I write thoughts. I have fb Asrith. Used to write thoughts in insta... @askingforever29

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  • asruqtes 2d

    An ugly person

    is ugly only to those who think
    of having him/her as a partner.


  • asruqtes 2d

    Art of writing...

    Some are beautiful to read.

    Some are beautiful to understand.

  • asruqtes 2d

    I am caught in a circle.

    I have a soul mate.

    But, whenever we meet,

    we die.

    And it repeats forever.

  • asruqtes 2d

    Youtube comments section

    Where common people become writers.

  • asruqtes 2d

    The most attractive trait...

    Of a girl to me...

    Is her voice.

  • asruqtes 2d

    The two types of dreams...

    That keeps you motivated to live.

    That takes you away from your empty life for a bit.

    The second type of dream...
    is special coz it's a dream.

    not because it can be a reality.

  • asruqtes 2d

    Whenever I see the clips from Your Name

    I really want to talk to someone about it.

    And that someone is myself.

  • asruqtes 3d

    Being a good person...

    Fake everything.
    How much you are 'hurt'.

    No one cares.

    one 'Have a nice day'...
    will brighten up a stranger's day.

    So, just forget whatever hurt you.
    And start healing others.

    And feel good about it.

  • asruqtes 3d

    You thought there were good people in this world?


    You are such a stupid.

    Well. Why don't you be one?


  • asruqtes 3d

    Every 'boy'

    "We need a Mitsuha in our life."

    Every girl

    "We need a Taki-kun in our -

    Wait... Every boy is like Taki."