember everything.
    But unfortunately all vanished now.
    And today those experiences are memories
    And memerioes are experiences.

  • asimabaloch 16w

    An unimaginable emplacement, incredible construction where every hole seems to be glamorous.
    The waves of water opened my eyes, having a green tea and glance over the nature. Sky look blue, bushes were wet where the drops felt. The water and air gushes out. Everything buckup, thought never close down.

  • asimabaloch 16w

    Where do I belong
    I belong to a strong nation
    I belong to a motivation nation
    Ofcourse I belong to a Baloch nation

  • asimabaloch 16w


    I remember
    The night was as dark as death

  • asimabaloch 17w

    Building more libraries

    Indeed , The most painful goodbyes are the one that are never said and never explained.
    Recently, on 13 August 2020 , the matyred of Hayat has horrifed everyone. Hayat, we have lost you. You are no more.
    Still Today, Hayat you are the shining star, today every house, streets and every corner the only you exist . Everyone eyes seems to capture you. Everyone lips seems to be vocliaze with your name. Eventhough every pen scratches the pages with your name.
    Hayat, the lost of your has vanished everyone. Hayat, it has effect everyone.
    I try to distract myself to forget the unendurable incident but I can't .I can't deny that we have lost you.
    Furthermore, I daily open my eyes with your your name of hashtag . When I stare the mobiles, I can see you only you with new updates.
    Well, today I was thinking about you and staring my mobile. Suddenly my eyes glimpsed with a new tweet.
    Altaf Baloch has tweet that on the second day of shaheed Hayat Baloch funerals ,he had sat beside with the younger brother of Hayat who had a conversation. Naseem Miraz told his friend that he is thinking to do something for his brother Hayat.
    Same like Altaf Baloch , when I was reading this line , I thought that he will take the revenge of his brother.
    On the other, his friend was wrong and I too.
    He want to build a library on the name of Hayat.
    Wow! Shaheed Hayat Baloch library.
    Isn't sounding so pleasant? Naseem Miraz told he wants to donate books from Hayats friends. He would like to travel in karachi University in this purpose and ask Hayats friend to donate books for him.
    After reading this tweet, I was please to help him with his work. Moreover I really Appreciate Hayats brother idea. This is all what he knew that he can't bring his brother back but he want that Hayat should be among us. Yes, he is among us at all the time.
    However, We all should glance over the idea of Hayats brother. And everyone should contribute and donate books for Hayat.

  • asimabaloch 17w

    Shaheed Hayat Baloch

    Hayat, Hayatul
    Gone from our sight , but never from our hearts
    We have lost many our cherished innocent Baloch but your ancident was
    When I caught the sight of the pathway,
    My eyes glimpsed the bloodshed of your's.
    Whenever my eyes checked out the dates, my eardrum hits the eight bullet , shoted in your heart and your parents voice echoed at everycorner.
    Hayat, Hayatul
    I was parched for your justices
    I was famished for your justices
    Neverthless, now I am exhausted
    I am fragile
    This country is not for us
    Because we are Baloch
    This country is not for baloch
    This country is not for justices.

  • asimabaloch 17w

    The forty Rules of love

    Don't go with the flow, Be the flow.
    #shams of Tabriz

  • asimabaloch 18w

    Why is English Language is globally important to learn?

    English is refers to two words: Language and literature. English is a language that is spoken . English is the literature that is written and read. 
    Thus, English is a combination of speaking, reading and writing. 
    Thereupon, it's necessary to know the three main basic elements of the language. 
    1- listen: 
    Always try to be a good listener. when you listen, you can pronounce the words properly. Your speaking power of English language can be better, you will develop a fluency in the language. It can help you communicate with the people anywhere you intend to go. You can watch videos and you can easily communicate with other peoples of other country and even in your own country if you live in a state possesing different languages. And the power of speaking can be better.
    2. Read:
    Eglish language is not a simple language. It's neither easily understood by listening, speaking nor reading. Try to listen and read the words of English.
    However, you can be a great reader by reading novels. When you read novels, you can improve your speaking power and especially knowing how to use the words correctly in a sentence. 
    Nevertheless ,English language is not understood unless you write. You cant read unless you write. You read then you can practice .And unless you practice, you can't write. 
    For instant, sometimes we give up, because it's a tough language to learn. Sometimes people don't try to learn English language because they think that their mother tongue is the best language but they don't think that their mother tongue language is not known by everyone. We don't always reside in our own county. 
    Moreever, the more you read novels , you better practise in your writing. 
    Why is English language is globally important to learn?
    Indeed, English-language is the second language of the world. English is the dominant language all around the world. There are almost 193 countries in the world and each country has different languages. Different languages means different nation and different people. 
    Furthermore, life is enormous, people have to deal with their lives and live a good life and for that, they need to communicate .people also travel country to country and communicate with each other. There are Different people with different nation and different languages . How can they understand each other ? How can they understand each other languages?
    And hence, that's the English language that is globally known and understood by 193 countries. Therefore, english is a common language and it's necessary that everyone should know it. Though it's not easy to understand English language, it is important that everyone should learn the english language. people need to communicate with each other through internet and that's the English language which helps them communicate. People read and write letters, articles, stories and most importantly the news of each country is composed in english languag.Thus, it has many impacts on every field of ouf life. And we should learn English language .
    There are some key points why to learn English language :
    1-Most common language in the world:
    Almost 400 million people's mother language is English. And 1.6 billion people can understand English.
    Thereupon, being the most common language in the world , we can help the people anywhere. 
    2- language of dominant International Business:
    English is the dominant International Business language. It's a fact that people want to be success. It can help you communicating with other, doing research all around and it can help you trades with other foreign . English language can make your life better and it can change your life.
    3- Movies in English language:
    Hollywood is power house of globally know. Though it make you entertained and English movies are enjoyable.and people prefer watching hollywood movies. And in order to understand the movie one needs to know English. 
    English is not only learnt by communicating or by reading books but it can also be learn by the English movies. 
    4- Increase chances to get more job:
    Some countries have set english language as their offical and academic language so it's necessary for the residence of the country to learn the langauge. In order to get a better job not only in his own country but in abroad too. Thus, The global language increases the chances to get job making the life easier and better. 
    5- English is flexible: 
    Actually English is not a simple language. If you know only the English language then it helps you to understand other languages. You can say the things in different ways. A single sentence can be used in different ways. For example tbe phrase "I am Hungry" can be expressed in different ways. "My stomach is itching. I feel hunger pangs." Etc etc. The flexibility of English language helps the person express himself in multiple ways. 
    Language of international commumication:
    You can communicate through internet and media. Internet is platform of socialising and learning. Internet is where one can fetch any sort of information they desire to seek. And the english language is the common langauge of internet and social platform. It helps you socialize with others. The media on the other hand can be used for entertainment purposes. It includes all the social applications eg the facebook, twitter, insta etc etc. 
    Hence all the sources are in English language. 
    Easier to travel around:
    The English language can turn the darkness into brightness. People can travel all over the world .

  • asimabaloch 18w

    Indeed, not taking risk is the biggest risk.