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  • aspassin 1w

    The World is Sick

    Just yesterday, Mother Earth
    So healthy and full of life
    Now a shadow of itself
    Frail and Sickly

    Songs of Birds
    Once so merry and chipper
    Now replaced with
    Cries of panic and pain

    Unity once our only hope
    Would come to be our downfall
    Social - distancing, now our watchword
    Oh the irony

    Fear now so strong in the air
    Creeping slowly into every corner
    Leaving no one untainted
    Rich or Poor

    But this is not the end
    Rather a call to hope anew
    A light also beyond this dark tunnel
    We will heal
    And with us the World

  • aspassin 2w

    Demon in the Bottle

    My oldest friend
    Amphetamine, your name
    And in my moment of weakness
    We crossed paths

    Just once, I would dance with a demon
    Unknown to me
    Our duet would last a lifetime

    Each pill I loved more than the last
    At first it was our secret
    But in time you showed me not to care
    And care, I didn't

    Our duet soon became a quintet
    NyQuill for dark nights devoid of slumber
    Valium for my fleeing ease
    Codeine to numb the pain

    But the more I gave
    The more you took
    You taught me to scorn all I love
    Letting you, my only regret

    You took all I had
    But what did I expect
    Seeking salvation along the lines of damnation

  • aspassin 3w

    Stranger in a Mirror

    Faced with the mirror
    Familiar eyes staring back at me
    Familiar, yet so different
    Broken beyond repair

    Ruined by expectations
    Haunted by abysmal guilt
    Drowning in abysmal loneliness
    Torn by the world,
    Deciding to meet it on it's own terms, Evil.

    Solitude, once so sweet
    Became my downfall, with
    Salvation so far beyond reach

    With no one left
    Broken and alone
    I stare at the stranger I have become.


  • aspassin 29w


    My mask, a smile, blinding you from my broken soul.