Unknown writer......can sacrifice everything for love... that one person❤️❤️❤️insta account- @asmibarman_07

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  • asu_asicky 18w


    Let my head always find a shoulder
    next to me
    Let my hand hold your fingers
    just like a kid
    Let my heart call out your name
    Everytime it beats
    Let my hope find a life In you
    when it is at its least...❤️

  • asu_asicky 18w

    Blessed be the name of
    God forever and ever,
    To whom belong
    wisdom and might

  • asu_asicky 19w


    A person becomes 10times attractive
    not by their looks...
    But by their acts of kindness, love,
    respect, honesty and loyality
    they show......

  • asu_asicky 19w


    The most beautiful feeling in the world
    is not love but pain....
    pain makes you realise the need and
    thr worth of love in your life

  • asu_asicky 19w

    I said the #best

    I think its
    the best thing
    When someone's
    puts you
    in the better

  • asu_asicky 19w


    I love u not because of anything u have......
    But because of something
    That i feel when i am near you❤️

  • asu_asicky 20w

    Good morning#my love❤️

    A good morning text doesn't only mean
    "good morning".....
    It has a silent message that says
    "I woke up with the thought of u "...❤️❤️❤️
    --------Someone's Asu❤️

  • asu_asicky 20w


    When I was down I found a solace in you
    We used to discuss anything n everything new
    Rememeber those days when we used
    to fight
    But still I used to wish a life so bright
    Everything has changes with the passage of time
    But I miss meeting with you in person
    And i miss being with you all along
    With u, I was a bit more
    And that time nothing goes wrong........
    I love u with all my heart❤️
    And the promise to protect it from all the dirts

  • asu_asicky 20w



  • asu_asicky 20w

    The emotion that can break
    your heart is sometimes the very
    one that heals it......